Hulk Hogan got up out of his lovely bed. He stretched out and had a smile on his moustached face. The birds where singing and it was raining, my oh my how wonderful. Hulk picked up his "I love Sonic the hedgehog" limited edition mug, and then went out to go take a dump.

Later on in the house Rin was sitting on the couch doing nothing as usual, she had no job, lost all of her friends when she traded them in for Star Wars Season 4, and no money because she spent it on a cushion for the couch which had Michael Bay on it.

Hulk Hogan after doing the do, went downstairs and saw his lovely wife Blaze the Cake sitting on the floor. He sassed over to her, giving her the eyes. Blaze meowed in return. Rin stared at the couple making out awkwardly which reminded her of many Visual Novels and pieces of artwork that does the same thing it was pretty exciting like eating ice cream that you just found out was moldy. Hulk Hogan looked over at Rin, and gave her a wink as if to say "Run before the alien robots find out that we know that we're in the matrix." Rin was bewildered by this command and then stood up and attempted to run but she only got so far as to falling flat faced on the floor because she tripped over her own feet which had very bad hitboxes.

Suddenly, thousands of men in suits who all looked exactly the same appeared all of a sudden, and Hulk threw Blaze the cake in all of their faces. "OOH YEEHH" He screamed and then ran towards Rin. Rin started crying and screaming in utter terror as one of them walked up to her and yelled "OH MY FUCKING GOD ARE YOU RIN!? RIN TEZUKA!? PLZ LAT ME HAVE UR AUTOBATH" and then suddenly Hulk did a 360 noscope kick in the face to that one. "COME ON LIL GIRL, IF WE DON'T RUN WE'LL BE FUCKED UP THE ASS WITH A 10 FOOT POLE IN NO TIME." and he held out his hand to her. Rin looked at the hand and then said "Uhh I have no arms… you have to hold me like im Elise from Sonic 06"
Hulk then stared at her for a minute, and then a single tear went down his cheek. "This is what I've waited for my whole life." He picked her up like she was indeed Elise, put a crown on her head, and then ran off at super sonic speed. This was what he always wanted to do, ever since he was a little boy. Rin all the while had her mouth hung open in excitement from actually being held in the air for once in her life, she even started painting the walls with dribble because of how long she kept her mouth open. Another reason not to go outside, which Hulk suddenly did when he ran for the door and punched one of the men in the face with his foot.

Hulk was going so fast, he was going faster then Sonic could in his new game Sonic BOOM (buy it now)! He was going so fast, he ran up one of the walls of the neighbor's house and hopped onto the roof, only to kick a pigeon off of it and claim the roof as his castle. "BOOYA!". Rin leaped out his arms and then observed her sights, everything was so bootifal, the city was a huddled mess and the aliens made the Community Center and the village district go green with there blood, so amazing 420/5 stars "Would play again" IGN. But suddenly Rin started shaking and loosing balance and was about to face a terrible death, and she was so pret- I mean young! Hulk caught her before it was too late, but the shaking wasn't stopping. As soon as Hulk looked up, he saw the most disgusting thing he had ever seen in his life, and that's saying something. It was a massive blue monstrosity of the highest order. It was covered in disgusting vaines and on it's head was a beautiful feathered hat with a blue trim around the edges, and on the monster's nose was a pair of glasses. It was Chaos! Only he had found some beautiful accessories at the mall. Hulk put a hand to his chin, he was in awe at how fabulous Chaos looked. That hat was a great touch to really put that outfit together. Rin on the other hand was attempting to draw the monster with a now-suddenly-here piece of A20 paper using preschool colouring crayons that literally appeared out Hulks ass. Hulk was surpised that Rin knew that he kept crayons up his ass, but he just went along with it because hey this was the matrix. "LIL GIRL, I KNOW A WAY TO GET OUT OF THIS SIMULATION, BUT IT WON'T BE EASY." He yelled with the utmost importance. The only reply that Rin showed was by carrying on drawing pulling a face that looked like she was constipaited, "LIL GIRL, MY TEAM OF HARDCORE WRESTLERS ARE ON THE OUTSIDE PLANNING TO BLOW THIS SIMULATION TO THE GROUND. WE HAVE FOUND OUT WHO IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS, BUT YOU DON'T LIKE WHO IT IS I'LL TELL YOU THAT.". Rin suddenly turned around in shock, the peice of paper flying out of existence and the crayons going who knows where, "Please tell me its Shizune" Rin said crossing her toes as hard as she could. "NO, IT'S A YOUNG MAN NAMED HISAO NAKAI. HE IS THE MASTER OF THE MATRIX, THE ONE BEHIND EVERYTHING." Rin opened her mouth wide in complete shock, she never knew it could be a protoganaist! Once she calmed down she spoke very quietly almost mumbling "He dates everyone in are school and then everyone forgets him once….stuff happens and then he dates another girl"

"SEE! HE'S THE MASTER OF THE MATRIX. NOW COME, WE MUST ESCAPE TO THE REAL WORLD LIL GIRL" Hulk put out his arms so Rin could jump into them. Rin leaped into his arms making strange cat noises and snuggling up looking quite cute actually.

Hulk was weirded out by this and made a face, and then jumped off of the roof onto the next house. He then jumped off of the next house and made his way to a lake with a phoneboof next to it. Standing there was none other then…. Jesus. No wait, that's not Jesus, it was just some dude with long hair and was wearing a bathrobe. It was Iggy Pop! Hulk Hogan walked over to him, a gergant look on Iggy's horse like face. "Hulk! We've gotta go quickly, that slime man is gonna destroy us all if the bombs don't!". After not saying anything for almost a hour and 45 minutes Rin yelled "YOU GUYS I CAN DEFUSE THE BOMBS USING MY TOOTHBRUSH!" Hulk and Iggy looked at the girl, only for Iggy to reply "No girlie, we need that bomb to go off to destroy the horrible bastadly assterly monster that is Hiasstho"

"IGGY I THINK IT'S HEA**O" Hulk tried to correct. "No no no you got it all wrong its HeValve Nazzi" said Rin in annoyed tone correcting Hulk Hogan suddenly holding a stick of dynamite inbetween her feet. Hulk then took the dynamite and ate it. He didn't have breakfast and explosives was his favorite food. Rin wined about how she lost her magic red stick which she was going to use as a german sausage warmer. Rin heaved a long sigh, knowing that she was once again a generic damsel in distress with no powers no abilities and no quality's she may as well have continued to have diarreha from the aftermath of eating mexican food while watching a Art Documentary with South Park being played at the side of it. Just then several buildings exploding all at the same time. Iggy in an act of panic, dragged everyone into the phonebooth with him to reaveal that inside the phonebooth it was really a portapotty! The portapotty insides reminded Hulk of his childhood, and he cried manly tears. Iggy pat his back sympathetically. Rin shuffled in a useless attempt to make room and then said "G-guys, im claustrophobic, I-I-I can-n't handle th-this", then she started shaking and sweating gritting her teeth as she struggled to keep herself together. Memories of when she was locked in a storage room closet for 3 days for not painting Shizune and Misha good enough were flooding back to her head, the harsh words they said and when they forcefully dragged her in the closet, Misha's demonic laugh that always sounded just like Wario's and Shizune's attempt to do Lugi's death stare. Rin was starting to break and began crying and started to kick the walls in as if it would make more room, causing the portapotty to shake violently. Suddenly the portapotty door opened, and everyone fell out of it and all the contents of the toilet with them as well. The spotless white room was now covered in Iggy Pop's puke and toilet contents, Hulk trying to hold his nose so he would be able to keep his spotless no vomit record he's been keeping for the last 55 years. Rin fell down to the floor her face facing the sky, she was still shaking and was occasionaly screaming. Once she calmed down she attempted to stand up but kept falling over, "Why is getting up so hard in real life but easy in video games!?" she yelled fumbling constantly just attempting to stand up straight. Eventually she gave in and lied on the floor covered in vomit, it stunk like hell but for some reason she said "This is actually quite nice and cozy"

Suddenly, the door of the room burst open, and out came two figures dressed in grey robes. One of them pulled down his hood, only to reveal a very buff and 20 years older Mighty the Armadillo. "Come with me if you want to live" he said in his best Terminator impression to the group as he put on some heart shaped glasses.

Hulk gasped, he had never thought of what Mighty would look like with a beard but he was amazed by how Mighty looked with one. Rin stared at him with a confused face, just how many new people who are trying to save are lives are going to appear she thought. Dispite his wonderful offer Rin stood up after using her head to lift her body and walked to Taco Bell.

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