Having some writer's block on another story, so I am writing this in hopes that it will get the creative juices flowing again. This takes place right after episode 4x10 as the Snow Queen's curse takes hold of Storybrooke. So there are some minor spoilers here, if you're not caught up with the show. Reviews are always appreciated :)

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The town was in turmoil. Already, many of the buildings downtown were in ruins. There was a thick cloud of dark smoke billowing from Granny's, although the fire had long since been extinguished. Elsa, Anna and Neal were safely barricaded, both physically and magically, in the library. They, well Elsa and Anna, were still trying to complete the counter curse the Fairies had been working on before the Snow Queen destroyed it. Unwilling and unable to sit and let the town rip itself apart, Emma had left them to work, explaining before she left how the walkie-talkie worked.

Since then, she had been rushing to put out fire after sometimes literal fire. As far as she could tell, there had been no causalities. Although that certainly hadn't been from lack of effort from Storybrooke residents. Realistically Emma knew that Storybrooke had been under the Snow Queen's curse for only a couple hours, but it felt more like weeks. A quick check in with Elsa over the radio assured Emma that it would be at least another couple hours before the counter curse was finished brewing.

Emma leaned against the wall of a building, nestled safely out of sight in an alleyway. She needed to catch her breath, just for a moment. This town had an awful lot of bad blood. The whole experience was very apocalyptic, reminding her of one of Henry's video games. She made a mental note to burn them all when this was over. She closed her eyes and ran her hand through her tangled hair, wincing when her hand brushed painfully against a goose egg. She had no idea when or where she had picked that up. Luckily, bumps and bruises seemed to make up the extent of her injuries. Although her muscles were painfully tight with stress and fatigue. So far, her magic had been more than capable of subduing cursed townsfolk, but she knew she couldn't keep it up. She was exhausted. It also wouldn't hurt to have something a little extra up her sleeve if she ran into Regina or Gold, she thought pursing her lips.

Her decision made, she opened her eyes and crept along the wall. Luckily, she knew exactly where she could find some extra firepower. After checking carefully to ensure she wasn't being followed, she slipped across the road. Emma entered the Sheriff's Station cautiously, but it was empty. Her parents had sprung themselves from the jail cells literally minutes after the curse had been enacted. Why she had expected less from Snow White and Prince Charming was beyond her. Anna's companion, Kristoff, too was now missing from the Sheriff's Station.

Emma put the handcuffs Kristoff had discarded into her back pocket. Although she was honestly beginning to wonder why she bothered. Clearly lock picking was a skill acquired in the Enchanted Forest at a very young age. In fact, the residents of Storybrooke were all proficient at escaping any restraints she placed on them. Emma had tried holding them with magic, and while it had been successful, she quickly felt herself being stretched too thin. She'd been forced to release the magic holding them. She'd since been spending the majority of her time recapturing townsfolk. It was a frustrating experience.

She emptied a discarded messenger bag she found hanging on the back of a chair, unceremoniously spilling its contents on the floor. Slinging it over her shoulder, she surveyed the station. Storybrooke was a small town and didn't exactly have a well stocked armoury, but it would have to do. Emma sighed and rubbed her neck with her free hand as she rummaged through desk drawers. She deposited handcuffs, tranquillizer rounds and a taser into the bag as she came across them. She stifled a yawn and vaguely considered if it was worth checking to see if Granny's had any coffee left. Even cold, smokey coffee sounded delightful at this point.

Suddenly, Emma was hurled off her feet and shoved roughly against the cold bars of the jail cell. The force of the blow knocked the air from her lungs. Her earlier thoughts about caffeine vanished from her mind completely as her arms were twisted painfully behind her back. Her stomach twisted as she realized that even without speaking, she knew who her attacker was. The smell of rum and leather and the sea washing over her. He always had a way of sneaking up on her.

"I had hoped I would come across you, Princess," Killian said with a vile bite to his words that Emma hadn't heard for a long time, especially directed towards her. She shivered in spite of herself and twisted to get a better look at him. He was dressed once again in his pirate attire and there was a coldness to his features that caused her to suppress another shiver. He spun her around to face him and captured her lips in a kiss.

He bit her bottom lip harshly, drawing the smallest amount of blood. Emma cried out in surprise and he used the opportunity to roughly thrust his tongue into her mouth. His kiss was bruising and dominating. Her lungs screamed for oxygen, but he gave her no reprieve. His hand snaked under her shirt and, against her will, Emma sighed against his lips as his calloused hand palmed and kneaded her breasts from overtop her lacy bra.

"You're a bloody siren, Swan," He said, finally pulling away. He pushed the bag off of Emma's shoulder and it fell to the floor with a clatter. "And I've grown weary of playing these games."

He roughly tugged a fistful of her hair to give him better access to her neck. He sucked and nipped at her tender skin, while the cold metal of his hook rested at her hip. He pressed his body against her, the cell bars digging harshly into her back. She closed her eyes as conflicting sensations rushed over her. Why was she even fighting this? It was bound to happen eventually anyways. Emma's arms roamed over his back, pulling him closer to her.

"I can't bloody remember the last time I went this long without a good fuck," He said, his words hot against her neck. "I could have had any of the whores in this town, a dozen times over. And I've been waiting for what, you? You're nothing special." He bit her pulse roughly, his teeth leaving a mark and Emma flinched against the pain. She tugged gently on his hair and pulled his eyes to met hers. She felt her stomach twist when she saw the fracture lines of the curse taint his normally brilliant, clear blue eyes. That was why she was fighting it, Emma remembered. This wasn't Killian. Emma felt her senses return to normal and she fought against the lust coiling within. He stared at her impatiently.

"Killian—" Emma said, breathlessly. She hoped desperately that he was still in there. That she could still reach him.

"Hook," He commanded. "That's how you treat me, like the villain." He pushed against her roughly and she felt his hardened length against her thigh. He brought his hook between them and tore Emma's shirt, leaving it hanging limply from her shoulders. Emma cried out, as his hook caught her skin and a long thin cut ran down her stomach. "Toying with me for your amusement. Using me when it suits you and pushing me away when it doesn't—"

"You're right," Emma said, her breath ragged. She felt a cold sense of dread as she continued to meet his lustful gaze. She ran her fingertips along his length and she smiled coyly when she felt him twitch in response. "Why don't you let me make it up to you, Captain Hook?"

He smirked in response. His eyes darkened considerably and he shoved her roughly to her knees with his hook. He used his hand to work the laces to his pants. Taking advantage of his temporary distraction, Emma inched closer to the messenger bag dropped near his feet.

Sorry about this, Emma thought to herself as she reached into her pack of goodies. She pressed the taser against his calf and prayed it was changed. Her prayers were answered and he let out an incoherent curse and slumped to the ground. His face was twisted in rage and her jerkily reached for her. Emma's stomach rolled and she hit him with another volt. He twitched once and then his features softened as he fell unconscious.

Moving quickly, she twisted his hook off of his brace and dragged him into the cell. She used two sets of handcuffs, one on each arm, to restrain him against the bars, spread-eagle in a semi-sitting position. His head slumped on his chest. She hoped that this position would at least hinder his ability to pick the locks.

"I'll figure this out," She whispered, crouched beside him. "Just hold on in there Killian." Panting slightly from the exertion of moving him, she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his cheek roughly, her lips lingering. Emma stood and locked the cell door behind her, as much for his protection as everyone else's. She glanced at him for one more moment, watching the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest, before she forced herself to pull away. She had work to do.

She glanced down at her shirt and grimaced when the sight reminded her it was in shreds, her blood seeping into the fabric. "Bloody pirate," She mumbled. She covered herself up as best she could and then zipped her leather jacket closed, the metal zipper cool against her bare stomach. Emma dropped the bag back onto the desk and continued her search as if she hadn't been interrupted. Finding little else of value, she reached for her sidearm and loaded the tranquillizer rounds into the chamber of the gun. Her hands shook slightly as adrenaline left over from her interaction with Hook coursed through her veins.

"Swan," Hook called to her from the cell, his voice still garbled from the electric shock. "It's bad form to leave me shackled like this." She heard the ring of the metal of the handcuffs against the cell bars as he pulled against his restraints. "At least let me die with some dignity." Emma rolled her eyes and turned to face him.

"Don't be so dramatic," Emma said as she pulled the messenger bag onto her shoulder. "You're not going to die. You're a survivor remember." She swallowed thickly, her words said in jest, but she meant them. She wouldn't lose him.

"Oh, I don't know about that," Regina said striding into the Sheriff's Station, looking every bit the Evil Queen. Emma groaned inwardly. This was the second time she had been snuck up on. She was really off her game today. She made a mental note to put a bell above the door to the station when this was all over, finally understanding why Gold had that annoying bell in his shop.

"Nice outfit Regina," Emma said with more confidence than she felt. "I wish I'd gotten the email saying everyone was supposed to change into black leather once the curse hit, I feel so under dressed." She pulled her gun from its holster and pointed it at Regina. Emma was relieved to find that her stance was steady.

"What in the bloody hell is an E-male?" Hook asked from the cell.

"It's, a thing you, oh never mind," Emma said, continuing to stand between Regina and Killian. "Just leave, Regina. I don't want to shoot you, but believe me I will."

"I'm not going to hurt you Miss. Swan," Regina laughed and snapped her fingers. The gun she was holding disappeared in a puff of purple smoke and Emma balled her hands into fists. "Well, not right away. Remind me Miss. Swan, have you ever seen a heart crushed? I do recall you're familiar with the effects. Her old boy toy, the one before you," Regina amended glancing at Hook. "He died in her arms after I crushed his heart. But have you ever seen a heart reduced to dust, Emma? It's very empowering."

Emma felt anger coursing through her veins and her balled fists began to glow. She forced herself to take a ragged breath. Regina was under the curse's control and she wasn't. She had to keep a clear head. She couldn't afford to make a mistake.

"Answer me," Regina commanded, her voice ringing out in the room.

"No," Emma said simply. Her voice was thick with emotion and the shoelace on her wrist suddenly felt very heavy.

"Well," Regina said, her face contorting into a malicious sneer. "Let's see what we can do about that, shall we?" She snapped her fingers and with a flash of purple smoke was in the cell with Killian.

"No," Emma called as she reached in her pocket for the keys, struggling to get the door open. To get to Killian.

Killian struggled against his restraints as Regina reached towards him. She thrust her hand into his chest, smiling broadly. Her smile faded and she stepped back from him, her hand empty. Killian flashed his trademark smile at the Queen. Emma felt warm tears on her cheek and she pulled the door open with a crash. She couldn't lose him too.

"Well, Miss. Swan," Regina said with an snarl. "It appears once again I have underestimated you."

"What are you talking about," Emma said confused, as she wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.

"His heart is already gone," She said. "I suppose that explains why the infamous pirate captain follows you, of all people, around like a little lost puppy dog."

"His heart is gone?" Emma said in a small voice as she felt her own heart plummet like a rock.

"You didn't remove it? And you never noticed you were in love with a heartless man?" Regina tipped her head back and cackled. "I expected more from the Saviour," She sighed. "I had wanted to make you suffer, but your life is so pitiful, there's not much to work with." She raised her hands, a spell on the tips of her fingers.

Emma sprung into action, lunging in front of Killian, her eyes clamped shut. She wrapped her arms tightly around him and suddenly Regina was gone. The whole station was gone. Emma sat up and untangled her limbs from Killian's. She realized with a start that she had transported them back to her parent's loft. She hadn't realized she had the power to do that.

Killian seemed to adapt to his change in location more quickly than Emma. He hurled his brace towards her and knocked her onto her back. Emma gritted her teeth. If she hadn't removed his hook at the Sheriff's Station, she would probably be dead right now. Killian looked blankly at his wrist and seemed to come to the same conclusion as her. He reached for a dagger at his belt, but Emma kneed him sharply in the groin. He moaned and slumped onto the floor.

"Don't start with me Hook," Emma said breathing heavily. "I am beyond pissed right now." Closing her eyes, Emma called upon her magic to restrain him and gold wisps of light encircled his wrists and ankles.

"Bloody hell, Swan," He said, his face still contorted in pain. "I know you like to have me at your mercy, but this is getting ridiculous." Emma grabbed the collar of his coat and dragged him into a sitting position.

"Where is it?" She asked, their noses almost touching, their breath mingling. Her face was flushed from exertion and from anger.

"Where is what?" He asked, in a bored tone. Popping the hard 't' in the way that made her head swim. His eyes never leaving hers.

"Your heart," She said simply. She felt tears brimming behind her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. "Did Ingrid, the Snow Queen, did she take it?" He didn't answer, his jaw tightly clenched. "Tell me," She said shaking him roughly.

"Yes," Killian said, with a grunt. "The bloody ice wench took it."

"You're lying," Emma said, her eyes trailing over his features. "Come on Killian, I know you're in there, tell me. Who has it? It's not Regina. If she already already it, she wouldn't have just tried to take it." She rested her forehead against his, trying desperately to read his mind.

"I, can't," He said finally, panting from the effort of saying the simple phrase. Emma drew back and witnessed the torment riddling his features. She ran through a mental list of those in Storybrooke capable of talking and compelling a heart.

"Have you gone after Gold?" She asked simply. "Since the curse broke?" He bit the inside of his cheek and shook his head no. "Why not?" She asked. His face darkened, but he bit his tongue and said nothing. "Okay," Emma said. She rested her hand on his cheek, his stumble scratching her palm and then she stood up. She quickly ran through the apartment, ensuring it was empty. Satisfied that they were alone, she walked back to where he was sitting on the floor, now propped against the couch. Emma gave him a small smile as she pulled the messenger bag back onto her shoulder and she turned to walk towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Killian called after her.

"To get back something that belongs to me," Emma said simply.