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Chapter 4

Crowley held the limp body as he appeared in Hell. Finding out that the Winchesters had a little brother was a blackmail the Winchesters didn't do what he wanted, he would hurt their little brother. Things finally started looking up. He laid Harry on a table and pulled up the straps that were hanging off the sides and buckled them across Harry's chest and upper arms, his stomach, and above his knees across his legs.

Crowley walked out of the room, smiling as he thought about all he was going to do to the smallest Winchester.

***line break***

Voldemort grabbed Dean, who was the nearest Winchester, and shook him.

"Where did that thing take Harry?"

"Hey!" Sam and John yelled as Dean was grabbed. "We don't know, probably to Hell."

Voldemort looked distressed at this news.

"How am I supposed to get there? Can you take me?"

Dean and Sam glanced at each other and then at Voldemort.

"Calm down," Sam said, "we don't know how to get to Hell. We do know how to summon a demon that might be able to help us."

"Fine. Take me to this demon."

The Winchesters and Voldemort packed their bags and walked out of the hotel room heading to the crossroad so they could summon a demon.

***line break***

Awareness came back to Harry a twitch at a time. He slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. He couldn't make out any details but it didn't look familiar. He tried to turn over but found his body wouldn't move more than a few inches. He lifted his head and looked down over his body and noticed the straps. He felt cold horror flood through his veins and he looked around. He had no idea where he was but he knew that it was a bad place.

Crowley opened the door and noticed his new pet was awake and looking around in terror. He was twisting his body and trying to get free from the straps that held him to the table.

"You won't be able to escape Pet."

Harry looked up at the demon, eyes wide and body frozen.

"Please let me go back." Harry pleaded.

"I don't think so dearie. I want to have some fun with you."

***line break***

Dean paced the room, taking apart his gun and reassembling it, as Sam typed furiously on the computer to try and get anyone to help them save their little brother. The demon they had tried to summon had been no help. They were back at square one.

"Dean! I found something!" Dean quickly shuffled to Sam's side and looked over his shoulder.

"What did you find Sam?"

"There is a psychic about fifteen hours from here. She claims that she can find anything or anyone that is lost."

"I think that we can give it a try. Better than nothing." Dean grunted. Sam nodded in agreement and they went about packing their stuff.

***line break***

Harry screamed as Crowley pulled out the knife in his stomach. Crowley placed the knife down on the table as the boy shivered and sobbed on the table.

"This is just the beginning Pet."

Harry shivered against his bonds, praying desperately that one of his brothers or his father would save him. He would prefer Dumbledore over what was happening. He felt Crowley healing his stomach. Crowley did that a lot. When Harry bled out too much or suffered a life threatening wound it would be healed, just for Crowley to hurt him. Harry was beginning to think that he would never escape, that he would never find his family again.

***line break***

Dean and Sam walked up to the psychic's door and knocked. Both were praying that this psychic would know how to find their brother. Their baby brother. A blonde woman answered the door, she had radishes hanging from her ears and was wearing striped leggings with a blue plain shirt. She had weird gray, neon glasses on her face, covering her eyes and eyebrows.

"Can I help you?"

***line break***

"Your power is intoxicating Pet."

Harry sobbed as Crowley pulled off another fingernail.

"Please, please stop!"

Crowley just laughed and tore off the last fingernail. Harry shrieked in pain and tried to curl his hand to his body but was held still by the restraints.

Crowley grabbed the metal rod he had placed in the fire earlier and examined it, making sure that Harry was watching him. Finding the metal bright orange with heat, he smirked at his Pet and pressed the rod into his hip. Harry sobbed in pain, tears running down his face as Crowley held the rod against him. Crowley held the rod to Harry until he fell unconscious. As he pulled the rod away he smirked as he thought of what the Winchester's reactions would be when they saw what he did to their baby brother. He dropped the rod on the floor and disappeared, leaving a wounded and unconscious Harry bound to the table.

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