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"Okay so do you see that girl over there?" Leo said as he set his lunch down on the table.

Piper raised an eyebrow. "Well, hello to you too Leo. How am I doing? Good, thanks for asking. Yes I did get a haircut, aw you noticed? It's not like I haven't seen you all day or anything."

Leo waved her off. "No but do you see that girl." He looked expectantly at everyone at the table and they all craned up to see who he was talking about.

Jason scrunched up his eyebrows. "That's Khione, right? Isn't she new?"

Leo nodded, grinning. "Yep. And she's totally my type."

There was a collective groan.

"And what exactly is your type, Leo?" Annabeth asked him.

Piper snorted. "Someone who doesn't know his personality at all."

Percy and Jason laughed.

Jason shook his head. "Leo's just into girl. Any that will go out with him."

"I'm not that desperate." Leo scoffed.


"Shut up sparky, like you don't spend all day doodling Mr. Piper Mclean all over your notebook."

Jason's head whipped up and his cheeks rapidly turned red. "Dude." He said, horrified, as he gestured subtly towards where Piper was sitting.

Percy rolled his eyes. "Jason, Piper's known about your little crush for the past year. She just hasn't told you because she'd rather watch you blush and stutter about it."

Jason's eyes widened. "And you didn't tell me?" We're meant to be bros Percy. We took a broath." He turned to Piper, and immediately started blushing again. "And you."

Piper shrugged, tugging on the end of her braid. "You're cute when you're flustered."

Jason got real cute. "Oh my god." He said, covering his face with his hands and setting his head on the table.

Percy stroked his hair. "There, there."

"Shut up. I hate you." Jason replied, his voice muffled.

Percy grinned. "You love me Grace."

"You wish." Jason mumbled.

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "He probably does."

"Every night." Percy agreed.

Leo cut in. "Percy and Jason's budding romance aside- totally gag worthy by the way- do you think I should lay on some Leo charm on her?"

"What charm?"

Leo stuck his bottom lip out. "Come on guys root for me. She's perfect for me. Totally my type."

"Leo your type changes every day." Piper pointed out.

"It does not!"

"Yes it does. Up until yesterday you were obsessed with blondes."

Percy choked on a piece of apple. "What?" he spluttered out. "What did you say about blondes?" He looked frantically between Leo and Annabeth.

Piper smirked at this. "Down boy."

"Yeah Percy, Annabeth would never go for Leo." Jason said slyly.

Percy drew a finger across his neck and then pointed at Jason, who looked very pleased himself.

Piper nodded. "Annabeth's into black-haired boys anyway. Preferably ones with- what did you call it Annabeth?" She smirked at Annabeth's mortified expression.

"Don't you dare Mclean." She mouthed at her.

Piper smiled innocently, "Oh yeah, dreamy green eyes."

Annabeth's cheeks tinged pink.

"And I guess I just have a thing for blondes." Percy said tugging on one of Annabeth's curls nonchalantly, causing her to redden further.

"Jason's a blonde." Piper pointed out.

Percy grinned at her. "Well you better watch out then."

Piper raised her eyebrows. "Well, I've got green eyes. Maybe you should be the one watching out, Jackson."

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and does Piper even have green eyes idk let's assume she does

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