I have been sitting on this for months and just now got the chance to do this:) sort of a companion fic to Her by KelliCola but it's sort of the opposite of her OC Nellie. Basically how she wanted her character to be but she's not fond of darker subject matter.

Note: As it says above, this story will contain darker subject matter and possible triggers. You have been warned.

"I'm drowning, Sheldon..."

They know something is wrong before they even step into the apartment. If the clothes scattered around the apartment weren't any clue, the angry and aggressive way Leonard was eating his breakfast was a dead give away.

"What's uh," Howard sinks into a spot on the couch, flicking away a lacy bra from the armrest so Raj can sit . "What's up?"

Leonard glares over the rim of his glasses. Penny, who had been staring at her boyfriend quizzically from the kitchen, sighs. She lifts a mug of coffee to her lips and then smacks her lips, gesturing at Leonard.

"He's been stewing all morning," she shook her head. "Been muttering about someone named Phoebe."

She notices the shift in the two and raises and eyebrow. Raj and Howard exchange a look before Howard sighs, patting his thighs.

"So she's back?"

Leonard nods angrily, setting his bowl on the edge of the coffee table. "Sheldon's been in there nursing her all day. Stumbled in here last night too drunk to speak."

Penny looked between everyone and she spoke up again. "Whose Phoebe?"

Howard shook his head. "She 's a girl Sheldon knew from college, comes up whenever she needs a place to sleep off her hangovers or bad trips."

"Why come to Sheldon though," she leaned forward onto the counter.

"Because...Sheldon loves her."