Draco watched the Flamel kid make his way to where ever his rooms were. He was kicking himself for acting so rashly now instead of befriending the kid he had alienated himself from him. The kid would be a boon to the dark lord's forces. The fact that he was a prodigy was just one of the benefits. He was sure that the dark lord would spare his mother if he could bring such a force to him. Although it sounded good in his mind he knew the only he would be able to get the kid was if he tricked him or kidnapped him leaving the persuasion to the dark lord himself. The Flamels were a light family, which meant the kid was light too.

That night before bed he wrote a letter to the dark lord telling him about the new kid. He had to keep up all pretenses if he was going to protect his mother. Anything that could put him in the snake bastard's good books would mean another day his mother could live. He care too much what happened to Lucius. It was his fault Draco was being forced to do this. His fault that Draco was going to be branded like an animal come Christmas.

He took his letter to the owlery then got dressed for bed and went to sleep. His last thought was how he was going to save his mother and what that monster would have him do in meantime. Tears fell down his face as he thought about it. By Christmas he would be branded like the rest of the other death eaters. He would have no choice if e wanted is mother to keep breathing, and he had no-one to turn to not even his godfather who turned out to be a right bastard and one of the staunchiest followers of the dark lord including his father.


Alex was pacing in his suite. He had the list of things he wanted done in his hand. It would be tricky and he knew it. He had the power to get rid of the dark lord but he knew a mistake or a betrayal would get him killed, immortal or not he did not know what kind of magic Voldemort had tangled in. He just had to be careful. The first thing on his list was the hocruxes. A conversation with Hogwarts told him that there was one in the room of forgotten things. He had a spell from the Malfoy library that would use one hocrux to bring the others to him. He didn't have to go looking for them or worry about the traps. He supposed Voldemort wanted a sure way of collecting his little trinkets if he thought they were in danger of being discovered. This needed to be done sooner rather than later.

Alex made his way to the room of requirement and Hogwarts helped him find the diadem of Ravenclaw. He then changed the room to one with a magically enhanced cage big enough to fit whatever else had been made into a hocrux he knew the items would not be too big as they would need to be portable . Upon completion of the room He drew runes and created wards to make sure nothing escaped, followed by runes for the ritual to bring the hocruxes using the diadem as a focus.

At first Alex thought nothing had happened until a bright like shone in his face temporarily blinding him. When his eyes opened again he was met by the sight of voldemort's little trinkets and a huge diamond snake he associated with Voldemort. The snake was hissing it's displeasure at being kidnapped.

'I will bite you and swallow you whole you insignificant little worm. Do you have any idea who I am? My human will kill you where you stand for this outrage. Release me at once and I'll make your death painless."

Alex sneered at the huge reptile and said 'Oh sut up you, I'm not in the mood for the rubbish coming out of your mouth.'

Not having expected to receive a response the huge snake stopped speaking in shock. 'you speak, then you must know I belong to another speaker. What do you hope to gain with this. I will never be loyal to you or betray my human.'

Alex didn't bother replying instead he levitated a huge glass container twice his size filled to the brim with a substance that sloshed about from the trunk that had previously been around his neck. The cage the trinket and the snake were in was made of glass with a small hole at the top that he pored the liquid through. The snake now seeing that there was no negotiating with this human felt fear for the first time in its life.

The liquid reached the other items first as the snake moved to the furthest corner it could reach. This stuff that was being poured into its cage was poison even it had never seen before.

It tried to plead .Wait please, my master will give you whatever you desire."

Alex didn't reply he just kept pouring, the snake screamed when the poison reached it. it was now swimming in it and thrashing about as the hocrux in it died and it closed its eyes for the last time.

Alex left the trinkets and the snake in the poison for another half hour just to make sure they were dead. They had begun to melt and the snake looked like it had been bitten and eaten in places by the time he vanished the poison from the depths of Tartarus.

Alex wrapped up the snake in a Halloween decorated wrapping and a ribbon. He wrote a message on the gift card.

Knowing an owl would just be killed he decided to take the newly wrapped gift himself. Besides he wanted to see the face of the bastard himself it would be good material for his patronus.

Upon checking the time he realized he had a few hours to catch some sleep. He decided to go and make his delievery over the weekend. It would be easier to hide his absence then.


Professor McGonagall somehow found out about his masters in defense and decided to have him help with the defense classes. He was to teach the younger years, that is the first and second years while she covered the rest. Alex spent the next few days alternating between teaching and his own lessons with professor Flitwick.

He also did not expect Draco to corner him and try to intimidate him on the Friday. He was walking towards the dungeons when the Malfoy heir grabbed him and pulled him into a hidden passageway and considering how small Alex was it was easy. Alex went along with it just so he could find out wanted.

Hogwarts was about to interfere when Alex stopped her and said 'No don't let him think he has won He will take me straight to the dark tosser and I won't have to search for him. I have everything I need on me don't worry.

As soon as they cleared the wards Alex felt the tell, tell hook behind the naval that signified a portkey. He however found himself in the dungeons of what e assumed was Malfoy manor as that was Draco's home. He didn't wait for anyone to show up before he water travelled out of the cell. When Draco came looking he would find nothing.

He looked around the other cells and saw other three other prisoners. One was Luna Lovegood, the next was Oliveander and the last was a goblin. They were all in pretty bad shape although the goblin seemed worse off. Alex knew he would not be able to water travel all of them all the way to Hogwarts. It was then he got a light bulb moment. He called for a houself. Winky answered his call having been instructed by Dobby to keep an ear out for a call from their master. Alex did not want to chance calling Dobby or Kreature in case he changed something and everything they had sacrificed for him would come undone. After a brief talk Winky called for two other house elves and they each took one injured prisoner with them back to Hogwarts.

Alex satisfied that they would be okay left the cell and made his way upstairs. He found Naccissa Malfoy's rooms where she was locked up. She also looked beaten and bruised. Alex had Winky take her to Hogwarts she was not conscious enough to be coherent. He then made his way through the rest of the manor and found his way to the make shift throne room. Voldemort was not there so Alex slipped in and left the gift on the gaudy throne. He made himself invisible and waited. The death eaters were looking nervous as they moved around. It looked like the boss was returning.

Voldemort strolled into the throne room robes billowing behind him similar to Severus Snape. Speaking of Severus he was right behind the dark lord walking with Draco who looked like he was about to hurl. Alex knew Draco had kidnapped him out of fear but it did not stop him from being pissed off. Hogwarts had explained the situation with Draco's family the main reason Alex was pissed off was Draco was expecting him to suffer so his family would look good in their master's eyes. Despite what Hogwarts said about Draco no longer wanting to be a part of this, he was still an unmitigated arse who made his choices selfishly and it wasn't because he had changed, it was because things had turned sour for him and his family and now he wanted to use some else's family to pay for his own choices and mistakes.

Alex didn't even flinch when Draco was hit with the cruciutus because they had just found out that Alex whom Draco had guaranteed was in the dungeons was not there and neither were the prisoners. The dark lord was furious, it was at that time when one of the other minions decided now was a good time to report that Narcissa Malfoy was gone. Both Draco and Severus were crucioed. Upon lifting the curse off them Voldemort said to Draco "You will have to take your mother's place boy. Severus you know the potions to brew."

Draco's eyes widened as he felt a collar appear around his neck. It was a slave collar, a sex slave collar. He was now the dark lord's play thing. He had not been aware that that was what he was doing to his mother. He had just known that he seemed to enjoy torturing her.

That was when the dark lord noticed there was something on his throne. Casting several complicated spells to check for anything malicious he opened the box. Inside the box were the remains of his missing familiar there was a card that read

'To Tom I know you like these kind of gifts cause you are always sending them to people although with you its usually the remains of a loved one. Consider this an early Halloween gift.

Hope you like it


The one with the power to vanquish you

Voldemort was quiet for a a good five seconds. Alex feeling the build up of magic grabbed Draco and water travelled him out of the room. He watched through the open doors as the dark lord lost it and began to throw destructive spells everywhere. Snape didn't get out in time. His head was blown up by an exploding curse from the dark lord's wand. The rest of the death eaters that were smart enough to realise they did not want to be anywhere near this place till he calmed down somewhat and they all disappeared.

Knocking Draco out Alex sat down and waited for what he was calling a tantrum to stop. It didn't. For the next few hours the dark lord cast his darkest and most distractive spells in rage. He went from room to room as he destroyed them. Alex had taken Draco outside and left him in a crevice under a rock. When the spells finally stopped he went back inside still invisible. Voldemort had tired himself out. He was now crouched on the floor debri all around him crying his eyes out. Alex's first thought when he saw him was 'oh tin man you do have a heart.'

Things had gone better than he could have hoped for. Making himself visible He began to chant. Voldemort didn't even hear him and if he did he didn't acknowledge it. It was only when he began to feel his magic leak out of him did he stand up to see who was there with him. By then Alex had finished his spell and gave the dark lord a cheeky smile as he water traveled out of there. Taking out his portkey he grabbed the unconscious Draco and he felt the ever familiar hook behind his naval.


If Alex had waited just a couple of more seconds he would have seen his two old friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley being dragged to the place he had just left.

Hermione and Ron were dragged into the now partly destroyed building and thrown into cells that had miraculously remained untouched. Although the explosions had stopped none of the death eaters who had arrived wanted to go near the dark lord. They had seen him enraged before but this was different. They could feel pain from their dark marks and a drainage on their magic. Those who had not known about the dark mark being able to drain magic from them began to panic. They had not been told of a connection like that when they joined the dark side. Fear gripped them when some of them found they were dangerously close to magical exhaustion when they had not used much of their magic.

Grey back did not seem to care about that though, he was too busy eyeing Hermione and licking his lips. Even in human form he enjoyed eating human flesh and the younger they were the better for him. He grabbed Hermione after having to knock out Ron and made his way to throne room to find Voldemort. He was hoping to be allowed to eat her as soon as the dark lord got whatever information he could get from her. He knew she was one of Potter's friends, and that was the only thing keeping her alive at the moment.


Hermione and Ron Had just left Harry in the tent alone. They had planned this for a while now. Without Dumbledore there to pay and push them into staying with Harry there was no way they were going to keep doing it. In their mind this was not their fight. Harry was the chosen one so why should they suffer along with him. Sure it was fun being a part of the popular crowd while they were in school and to also be allowed to get away with breaking rules and even becoming prefects but no-one had said anything about protecting Harry while risking their lives.

They apparated to the center of London where Hermione figured they would be able to disappear. The one thing they had not counted on about Harry was the fact that besides his constant bad luck he had just as much good luck to get him out of trouble as well as the fire power to do it. So when they were spotted by the snatchers and tried to lie their way out of it, it didn't work. Hermione was spotted for being a muggleborn and Ron as a Weasly they termed a blood traitor for being with Hermione in the first place. They could not escape especially when Greyback was summoned and they felt complete fear.

As Hermione was dragged through the corridors by Greyback, terror running through her she thought of Harry and how she had abandoned him. Would she be in this precarious position if she had not betrayed him? She managed to activate her DA coin glad she had made improvements on it where if someone was in danger instead of heating up it would change colors going from a light red to a blood red depending on the emergency the coin would also act like a homing device in the case of a kidnapping. She was hoping Harry would have his on him and come for them despite how they had left things.

It wasn't until her beady bag was taken off her that she remembered she had all of Harry's things. She had literally left him with nothing except the tent and his wand. "How was she going to contact Harry now?" Tears ran down her face as she was thrown at the feet of Voldemort who was standing in the middle of the mostly rubble throne room looking tired like he had run a marathon. He recognized Hermione immediately and cast a cruciutas in her.

He lifted the spell and said "Where is Potter?"

Knowing that he would just continue to torture her she quickly answered "Forest of Dean, we were separated."

She received another round of the torture curse before Voldemort turned to Greyback and said "You may play with her till we find Potter, If he is not where she says he is, enjoy your dinner."

Horror was plastered on Hermione's face. She had betrayed Harry for nothing. He was still going to give her to this monster despite her telling him. Voldemort just laughed cruelly when he heard her thoughts. "What did you expect me to do with you mudblood, did you think that if you squeeled you would be saved? I do not have a place in my ranks for traitors."

Voldemort left the room just as Greyback grabbed the girl and said "I think we should g somewhere a little more comfortable while we wait for the dark lord to return. " He was looking to get his revenge on the brat for killing his familiar. He was going to rip him apart when he found him. As he apparated out he summoned about thirty of his followers and they all arrived in the forest of Dean just as he did. He was struggling to stop his magic from leaking but it was like trying to hold onto water. That meant he had to keep pulling magic from his followers too keep him from emptying his own magical core. He was taking the power from te newer recruits they would not be missed. He would find a solution as soon as he had Potter. They spread out and began to comb the place like a tooth comb however they didn't get far when they found an empty tent. Just off to the side there was some movement. It was the kid that had cast the spell on him. He shouted to his death eaters "Kill him." but the kid just gave another cheeky smile before grabbing what looked like a bunch of cloths covered in green stuff and disappearing in a splash of water. Screaming out his frustrations Voldemort destroyed the tent and the death eaters seeing their lord losing it a second time that day they wisely disappeared from the line of fire as the destruction was worse than the last one. by the time Voldemort returned to the manor he was so exhausted he passed out as he landed in his rooms not realizing that he had killed almost sixty percent of his death eaters and squibbed the rest.

While Voldemort was passed out his death eaters were panicking. They could barely cast a lumos to save their lives and took to using muggle methods to get through the day. Alex waited three weeks before returning to the manor where it seemed majority of the death eaters who remained were. He watched while he was invisible and was shocked to find the purebloods who had been so against muggles and wanted to kill them all doing things the muggle way. He laughed when he saw Lucius Malfoy trying to open a can of tuna and slice bread by hand. It was all a big mess that showed his incompetence. He decided to go and check the dungeons just in case they had more prisoners since he was there last. When he water travelled into one of the cells he was shocked to find Ronald Weasly in there. He was really thin now almost the way Harry was when he came from the Dursleys after every summer, e was covered in cuts, slashes, burns and he could even make out places where words were written the most prominent being blood traitor. Alex waited for the feeling of horror to set in for what his former best friend had been through but he felt nothing, nothing but pity. He scanned Ron's thoughts and then shuddered to think what would have happened if they had been there when Dobby and Kreature had sent him back in time. What the boy would have done with that knowledge. He had heard Molly and Ginny talking about abandoning him and found similar memories in Ron's mind and how they were never his friends.

Alex left the room and continued his search for Voldemort. A scream brought him to a closed door where he water traveled into the room to find Hemione in there with Greyback, well he didn't want to think about what he was doing so he grabbed the werewolf by the arm and wtertraveled him into the middle of the sea which was not far from the manor. When he returned he found Hermione was in a similar state to Ron only much worse. He scanned her mind and any hope of finding out that she had been his friend but just got scared and took off fell. Like Ron she was a manufactured friend. He left her in the room without showing himself. He finally found Voldemort. He felt more like a squib than a powerful dark wizard. On the outside things were in chaos. The death eaters no longer had magic to terrorise their victims anymore. Alex had made sure that the adults he could trust were taking over the reins of the wizarding world.

He summoned the dark lord's wand and snapped it. This woke him up. Voldemort looked around and saw Alex who had lowered his invisibility and standing in the room as if he owned it. He tried to get up but he had no strength. He couldn't see the changes he had gone through. Wizards aged slowly due their magic and were much more durable than muggles. Without the magic though Voldemort was showing his true age of a seventy year old man. Because of the sudden change form fighting fit the change was painful. Alex sent a patronus to those fighting for the light side telling them Voldemort was ready to be picked up as well as his minions. They were all squibs now. He tacked in at the end about Hermione and Ron being there as well as prisoners of war.

As soon as the light side appeared he left them to round up the death eaters and returned to school. He wanted to talk to his parents and let them know what was going on and to find out how the war was going with them.