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It was that time of year again. The time to add another candle to your cake.

The time you celebrate your past year.

The day you look forward towards a better year.

Leave those moments you dwelled on. Remember how shallow you were, promise yourself another year.

A better one.

But it was just another day for Caroline.

From the moment she opened her eyes, the alarm blasting in her room.

She searched mindlessly for the small device, hitting the 'snooze' button, closing her blue eyes shut.

It was her birthday.

But what does a birthday mean anyways? To a teenager that wouldn't age anymore no less.

She screwed her eyes shot, tears threatening to spill before she managed to regain herself.

She sighed, feeling the beginning of a terrible headache.

The alarm rang again. She muttered a curse swinging her legs over, rubbing her temples while heading to the bathroom.


Stepping out in a fluffy towel, the blond picked out the first thing her hands touched.

A dark red top. A dark pair of jeans.

She pulled out her heels and cardigan, strapping her school purse to her shoulder before walking out of her room.

The house was silent. The usual. Her mom wasn't even there, a small note written on the equally small white board that hung near the fridge,

'Morning Care, sorry, had work at the station. Eat and go to school. Happy birthday'

Caroline rolled her eyes, erasing her mom's words writing "'kay"

She pulled out a blood bag, slowly slurping her breakfast leaning on the counter top.

For the first time in the history of ever, Caroline wasn't enjoying her birthday.

She always used to wake up before the crack of dawn, pulling her blankets to her with a smile on her face. It was the same every year. The same last year. The giddiness. The excitement to add another candle to her cake.

Except this year was different. This year, she wasn't the same obsessive control freak. She wasn't even human anymore.

She was a vampire. And vampires don't age. So what good do birthdays do? How could time ever hold any meaning? How could she feel time if without its weight on her shoulders.

She finished the blood bag, not even B+ couldn't cheer her up as she took the car keys and headed out.