"Hehe, that was fun guys!"

"Are joking? Those monsters were terrifying Luffy!" exclaimed Chopper who had been on edge the entire trek.

"Shut up idiots, some of us are trying to relax."

"Like you're helping Love Cook."

"What was that!"

The group of young men were currently making their way back to the Thousand Sunny after going to explore the forest they had docked in front of with Luffy. The shipwright was busy with some minor repairs and the musician had claimed he was afraid of getting poisoned by a snake, not that he had a body that could be poisoned if bitten. The girls were both hard at work in the library, Robin trying to reorganize the bookcases and Nami ordering her maps and adding her newer ones to the shelves. This had led to the Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, and Chopper being volunteered to watch their captain and make sure he didn't drown or cause trouble on the unfamiliar island.

"Man I can't wait to get back to the ship."

"You said it. This whole forest is creepy."

"Hey guys, I just found a huge beetle! Do you think it wants to join the crew?"

"Luffy! Put that disgusting thing back!" cried the semi-scared chef.

"Oi Curly, afraid of a little bug?" taunted the swordsman.

"Like hell! I get why you're okay with all the bugs though, what with all the ones living in that moss on your head."

Zoro pulled out his Shuusui and was readying an attack as the cook lifted his leg for a kick. Usopp wasn't sure which was scarier, the forest or his angry crew mates.

"Guys, why don't we just settle down. Look the Sunny is just up ahead anyway." cut in the frightened sniper, hoping his friends wouldn't start a fight. With the close quarters the foliage made he might get caught in the crossfire.

"Whatever Suck Cook, I'm gonna go see Robin." spoke the one-eyed young man as he sheathed his katana.

"Don't get lost Moss Head."

The boys arrived on deck and quickly went their separate ways, Sanji to start dinner preparations, Luffy to tell Nami about the cool animals he fought, and the swordsman to find his wife. Chopper and Usopp had collapsed on deck, relief from being safe from all the vicious animals and spooky forest, shadow monsters was too much to bear. Zoro had made his way to the library after only three wrong turns and opened the doors to find Robin perched on the top rungs of a ladder. She had been trying to reach the top shelves when she noticed her husband arrival.

"How did the exploration go?" she asked sweetly.

"How does anything go with Luffy?" he huffed in response.

She chuckled, "I'm sorry you had a rough time.", as she spoke she made her way down the ladder to the grumpy man's side. He quickly wrapped his arms around her and covered her mouth with his own.

"I'm a lot better now. By the way where's Livy?"

"I put her down for a nap an hour or so ago. She wore herself out helping Nami and I in here."

"Nami's here?"

"No, she left a few minutes ago when we heard you boys arriving back."

"You could hear us?"

"You and Sanji can get quite loud." she replied calmly.

"Anyway, so we have some time to ourselves then?" Zoro asked playfully.

"It appears so Mr. Swordsman."

With that settled, Zoro lifted Robin up so that she could wrap her legs around his waist and carried her over to the couch on the far side of the room. Their lips hungrily sought each other out as hands got tangled in hair and clothes. Zoro fell onto the couch with Robin on top of him as his hand made its way up the back of her shirt. Robin moaned against his mouth as he rubbed her sides and abdomen, just as his hand was about to reach her chest the creak of the door caused them to pause.

"Mommy." There stood their five year old daughter, rubbing sleep from her eyes and clutching her lavender-colored blanket.

Trying to get into a less sexual position, Zoro removed his hand from Robin's shirt as she leaned up from her laying position, unfortunately she was still seated on Zoro's stomach straddling him.

"What is it Sweetie?" asked Robin, concern for her baby momentarily overriding the desire to be intimate with Zoro.

"I had a bad dream." sniffled the little girl.

"Dreams aren't real Livy, so everything is okay. Why don't you go back to bed." suggested Zoro, eager to get back to his previous activities before the interruption. His comment however earned a hard smack on chest from his concerned wife. "Zoro!" Removing herself from his abs, Robin knelt on the wood floor and beckoned the small girl over. Seeing her mother's outstretched arms, Olivia ran across the library and threw her arms around Robin's neck, burying her now tear-stained face in her shoulder. Zoro, seeing his distraught child, slid to the floor and began rubbing comforting circles on the little girl's back.

"You wanna tell Mommy and Daddy what your dream was about Baby?" asked Robin.

Olivia looked up to meet Robin's concerned blue eyes, so similar to her own. "I dreamed that Daddy got hurt in the scary forest on the way back, and we weren't there to help him." answered Olivia.

It broke Zoro's heart to hear that his safety was what had disturbed his daughter's peaceful sleep and just added to the guilt he was already feeling for trying to dismiss her. Leaning in, he kissed the top of Olivia's head as he wrapped both her and her mother in his arms.

"Don't worry Livy, I'm fine."

"Really?" sniffed the raven-haired girl.

"Really. Besides, your mommy would know if anything had happened to me."


"Mommy just knows things like that Livy. You know like when you don't feel good."

"You're really okay though Papa?"

"Promise." Zoro pressed a kiss to her temple in reassurance and squeezed his family a little tighter.

Robin smiled a her husband. He really is a good father.

Turning her attention back to Olivia she asked, "Sweetie, how about I tell you a story before dinner."

"Can it be the one about Daddy attacking the lighting guy on Skypia after he hurt you."

"Of course Olivia."

"You told her that story?", questioned a confused swordsman.

"Yes, it's one of my favorites.", answered the historian as she pressed a quick kiss to Zoro's lips. Zoro smiled as his wife stood up with their child and headed for the door.

"Bye Daddy!" Zoro waved his hand at his baby girl in acknowledgment, mouthing 'I love you' as the door closed.

I really am lucky.

Robin made her way down the hallway to her daughter's room as Olivia nuzzled her neck. Upon entering the room she made her way to small bed, leaning up against the headboard, she situated herself and Olivia into comfortable position. Robin had her long legs stretched out, just barely not hanging over the edge of the mattress while Olivia rested her head over her mother's heart, the steady beat and Robin's warm embrace were the ultimate comfort.

"So you want me to tell you about Skypia?"

"Mm hmm." nodded Olivia, tighten her arms around Robin's chest.

"Okay, well first your father and I were taken to an ancient, sacrificial alter with Aunt Nami and Uncle Chopper...", started Robin as she stroked her daughter's raven locks.