"Mm." Zoro's eye twitched as his restful sleep began to fade, giving way to dreaded wakefulness. He had been having pleasant dreams too. "Y-aaah." His jaw clicked as he yawned, his mouth opening as wide as possible as he tried to stave off his lingering sleepiness. The swordsman shifted slightly; he smiled upon feeling the responding movement beneath him. His single dark eye finally opened, giving him a glimpse of the sleeping woman he had fallen asleep against last night.

Robin's arms were still loosely wrapped around his neck, her right hand gently running through his now dry mess of green hair. He carefully lifted his upper body off of her, bracing himself on his sore arms on either side of her torso as her own fell back onto the bed beside her. Zoro watched her for a moment, partially to ensure he hadn't awoken the archaeologist prematurely, and partially for his own pleasure. It was a simply thing, but he had grown rather fond of seeing the mysterious woman so relaxed and at peace in his presence. With deft fingers he pushed a stray strand of onyx hair that had been obscuring her face out of the way. His hand lingered on her beautiful face, slowly stroking her cheek before he leaned down to brush his lips against her partly open ones.

He could feel the dark-haired woman beginning to stir just as he pulled away, a devilish grin tugging at his mouth as he watched her wiggle beneath him. His gaze shifted downward to Robin's chest that was still rhythmically rising and falling in sleep, the baggy white fabric of her shirt shifting with every breath. Zoro slipped his hand under the garment he recognized as his, rubbing up and down the sensitive skin of her side before daring to move higher. Familiar fingers wrapped around the arm he was still using to support himself as sleepy, cerulean eyes met his. "Morning." Robin laughed at how the young man's nonchalant greeting echoed around their shared living quarters, leaving an awkward silence in its place.

"It seems that last night didn't satiate you, Zoro-kun. You could have woken me up if you were still wanting more.", Robin said, brushing her thumb over his wrist as she continued to hold onto his arm. She smiled into the eager kiss that soon met her lips in response. Robin brought her free hand up to her lover's face, drawing him deeper into the kiss as he shifted between her legs to get in a better position. The swordsman crumbled at her touch, letting his form drop back down so that there was no space between them anymore. The hand that had previously been supporting him moved to tangle in the the historian's dark hair as he continued his occasional squeezes of her ample breasts with the other. Robin moaned as Zoro shifted his lips to her jaw and then neck, searing a heated trail down her skin until he reached her chest.

"I'll never get enough of you.", he breathed with a smirk as he rested his head between her breasts, looking up at her with a sweet smile. "We both have to sleep at some point though.", he added, withdrawing his hand from her shirt so he could slip his arms around her waist.

"Fufufu, I suppose we do. I appreciate the thoughtful wake-up though, it is much later than I thought.", Robin noted with a glance at the wall clock.

"Whatever, you clearly needed a little extra sleep if it took me groping you to get you up this morning.", came his muffled reply as he snuggled against his wife's comfy bosom.

"Yes, our roles are usually reversed in that scenario aren't they?", asked Robin.

"Oi.", came Zoro's voice taking on a serious edge as he spoke. " Watch your mouth."

"Or what?", was the historian's smart-mouth retort.

"Or I might just have to tire you out more often so I can be the first one up.", he replied, his single eye raising in challenge to meet her blue ones.

"That seems like a fitting punishment, Zoro-kun. Try and be a little more creative in the future though." Robin's sultry voice washed over the swordsman as he lay on top of her, causing the exact reaction in him that he knew the devilish woman was hoping for.

"Tch, I would, but I wouldn't want you waking up too abruptly. After all, it took less than ten seconds of my touching to get you up and ready to go today, Robin.", he replied smoothly, although the no doubt visible heat in his cheeks and ears led on to the deep effect the woman had on him with just her voice.

After leaning forward, "I can do it in five.", she whispered in his ear, catching his earrings in her mouth for a moment before letting them clang back into place. "Less than that when you're already awake, Zoro-kun.", she added, her hands running over the sculpted muscles of his back as his body become unbearably heated. Just as Robin's soft hands were about the cross the line down from his lower back, Zoro launched himself back, landing clumsily on his feet in front of their bed.

"I'm gonna go get some water. I'll bring you back some coffee too since it's still another hour 'til breakfast and most of the guys getting up."

"You may want to get dressed before you do that, Dear.", was Robin knowing response. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and began lifting it up only to have Zoro protest.

"Just keep it on. It looks good on you anyway." he huffed as he continued searching the floor for his discarded undergarments and pants. He missed the glint that appeared in his wife's eyes as she complied. Robin grabbed her book off the nightstand, but didn't open it, she opted instead for watching her husband's muscular body as he searched for his clothing. He caught sight of a heap of dark clothing near the door, recognizing his missing trousers among the clothing and walked over to it. Rifling through the mess he found his dark green boxer-briefs; he quickly slipped his legs through them and slid them up to cover his naked backside. Next, he pulled on his black pants, yanking them up the rest of the way before he reached down to grab the last article of clothing from the pile, a pair of lacy black panties. Zoro tossed the skimpy underwear at his wife, who had been watching him dress appreciatively before taking a seat on the edge of the bed next to her. He silently entwined his hand with her's before leaning in for sweet kiss. He rested his forehead against hers for a moment, then, stealing one last kiss, he got up an exited the room.

It was easy finding the kitchen at this hour, all he had to do was follow the smell of sizzling bacon and eggs along with the scent of freshly backed bread and pastries to know which direction to head in. Pushing through the door, Zoro scratched his abdomen as he moved across the dining area and into the kitchen.

"Get out, Marimo. Food's not ready yet.", said the chef gruffly, his focus still on the contents of the skillets he was flipping in both hands.

"Shut it, Curly, I'm just getting something to drink."

"Booze hound, you really need that stuff this early?", Sanji asked, a little snidely. Neither man would acknowledge the actual caring undertone the cook's question held. Being an expert in nutrition and knowing the swordsman's penchant for overexerting himself and coming back bloody from battle, the chef had made several comments over the years about the man's excessive drinking, knowing the disastrous effects the habit could have on Zoro in later years.

"Not that it's any of your business, Love Cook, but I came for water.", he replied, reaching into the fridge for a bottle before stepping beside the blonde to grab a coffee mug.

"Tch, tell Robin-chwan I came up with a new brew that should tantalize the refined palate of a delicate lady such as herself, you filthy animal.", sighed the cook, biting out the last bit.

"Sad sack.", shot back the swordsman as he finished filling the mug with coffee. Zoro reached out to add spoonful of cream and sugar to the cup, but couldn't resist getting in the final jab at the blonde. "I'll be sure to tell her that after she gets dressed."

"Moss for brains.", spat the cook, whipping his head around to meet the man's cocky smirk. Sanji froze as he looked at Zoro for the first time that morning, his teeth clenching as his lone visible blue eye took in the swordsman's disheveled form and bare chest.

"Hey, you two knock it off! It's way too earlier to be fighting!", yelled Nami from the entrance.

"Tch, like your yelling is any better.", said Zoro, grabbing his two beverages and shoving past the chef just as he started up his usual coos at the navigator. "I was just leaving anyway."

"Pft." Zoro paused at the strangled sound that came from the redhead's mouth as he drew closer to her. "Yeah, you look like you were up all night, Zoro. You should head back to bed.", agreed Nami, a hand covering her mouth as she tried to suppress her obvious laughter.

"What's your deal, Witch?"

"Oi, don't talk to Nami-swan like that, you brute!"

"Hey, hey what's going on. You guys having a super time without me? Ow!", came a new voice from the entrance. Franky stepped into the room, striking his usual pose as he took in the scene in front of him. "Oi, Nico Robin sleeping late, Zoro-bro?", asked the cyborg, noting the woman's obvious absence from the table where he usually found her enjoying her latest book and keeping the chef company as he prepared their morning meal.

"Nah, just overslept a little. I was just bringing her some coffee when these two started acting weird.", answered Zoro, turning to eye the cook who was still trapped in the kitchen taking care of food.


"What the heck is up with you, Nami?", asked the swordsman irritably after having the woman snicker at him once again.

"No-nothing. It just looks like you had a 'rough' night, right, Franky.", got out the navigator in between airy laughs.

"Yep, I have to agree with Girly on this one, Zoro-bro.", agreed the mechanic, his cheeks puffing out as he worked to hold in his laughs. "Looks like you really got worked over last night.", he added. Zoro raised an eyebrow as the cyborg threw an arm around his shoulders, grinning at him conspiratorially before giving him a knowing wink.

"Uh, yeah. I'm gonna leav-"

"Quit with you filthy innuendos, you dang robot!", roared Sanji from his post. "One more word and I'll kick that tin can of body of yours out to sea!"

"Oi, cool it, Curly-bro, we're just having some fun."

"I wanna have fun with you guys!", squeaked an excited voice as their resident doctor ran into the room.

Oh great, now Chopper's here too. Maybe he'll actually be normal., thought the swordsman hopefully.

"What kind of fun are you guys hav- AH! Zoro, what happened to you?", cried the doctor, rushing forward and hurriedly climbing onto the table to observe his nakama.

"What are you talking about, Chopper?"

"These injuries! You have bruises all on your neck and chest, and long scratch marks across your back. Did a wild animal attack you in the night?", asked Chopper worriedly, as he began examining the marks covering the swordsman's body.

"Nope, just a wild archaeologist, right, Zoro.", laughed Nami as she watched the green-haired man turn a deep shade of red, trying to shake the reindeer off of him.

"What do you mean, Nami?"

"Zoro-bro just had a "rough' night, Reindeer-bro.", answered Franky, using Nami's same line from earlier, although Zoro understood its meaning much better now.

"I don't get it. Did Robin do something to you, Zoro?", asked Chopper, his worried brown eyes meeting Zoro's shifting one.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure the doing was mutual.", cut in Nami, sending herself and Franky into another laughing fit.

"Nami-swan, why?", moaned Sanji, sinking to the floor in despair at the thought of the stupid swordsman going at it with his beautiful and pure Robin-chwan.

Zoro shook as he felt his face miraculously heat even further. Slamming the mug and bottle in his hands down on the table he shouted at his immature crew mates in an attempt to stop there raucous laughter at his expense. "What would a greasy pervert, and a sad little virgin know about that anyway?!", he yelled, effectively silencing the pair until a quick punch to the face sent him sprawling on the floor.

"Moron.", Nami sighed with disdain, stepping on the swordsman's chest as she made her way into the kitchen. Even with involuntary tears in his eye from the direct hit to his nose, Zoro managed a smirk at the embarrassed look that had briefly covered the navigator's features.

"SANJI, BREAKFAST!", came a shout from down the hallway. Seconds later the door flew open, announcing that their captain had arrived for his first meal of the day, the sniper and musician in tow. Zoro grunted as the rubberman stomped on his stomach in his reckless charge, leaving their two half-awake crew-mates sprawled on top of him. "I brought Brook and Usopp, so we can start right now, right, Sanji?", asked Luffy eagerly. "Food, food, food, food.", he chanted happily, taking a place at the table despite the chaos he had caused in his wake.

"Zoro-san, I apologize for this. Although, I'm curious as to why you're on the floor in the first place.", noted the skeleton musician as he extricated himself from his fellow swordsman.

"Nami can't take a joke.", he replied simply, rubbing his throbbing head as he shoved the still snoring sniper off of him as well.

"Ah, I see. She can be quite scary.", agreed Brook sympathetically. He immediately regretted his statement though as he sensed a powerful dark aura behind him right before he received a kick to the back of his skull. "Ah, my apologies, Nami-san. I meant nothing of it, you see. Your hits are incredibly powerful is all I was alluding too. In fact my head is hurting all the way down to my skull, although that is all I have left. SKULL JOKE! Yohohoho!", laughed he musician as the navigator seethed above him. "Nami-san, if I may ask, would you mind showing me your panties to help my headache go away?", he added without missing a beat.

"NOT ON YOUR LIFE!", yelled the redhead, her leg connecting with the perverted skeleton's face and sending him flying across the dining room.

"Yohohoho, so lively!"

"Oi, Sanji, I'm hungry! Food, now!", cried Luffy as he rhythmically pounded his fists on the table.

"It's not done yet, so just wait. Plus, Robin-chwan isn't here yet.", shouted back the cook.

"Sorry to keep you all waiting.", replied the woman in question, stepping through the entrance with a book and piece of cloth in hand. "I'm afraid the time got away from me this morning.", she confessed.

"We figured as much, Nico Robin.", Franky replied, a playful tone in his voice as he lifted his shades up to give the younger woman a knowing look.

"Not this crap again.", huffed Zoro, rising swiftly to his feet.

"Fufufu, it appears I didn't make it in time to give this to you.", remarked the historian as her husband approached her. She held out what he could now see was his long sleeve, button-down shirt from Dressrosa. This shirt would do a fine job covering both his neck and chest if he buttoned it up enough; a few minutes earlier and he could have avoided this whole situation.

"It's fine, it's not like we're trying to keep this a secret anymore.", replied Zoro, kissing her cheek as he took the proffered shirt. He slipped his arms into the sleeves, not bothering to button it up to conceal the marks from his and Robin's late night activities now.

"Food's ready!", called the chef, carrying several platters of steaming food and placing them before his waiting nakama. "Oi, Usopp, wake up. Food's ready.", Sanji added, nudging the sniper with his foot on his way back to the kitchen.

"Huh, ugh, where am I?", moaned Usopp, rolling on the floor as he began to gain consciousness.

"Breakfast.", replied the cook, continuing towards to the kitchen to get the rest of the food.

"Eh, okay.", mumbled the sniper sleepily, rubbing his eyes, as he took one of the two remaining seats at the table. He was curious as to why his nose was throbbing though. Maybe he had sleep-walked into the kitchen and bumped it on something earlier. Eh, he'd figure it out later. Usopp glanced around at his friends, trying to gauge if any of them may have seen his mysterious entrance into the dining area. He eyed them one by one, but came up empty; no one looked guilty. He was about to dig into his eggs when he did a double take at woman across from him. "Oi, Robin, is that Zoro's shirt?", he asked, sticking a forkful of fluffy eggs into his mouth.

"Yes, mine was ripped.", she replied, taking a sip of her coffee as if her answer was completely normal.

"Oh, okay.", replied the young man, continued eating as if he didn't catch the implication of the historian's statement. "Mm, these are good, Sanji."

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