...And it's Christmas by JuliaBC

Chapter One: Angels

This is for MysteriousGeek2345, for the Christmas Gift Exchange 2014.

Her prompts: Song: I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas; Angels, Snow, Tree, and a special request for a Supernatural twist. I'll say it here that I wasn't sure how to do the last item, so I hope my stab at it is satisfactory.

Merry Christmas, Happy Reading, and as a gift for me, I do like reviews :)

Reid walked along the darkened hallway, mug clutched tight in one hand. The BAU Holiday Party was today, the twenty-third of December.

Could he admit it?

He was miserable.

He gazed out the window, at the darkened sky outside. It was just after five, and snow had just started to fall lightly. He watched the flakes drift to the ground; how they were buoyed by the wind but still eventually fell to the ground.

He felt like that sometimes. No matter how good things got, no matter what happened in his life he always seemed to come back to hit rock bottom.


He turned around to see Garcia, dressed in a Santa inspired outfit and red heels so high it made him dizzy just to look at them. She was standing in the doorway, and when she saw him, she advanced, tottering a little in the heels.

"Where are you? We've been waiting for you so we can start opening presents."

Reid turned away to face the windows again. "Do you believe in angels?"

"Like, what kind of angels?" Garcia asked, coming closer. "Good souls who came back to Earth to make it a better place? I believe in those. Sometimes I think I am one."

"It's just that Christmas always makes me remember this weird encounter I had when I was a boy."

"Walk and talk, O Tall and Smart One," Garcia urged. "We have to get to the party. Hotch is waiting."

Reid's head jerked up, but Garcia seemed oblivious to the effect her words had had on Reid.

"I met something when I was a kid," he continued. "I was miserable, things at school had just gone too far."

"And then what?" Garcia asked, as she walked through the door Reid held, turning around in the middle to face him.

"A figure appeared. It was sexless, ageless. It was like light, and it spoke to me."

"What did it say?"

"This is the only time it's ever happened, but I could never remember."

"Whoa! You couldn't remember?"

Reid shook his head, reaching up to rub his forehead with the palm of his hand. "I have always tried hard to remember. There were whole nights after it happened that I'd just lay awake, straining my mind to its limits. And—nothing."

"Well, how did it make you feel?"

Reid spoke quietly. "Good. Better than good. Talking to it made me feel, for just a few moments, whole. I felt whole and wanted and loved."

Garcia placed a hand on his shoulder. "You are wanted and loved," she urged. "I don't know about whole, cause that's up to you."

"It was like nothing else I've ever experienced," Reid said, but then he dropped his hand back to his side. "Never mind. Let's just go ahead to the party."

He walked into the room with Garcia, and the team turned at their entrance with expectant looks on their faces.

Garcia and JJ had a nonverbal conversation that culminated in JJ clapping her hands and speaking. "All right, we are all very busy and most of us still have things to do before Christmas comes, so I suggest we open the presents immediately."

The Holiday tree placed in the corner of the Round Table room had a pleasant heap of gifts beneath it. Rossi appointed himself Santa Claus, and started to sort through the gifts.

"Kate, you can be my elf and deliver these," Rossi said. "This one is for Morgan."

The gifts went on, and were delivered to each recipient. Reid waited, with baited breath, for something to come to him. He got Christmas socks from Garcia, but he didn't have the heart to open his other gifts when he went through them and the words he wanted to see on the 'From' space weren't there.

His eyes shot to Hotch, laughing as he showed off the Reindeer tie Garcia had given him. "You have to wear it, sir. At least one day," she was insisting, and Hotch was just shaking his head, rather firmly placing it back into the box.

When Kate walked past, holding a package wrapped in green paper, tied with silver ribbon with a bow in the middle, Reid reached his hand out and snagged it from her.

"Reid, that was for Hotch," she protested, halting her journey abruptly.

"It's my gift to him," Reid said. "And it was a joke gift and I don't want to give it to him if Garcia gave him one too."

His words were quickly spoken, and Kate followed them with a slight frown, but her eyes softened when she spoke.

"Okay, but just this once," she said, but when Rossi didn't summon her back she stayed at his elbow. "Want to talk about it?"

He knew she knew, and he didn't want her to know. "Not today."

She placed a gentle hand on his arm. "Ever?"

He shook his head, too vehemently, and left the room with his arms full of gifts that he dropped on his desk as he speed walked to the men's room. Once there, he leaned on the sink and stared at his reflection.

His eyes were blood-shot, and rimmed with dark circles. No wonder Kate could tell.

He rubbed at his eyes fiercely, angrily, and splashed water on his burning face.

The door creaked open, and he turned to see Rossi. "I see you had too much punch also," Rossi said conversationally.

"Um, yeah," Reid replied. "And I think I got something in my eye."

"Too bad there's a moratorium on inter-team profiling," Rossi said, rather slyly, and Reid didn't answer, merely walked to the door and shoved it open.

His sneakers flew over the floor, back to his desk where shaking hands went through the pile of gifts again, and picked out the green and silver. "JJ?" He called, walking up the steps from the Bullpen. She emerged from the room with tinsel on her hair and a light in her eyes from Rossi's spiked punch.

"I think I have to go," Reid said. "Something has come up and I just have to go."

"But it's so early!" She protested, and Reid turned around the way he came.

"Sorry," he apologized, and gathered his coat. She started to follow him, but wobbled from the alcohol prevalent in her system.

"Reid, wait," she said, but he merely gave an apologetic smile, finished tying his scarf and made a mad dash for the elevator.

JJ walked back into the room, frowning. "What's up with Reid?" She asked Morgan, and Morgan shook his head as he opened a box of chocolate from Kate.

"These look expensive," he said, moving to thank her.

Hotch suddenly materialized at JJ's side. "What do you mean, 'what's up with Reid'?" He asked, a tone in his voice she wasn't sure she recognized.

"He just left," JJ replied. "Ooh, are those chocolates filled with brandy?"

"He just left?"

She waved her hand lazily. "Yeah, you could still catch him," she told him and moved away to steal one of Morgan's truffles.

Hotch took off without another word, jogging past his office then jerked around and walked through the open door.

When he emerged, he had his coat over one arm and a package in his left hand. He passed Rossi on his way to the elevators, but the older agent's back was to him and Hotch slipped down the stairwell to avoid alerting Rossi to his presence.

Back in the Round Table room, JJ looked around in confusion. "Hey, where did Hotch go?"

Morgan shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe Jack had an emergency."

Kate, picking up wrapping paper, just smiled and said nothing.