Ross and Phoebe heard the big news in the morning, and everybody pestered the guys to explain how they ended up sleeping together.

"Well, you see," Chandler cleared his throat. "I, um, I wanted to give Joey a late birthday present," he joked. "You know, since I got drunk at the party and opened up all the presents for him."

Joey put his arm around Chandler and smiled. "And I just asked him for a kiss," he shrugged, "you know, since I couldn't get enough of him at New Year's."

The guys kissed and laughed easily about it now, because they had accepted that they wanted to keep sleeping together, and just realizing that was immensely freeing to them both.

The whole gang was happy for them, and Phoebe soon wrote a song called, "Naked Friends" which frequently embarrassed them when she played it at Central Perk.

With Joey and Chandler being the topic of conversation for quite a while, Ross stopped asking about Mark so much, and it certainly made life easier for Rachel. They got through the jealous phase of their relationship and celebrated their first anniversary happily.

Then Monica ran into Richard and started seeing him again, but insisted that they were only friends.

"Friends like me and Chandler?" Joey raised his eyebrows suggestively.

"No!" Despite her denials, Monica did get back together with Richard for a final fling, only to realize that they still wanted different things.

Phoebe also briefly reunited with her ex-singing partner and lover Leslie, only to be dumped again, when Leslie turned "Smelly Cat" into a jingle for kitty litter. After she recovered from her broken heart, Phoebe wound up getting together with her friend Bonnie, who was sexy, fun, and sometimes bald.

In the midst of all these couples, Monica felt more alone than ever, and even dated a millionaire named Pete that she wasn't attracted to at all. After that didn't work out, she threw herself into catering until she got hired as head chef for a restaurant. At least she was making progress in her career.

Then Monica finally met Don, an older British guy who loved cheese, Monica's cooking, and the idea of having kids.**

Finally, everybody was happy. Joey and Chandler were the best men at Ross and Rachel's wedding, and Phoebe and Monica were the bridesmaids.

The End

**Don is from episode 816, where Phoebe says he's Monica's soul mate (and Chandler isn't).