*Revised 11/5/17*

No One's POV

The Heavens rumbled as the battle waged on; war cries of angels echoed across the celestial plains, bursts of light illuminated the sky like lightening, blasts of grace reverberating across the battle field, blood and shadows of wings littering the floor as more angels fell under the blades of their fellow brethren, and both sides grew weary.

It was the sixth day of battle and once again Castiel led his troops against Raphael's forces. And while Castiel's forces began to dwindle and wane, Raphael's only seemed to strengthen in force.

But not all the Heavenly Hosts engaged in the Civil War...

Hidden deep within the recesses and corners of Heaven, the gates of the Holy City stood gleaming in prestige and grandeur, rising high into the Heavens.

It was the symbol and pinnacle of power, majesty, grace, and holy righteousness of the Father, and it guarded and hid the highest ranking and most powerful angels in Heaven's Hierarchy, those higher than the Archangels themselves.

The Seraphim.

Sariel gazed across the plains from her post atop her favorite hilltop just outside the walls of the Holy City, observing all the splendor Heaven had to offer, one of her Lieutenants standing faithfully by her side, witnessing the battle between Castiel's and Raphael's forces and the careless slaughter and needless bloodshed it brought.

Thoughts filled with unrest and discomfort Sariel paced back and forth, her six wings rustling gently in growing anticipation and her angel sword gleaming in Heaven's light.

It had been thousands of years since she had felt the heat and rush of battle, feel the power of her grace as she lay waste to the enemy, and let Heaven's warm winds fill her wings.

Finally settling with assurance and confidence, Sariel turns calmly, wings unfolding, displaying their fully beauty and might.

"It is time."