"Maybe this won't be so bad," Katrina said.

Bella smiled, her younger sister was always positive, or at least tried to be.

"I mean what's the worst that could happen?" she asked.

"I fall in love with a boy and don't want to come back," Bella answered.

Katrina smiled, Bella was sort of negative.

Katrina looked completely opposite of Bella, she had sun kissed blonde hair and tan skin, but they had the same brown eyes. Their personalities were also completely different. Katrina was very social, and easily made new friends. While Bella liked to keep to herself for the most part. Their clothes were also very different.

Katrina wore white shorts with an emerald green long sleeve top, while Bella wore a brown shirt with jeans. Bella eyed her sister's left wrist, which was covered with the green fabric.

The two left and were in Forks in a couple of hours. Katrina was quiet, she just looked out the window and took in her new surroundings until, "So Katrina, how have you been?" Charlie asked.

"Fine, I guess, just neutral," Katrina answered.

Bella smiled, her younger sister's answers were never direct.

"That's good, I think," Charlie said.

They all smiled and when they got to the house it was awkward between Bell, Katrina and Charlie. He led them into their room. Two single beds one in purple and the other in a bright blue.

"Dips on blue!" Katrina said jumping on to it.

"I like purple anyways," Bella said hopping on hers.

"I'll let you two unpack," Charlie said walking away.

Katrina and Bella started to unpack and they were done quickly. Katrina was twirling a pencil in her hand as she drew a beautiful picture of the woods in their back yard.

"I know you're thinking about him," Bella said.

"We haven't seen each other since we were nine years old," Katrina replied.

"So, you two may still have a spark," Bella replied.

"There was never a spark," Katrina said.

"You haven't dated a guy since-"

"Don't you dare bring him up."

"Katrina you need to talk about him," Bella said.

"No," Katrina said firmly walking out, and bumping into her father; who was holding a wooden box with strange symbols on it.

"I was just coming to talk to you, I found this when I was cleaning out the attic. Your grandmother left it for you," Charlie said.

Katrina took the box and went back into her room.

"What's that?" Bella asked.

"Something Grandma left for me," Katrina said.

Bella then smiled, "Do you remember when she used to tell us stories about witchcraft and spells?"

"Of course," Katrina answered.

Bella then noticed the padlock and jiggled it.

"It's locked," she said.

"Well no shit Sherlock," Katrina said.

Bella then slapped Katrina in the back of the head.

"Well I'll have to look for the key," Katrina said, and put the box on her end table.

A truck then pulled up and Katrina immediately went to explore. She smiled at the two familiar figures.

"Hey Katrina," she recognized as Jacob said.

"Hey Jacob," Katrina replied.

"I knew Katrina would remember you, she'd ask about you every time she called," Charlie said.

Katrina blushed, and elbowed him in the ribs.

"Shouldn't have said that," Charlie said.

"No you shouldn't have," Katrina said.

Billy and Jacob chuckled and Bella came out.

"Jacob, Billy," Bella said.

"Bella," they both replied.

Jacob and Katrina then went inside the truck, and the older ones left them alone to talk. Jacob and Katrina then went for a walk in the forest afterward.

"Not what you're used to is it?" Jacob asked.

"No, but I like it," Katrina said. "It's more subtle, and it smells good."

Jacob snickered, "It smells good?"

"Smells important, haven't you seen Febreeze commercials?" Katrina asked.

"They don't say to stop and see the roses," Jacob started.

"They tell you to stop and smell the roses," Katrina finished.

They broke out into laughter.

"You haven't changed," Jacob said. "Do you remember when we decided to dig that giant hole?"

"Yeah that one that took a week to dig," Katrina said. "Ended up like a freakin crater. We got into so much trouble."

"Yeah we did," Jacob said.

"I also remember the stories your dad used to tell, about the wolf warriors," Katrina said.

"I remember your Grandma telling you, Bella and me a story about witches," Jacob said.

"She actually left a small chest for me, but it's locked and I don't know where the key is," Katrina said.

"I could help you look for it sometime," Jacob said.

"Yeah that'd be great," Katrina said.