Katrina looked at Jacob with wide eyes, "What?"

He smiled, "Marry me."

She started to tear up and she let out a sniffle as a tear ran down her cheek. Jacob put a hand on her cheek and wiped the tear away with her thumb, "Did I hurt you? Are you okay?" he asked frantically.

"No, I'm okay, I just...Yes."

His eyes lit up, "Yes?"


When their lips connected there was a new passion burning between them. She was going to be his forever on another level, so that even mortals knew that she was his. When he pulled away he put his forehead against hers, and inhaled her sweet candy like scent, that he could never get enough of.

"I love you," he whispered.

She smiled and looked back into his eyes, "I love you too."

A few days passed and Katrina was sitting in the garage while Jake worked on his bike. In her hand was the bracelet she had made her sister for graduation. She was anxious about going to Bella's graduation tonight, she was scared that Bella would reject her again and that their relationship would go even farther into the toilet. She hated how they had fallen so far deep into shit, but she hated that the fangs was taking her older sister away. The selfish bastard was ripping Bella away from her family friends. She wanted to just tear him apart and light him on fire with her magic, but if she did that she didn't know if Bella would ever look her in the eyes again.

"Kat, stop!" Jake snapped, pulling her out of her head.

Instantly a bunch of Jake's tools dropped to the ground. She shook her head and then flicked her wrist and the tools went back into their original place. He let out a sigh before getting up and walking over, flicking her forehead playfully, "What's going on up there?" he asked. "You seem really off today, more than usual."

"I'm just...thinking about Bella."

He pulled her into a hug, holding her to his firm chest as his lips met the top of her head, secretly relishing in her sweet scent, "I know you love her, and she loves you too, but eventually you're going to have to let her go."

Her brows furrowed as she gripped his shirt, "I know, but…She's my sister."

"I know, Kat, I know."

Katrina took one last deep breath as her hand was wrapped around the strong hold of her over-protective shapeshifting fiance, both of them looking to the cullen house. Jacob's eyes were narrowed along with the members of the pack behind him, while Katrina looked nervous. She had no idea how Bella would react to her showing up. Either her older sister would try to tolerate her, or she would just kick her out.

She took the first step, walking inside, the boys following closely behind. The blonde's eyes darted around the moment she walked through the door searching for her sister, and when she spotted the older girl she gulped before walking forward, and before they reached her the brunette turned and looked to her and immediately glared as she folded her arms.

"I thought the fist to the jaw was a universal uninvite," she snipped a her younger sister.

Katrina sighed, "Look, I...I'm sorry you hurt your hand on my face, I went too far, so I uh...I made you something."

She reached into her pocket, gripping the gift box before holding it out to her older sister, avoiding eye contact as the brunette opened it slowly, only looking up when she felt her sisters aura shift. She saw the small smile on Bella's face as she looked down to the metal bracelet with a soft smile on her face. The silver metal had been woven to give it a more vintage look, while a little charm hung off of it, It looked like a tree that took up most of the left side of the charm and as it continued right the branches seemed to weave into a pentagon. It was truly a beautiful gift, and no doubt Katrina had made it herself with her magic.

"It protects against bad omens and hexes," Katrina said, her eyes darting back down to the floor when her sister looked back to her, Bella's brows furrowing when she saw the tears starting to form in her eyes. "It'll...It'll keep you safe when I can't."

Bella felt a wave of guilt rush over her as she looked to her little sister. She knew how much Katrina loved her, how much she was opposed to the idea of her becoming a vampire and how much it was hurting her that once her sister was a vampire she would never see her again. It hurt Bella too, she loved the little adorkable shit in front of her, and it made her tear up that she once she was gone she would never see her again as well. She put the bracelet on before moving slowly, wrapping her arms slowly around her little sister, trying to imprint the feeling of holding the younger girl into her mind, "I love you," she whispered.

Katrina bit her tongue as the thoughts started to pool in her mind. You don't have to go. Just drop the vampire and stay here. She wanted to voice them, but she willed them down, knowing that she just wanted to be in her sister's arms like this without starting a fight.

"You know," she started. "If you're just worried about getting old, Mom's got this bomb anti-aging cream back in Phoenix."

Bella pulled away wiping her eyes as she chuckled, "Goddamn it Kat."

Though when Bella looked past her sister she saw Alice walking down the stairs, she moved to greet her, but her brows furrowed when she saw her freeze her eyes going wide. Jacob and Katrina's brows furrowed too when they saw the look on Bella's face and they turned to look at Alice who looked back to them with a scared look as Bella pushed past them to get to her.

Katrina quickly followed the boys on her heels, "What's going on?" Katrina asked.

"They're coming here," the girl answered.

Guess who's back? I know its been like two years since I updated, but I was like, Fuck it. Might as well keep going.