A stale wind swept the dust off the ground through the town known as Schrein. The name meant coffin. Fitting. A tinge of cold night air made an attempt to reach their spines, but the First Interior Squad members standing outside the gates of the town were far too focused to allow a measly shiver to take hold. Among them was Zina Kortakovsky. She shut her eyes, a random mantra running through her mind to ready herself. The team swung through the streets, each going into a house. Zina, however, wasn't satisfied with random choice. She noticed a young woman praying to a Titan statue. Perfect. She would kill the traitors of humanity as the King's right hand.

The woman turned and drew a short breath before the bullet sliced clean through her chest. Her eyes went wide as the cold metal reduced her to nothing but a corpse. Take that, Titan loving whore. She marked another presence in the area by a shocked gasp, and without a second thought she used the Anti-Human gear to close the short distance between them. It was a man this time. He ended up with an empty skull and dangling eyeballs. She turned towards a scream, swinging herself around before advancing. The woman was wide-eyed, her scream piercing the air for a moment before the gun was in her mouth. Shock consumed her as she lost the ability to continue screaming. Bam! Another victory for humanity. This was the work of the goddesses performed by her hands.

Zina decided she deserved a quick breather to admire the silence as well as her work. She was an artist, and the blood of the unworthy was her paint. She moved her foot over a small rock as she felt another presence enter the area.

"What is going on here?"

Without a word, Zina turned swiftly and fired three shots. There was a dick shot, a chest shot and a head shot. Gorgeous. With that she turned down a random street, her mind blank as she made it to the first house she saw without a bloody stripe on it. Jumping forward, she kicked through the front door and ran inside. She turned a corner to see a startled man and woman at a table, they looked at her, saw the blood and fear overtook them. Jumping forward, Zina kicked the woman in the face, effectively sending her to the nearest wall smashing her skull instantly from the sudden impact. She fired into the man while he gawked at the pretty woman's dead eyes. Zina smiled and dipped her hand in the blood before painting a stripe on the door.

No sooner than she reached the street did she see another house to enter, and in a similar fashion, she "opened" the door. She sprinted into the two story house, looking for the ones inside. She ran upstairs and kicked down the first door that held the two civilians, laying together tangled up in bed. They looked up from their activities in shock as Zina jumped through the air. She fired through the man's back, killing both lovers in an instant. She turned to search the rest of the house when she saw a young boy, no older than her own daughter, cowering in the hallway with a kitchen knife clasped tighter than necessary. His body shook with fear. Zina's mind was a silent as she advanced towards the boy. She avoided the knife that would have grazed her hip as she grabbed the boy's head in her hand and twisted. There was a short yelp before the boy fell limp in her grasp. All for the cause.

When she stepped out of the last house on the street, she met up with a superior who was asking for a head count. "Thirty-six adult civilians, fifteen children, twelve military trainees and four infants."

She turned her attention back towards the square, planning on returning there to go towards another street when her prey actually came to her. Using her gear, she launched herself at the group. They were all dead by the time her anchors were fully retracted. Without a word she turned to the next street. It had been three full streets of houses since she had given a count to her superior. Curiosity peaked, Zina went to find her superior. Dead. Zina swore and used a pen to write on her arm:

55 adult civilians

78 students

28 military trainees

12 children

23 infants

She focused a minute to rid herself of the faces that were becoming harder and harder to ignore. She was on the last street, and at the end was the only house left unmarked. She didn't need to walk far, rounding a turn before she found herself in a kitchen, a woman sitting at the table with her elbows propping her hands up, her head resting in both hands as she prayed. She fiddled with a Titan necklace. Zina thought she was about to puke. She didn't look up to acknowledge her.

"The priests told us to take cover and hide in our houses," her voice was shaky. "They said...the government was...going to eliminate us."

Her eyes quivered and began to tear as she pulled out a knife. She ran at Zina, but Zina easily sidestepped and watched as the fall plunged the blade into her gut. Zina stood there for only a moment before giggling and walking down the hall. There was a man praying fervently. Bam! Dead. There was no one else though. Mission complete.

"Honestly, why do we always get stuck with these weird jobs?"

"Because we can't drink yet, and our superiors can."

"Tch. Fuck that. I-" the Military Police officer froze as soon as he saw the carnage. "Damn."

The pair stared in horrified awe at the scene before them. They were everywhere. Humans. Covered in dirt and grime as they lay in frozen terror. There were patches of space, or so it seemed, among them. They followed these, but when they went to a patch, there would be a body. An unmoving body. A dead body. A mother. A father. A sister. A brother. An adult. A child. An infant. There was another team there already, tossing bodies into a bonfire, polluting the air with the stench of burning flesh. Human flesh. Then the ashes were collected and all of the miserable, dead mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, adults and children, were carted away and buried. Innate fear of such agony and loss of life made many look away.

"You two!" a superior called. "Search the houses for any survivors."

"Let's go," the girl, Mina, said. "I'll get sick if I keep looking."

"I doubt we'll find anything," the boy, Johnathan, with her huffed. "This happened days ago."

"Who do you think could've done this?"

"This was a village of Titan worshipers. Anybody could've done this."

"Why would they-"

"Don't go down that road. Just focus on our work."

But they did find something. In the last house of an empty street. Mina Harker had been the one responsible for searching the house while her friend Johnathan searched the other side of the street. She screamed when she looked in and saw what was there. A small child no older than four years old was sitting next to her mother, chewing. Blood dripped from her chin and fingers as she swallowed and bent down to take another chunk of her mother's flesh into her mouth. She looked at Mina with dead, sleep-deprived eyes.

Mina had to puke. When soldiers came running, all she could do was point. When they looked, everyone seemed to be disgusted, horrified or shocked.

"What should we do with her?" one man questioned.

The child looked at them and stood. She ran up to the soldiers and held out her arms, letting a whimper escape her lips. Everyone seemed uneasy with being so close to her. In this world, cannibalism was the unforgivable sin. Mina stopped and thought though. That was probably the only food source the poor thing could get to. Finally, one woman picked her up and wiped off her face. The child hugged the woman tightly and started crying. She had likely seen unimaginable horrors. The woman, likely a mother, consoled her. After a while, the little girl finally calmed down enough for her to be passed off to Mina. She struggled and whined for a little while, but she soon relaxed.

"Take her to a town, give her some money and drop her off."

"What about an orphanage?" Mina asked.

"Full. All of them. Even in Sina. She'll have a better chance of surviving if she's on her own. Maybe someone will take her in. Dismissed."

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