In a tent in the middle of a forest was a boy covered in filth that could only be found on someone who has been through hell and back. He had numerous injuries that were not visible due to the crusty dirt that covered him from head to toe. He sat on the floor of the tiny tent ignoring the rain that fell through the rips and holes that were all over it. The rips and holes were caused by the fight he had with his friends. The one that decided the fate of all three.

The tent may have been a light colour at some point but now the colour was the same as the filth on the boy's skin. He had his hands wrapped around his legs and his face down in grief. He was alone. His two best friends were gone and he did not know how to deal with that. He felt as if his heart had been torn out of his chest chewed up before it was put back. He was feeling the pain of betrayal. He wasn't sure how to go on without the two people who had been with him every step of the way. He however couldn't blame them for leaving. If he had had a choice he would have left too. Hermione found a passage out of the country to her parents where it was safe and Ron returned to his family, he was afraid of what would happen to them if the fact that he was not really sick was found out.

A noise outside brought him out of his little pity party. He knew he had spells around to hide his presence but there was no way of being sure that they were not breached. He got up and picked up his wand as that was all he had with him, well that and the tent and he followed the direction where he heard the shuffle. He was not sure what he was expecting to find but an injured Dobby and Kreacher was not one of them. They both looked like they had been put through a grinder and Harry wondered how they were still alive.

He quickly levitated them both behind his wards uncaring of the fact that it may be a trap and then knelt beside them unsure of what to do. Hermione had the purse that had all their things inside and she had taken it with her. He tried a few healing spells but they didn't work as well as he wanted them to.

"Dobby, Kreacher what happened to you?" Harry's voice had a slight panic to it as he asked.

Dobby's huge eyes were open as he answered "It was the bad old masters, they wanted Dobby and Kreacher to find yous but we refused and managed to escape when they turned around." Dobby stopped to cough up some blood before he continued

"Master Harry Potter we do not have much time, Dobby is knowing your wheezy and granger are not here with you. Kreachure and I is preparing ritual to helps you. Keachure is getting his master's monies from the goblins and Dobby take old master's fortune too it's in the trunk master Harry Potter…"

Kreacher took over when Dobby started coughing again "You have to go back master Harry, change everything, do not let old whiskers control you this time, you are the head of the ancient and noble house of Black learn what that means and you will understand."

Kreachure's mouth was now covered in blood due to his injuries preventing him from talking, he shared a look with Dobby who looked like he was about to cross over to the other side and nodded and before Harry never even got a chance to say anything he felt magic from both elves envelop him and course through his body combining with his magical core. He could hear chanting in the back of his mind, his heart beat faster as whirl of rainbow colours swirled around him before everything turned black and the last thing he heard was Dobby's voice saying

"good luck master Harry Potter, use our magic well."


Harry felt awareness return to him and for a split second he had almost forgotten the events that preceded that moment. The sound of bird chirping had him freeze before he opened his eyes to find he was lying on the ground in the same spot he had tried to help Dobby and Kreacher, it was daytime and it was not raining anymore.

He quickly got up and looked around him with a shout of "Dobby! Kreacher?"

There was however no-one there with him. He also noticed that the forest was not as dark or scary as it had been before, the trees looked much more spaced out. That was when he noticed the trunk beneath one of the trees. He walked over to it as he remembered what Dobby and Kreacher had told him. They said his money from Gringotts was in there as well as bad masters…Harry stopped as he realised what that meant. He had the Malfoys fortune in the trunk. He quickly put up some wards to hide the small area he was just in case someone came by he did not want to take any chances.

When that was done he opened the trunk and went down the ladder. He didn't know what he expected but inside was a fully furnished simple apartment with a bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, bathroom and a small green house which had what looked like plants used in medicinal potions. He opened the second compartment of the trunk and inside was a room the size of the great hall in Hogwarts filled with gold coins he didn't think he would be able to count them all, on the wall was a note stuck there saying from the Malfoy vaults.

Harry was flabbergasted he wasn't sure how to react but then realised the hilarity of the situation and was soon rolling on the floor laughing. He checked the other compartments and there were the names of all the death eaters in almost all the rooms filled with galleons and some with books, ancient scrolls, jewellery, furniture weapons, robes from every century, armour amongst others.

Harry wondered how long Dobby and Kreacher had been planning this because it was a lot of stuff to have just been done on the go. In the finaal compartment he found a memory inside a pensive that looked suspiciously like Dumbledore's.

Taking a chance Harry plunged into the memory to find himself facing Dobby. The Dobby in the memory spoke..

"If yous are watching this master Harry it means that me and Kreacher did not manage to comes with yous. We has beens planning this for the past two years. Dobby knew master Harry Potter was in danger from whiskers as he heard whiskers say he wanted Harry Potter to die for the greater good. Dobby not liking this so he made plans to send Harry Potter back to the past to change his lifes."

Harry wondered who whiskers was. Kreacher had mentioned him as well, he decided to wait till the end of the memory before he tried analysing the situation.

"Dobby is sorry he never told Master Harry Potter that Kreacher is Dobby's grandfather."

Harry gasped as Dobby continued "Dobby knows this is a shock for master Harry Potter but Dobby could not tell without endangering Kreacher. Kreacher has been protecting master Harry Potter from whiskers, the wheezys and the granger. Dobby is also sorry to say that master James Potter and mistress Lily Potter are not dead. They have been hidings for a longs time. Dobby finds out from whiskers when he was listing at the door. Whiskers talked to master James Potter. They were waiting for when master Harry Potter died for the greater good. Master James Potter was denied by the family magic access to the Potter fortunes, the magic chose master Harry Potter to be head of house even though master Harry Potter is not a Potter. He is the son of the sea god. Whikers stole master Harry Potter when he was born from his mother who died while birthing master Harry. She named master Harry 'Alexandre' then master James Potter changed the name to Harry."

Dobby's memory stopped for a second as if he was gathering himself before he continued "Whiskers knew how powerful master Harry was he wanted the power for himself but he failed to take it away, he almost died when he tried as it was too much. That however left master harry as just a powerful wizard instead of powerful demi god. The ritual Dobby and Kreacher did on you master Harry is meant to restore your powers if we died we would have added our elven magic in the ritual making you immortal so you will be able to meet your father without worrying about the rules on mortals. There is plenty of information in one of the compartments about your father."

Harry was in a state of shock. He was sure he was probably going to have to look at the memory again for some of the things he missed. All he could think about was he was not a Potter and his father was alive. He was not related to the Dursley's, he was surprised at the amount of relief he felt at this revelation, he wasn't prepared for Dobby's little bombshell though.