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Chapter 50


The years that passed found many chapters to add to Bella and Edward's story.

The first time the girls called for Mama.

The first time Edward made Bella's eyes roll back in her head and her toes threaten to break from curling.

The first time Bella dropped to her knees in front of Edward and the look of surprise on his face when she did.

The affirmation that the lessons taught by Alice were mutually beneficial.

The first time Mrs. Cope discovered that the way to Jasper's heart was through pickled Herring.

The first time Carlisle refused to enter his house for the smell of pickling Herring.

The first time catching your in-laws in a compromising position.

The first guests to Bella and Edward's new home in the family of Angela, her husband and three small children.

The first time Bella noticed Emmett acting strangely around her.

The last time Bella made Emmett swear not to reveal her purchase of the farm to Rosalie.

The tears of friendship and gratitude as Emmett could keep no secret from his wife.

The secret smiles and knowing looks just before announcing a pregnancy.

The panic of fathers and husbands who do not how to deal with emotional wives.

The look of joy on Jasper's face as he held his son.

The look of fear on Emmett's face as his third daughter was welcomed into the world.

The look of horror on Edward's face as it was declared that hence forth his son shall be called Pudding junior, a name he fought hard to bury.

The fits of giggles as Mrs. Cope and Esme mimed what a fat baby Edward was.

The sadness of losing Mother Superior.

The injustice of banishing Jasper's son for the crime of kissing Katie, when the boy, age 6, successfully kissed Beth the day before.

The wonder of more children than a body could count rolling and playing around a gleeful Grandmother, regardless of who produced the child.

The second time catching your in-laws in a compromising position.

The first time having to explain to your husband why you can no longer look his mother in the eye.

The first time being caught in the laundry room with one's wife and one's trouser's about one's feet.

The awkward conversations that followed when asked about the situation at a full family dinner table.

The joy of seeing one's child in love.

The horror of seeing one's child in love.

The lessons taught to your son as he starts to court a girl.

The gleam of malice in your eye as you stare down the boy who wants to court your girl.

The End

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