A/N: Welcome to the beginning of my epic tale! We're gonna start off with a prologue, and what better way to start than at the very beginning. This is more a little taste of my writing style and my love of stylizing the already-epic-Legend. Obviously, The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo, and anything you recognize from what's been officially published by them belongs to them, not me. However, characters like Faron and company are of my own creation and I'd appreciate it if you respect my brain children! The story takes place on the Child Timeline in the Twilight Era, a good 100 years or so after the Shadow Invasion. This isn't remotely canon (obviously) and isn't intended to tie into the timeline in any serious way. In fact, it's supposed to be kind of a forgotten tale, one that didn't go down in the history books but did in the hearts of the people. So without further ado, I present to you: Hero.


Long ago, when the earth was bathed in darkness and all was chaos, three golden goddesses descended from the heavens. Din, with her flaming arms, cultivated the land and created the red earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world. Farore, with her bountiful spirit, produced all life forms who would uphold the law. Once their work was done, the golden goddesses returned to the heavens from whence they came. The place where they left the world became known as the Sacred Realm, and there they a left a gift for the world they had created.

Three Golden Triangles, each representing the virtues of Power, Wisdom, and Courage, together formed the Triforce, a relic that could grant the wish of any who touched it. The Goddesses left this relic in the hands of their daughter Hylia, but the Triforce was created with one condition: non-mortals could not lay their hands on it.

For many years, the races of the earth thrived in peace. Hylia in particular favored a group of humans, and watched over them from the end of time itself. However, once the races learned of the existence of the Triforce, and the power it had, they all wanted to take it for themselves.

Wars broke out and innocence began to decay as the races turned on each other and themselves, brothers tore down brothers. From the fighting, arose several new tribes. One was the Dark Tribe, a race of selfish magic wielders, who decimated the other races with their dark shadow magic. But worst of all was the Demon Tribe, a race born from the crags of earth where the blood of the innocent had soaked into the soil. The Demons were monsters, beasts desperate for power, and their leader was the King of Demons himself, Demise. Demise contained within himself a deep and powerful hatred for the goddesses, for they had gifted Hylia with the Triforce and not him. Demise lead the Demon Tribe forth against Hylia and her people, with every intention of taking the Triforce for himself. Hylia fought bravely against Demise, and managed to seal him away, but sustained mortal injuries as a result. To protect her people from the chaos that had consumed the world, Hylia gathered the humans on a small plot of land, and sent it forth into the skies, far above the clouds where the demons could not reach.

As Hylia's injuries took their fatal toll, she knew her seal on Demise could not last forever. He would surely arise once more, and, even in a weakened form, wreak havoc on the earth. So, in her final moments, Hylia devised a plan, one in which she herself would be reborn as a human, alongside her chosen hero. Her hero would be guided by the spirit of the Goddess's Sword, and led to unite earth and sky once more, and destroy Demise once and for all. A thousand years passed, and Hylia's plan came to fruition. The hero, a young boy in green, succeeded not only in proving himself and obtaining the Triforce, he also forged the ultimate weapon, the blade of evil's bane known as the Master Sword, and used it to defeat Demise and seal his decaying spirit within the Master Sword. However, in Demise's final breaths, he laid a curse on Hylia and the hero: for all eternity, their descendants would be plagued by his hatred and revenge. Evil would forever rise from the earth, again and again. The world would never see everlasting peace.

Seeing Demise's curse, the gods of old decided that whenever evil was to rise once more on earth, the hero would be born again, and would use the blade of evil's bane to banish it away once more. So, for over 2 thousand years, the hero was reborn again and again, and each time he succeeded in banishing the evil of Demise's curse, protecting the kingdom Hylia had established, the land of Hyrule.

After many centuries of enduring the evils of Demise's curse, Hyrule began what many called an era of peace. Some believed it to be an omen when the king's daughter was born with black hair and brown eyes, instead of the blonde hair and blue eyes of all the other descendants of Hylia. But it seemed the princess's strange appearance protected her from the curse of Demise, as she did not resemble the goddess. The people reveled in joy when the now Queen Zelda gave birth to a young prince, as the birth of boys in the royal family signified freedom from the evils of the earth. Their happiness was quickly shattered, when the Queen was murdered by a small group of thieves, leaving the young prince an orphan. As the young boy took the throne as Hyrule's new king, the people still had faith that they were entering a new era of peace. The gods of old looked upon Hyrule, a land that would not need the hero again for some time...

Or so they thought. Little did even the ancient gods know, the evil of demise was beginning to rise once more in secret, planning to consume Hyrule and its king when least suspected. By the time the gods realized their mistake, it was too late for the hero to be reborn in this era. The goddess Farore looked down from that Distant Nebula, fearing for the beings she had given life to, and knew she was left with a choice—

And a sacrifice.