Disclaimer:HALLO! Me no own series! or song! So please don't sue! it's not healthy.

So yeah, should be working on something else, but I really wanted to finish this short series. adn I mean short. It's not a drabble series though. The entire piece is actually inspired by a youtube video I saw of Skip Beat and Terrible Things the song. It got me crying, and I don't cry much. Then I wrote this and I kept bawling. So yeah.. this is very depressing. It's completed though, so I'll post one a day until it's all out here. With one more story down, I can focus on the others! XD

SO yeah, enjoy!

Terrible Things

Ren could not believe what he just heard. No… not just Ren. Every aspect of Kuon's mind could not believe what he was told. The man in front of him had to be wrong. He just put his entire life back together. Things were finally going good for him. Next week he scheduled a press conference announcing his identity, his engagement, and the best surprise to throw at the world. This could not be happening.

"I'm sorry," was all this guy could say before handing him files and a great deal more to read and sign. "I'd advise you get your affairs in order before-"

"Thank you doctor." He looked down to his hands, trying to get his thoughts in order first. "If… it's all the same to you, I'd like a few minutes alone."

Silently the doctor nodded. "Take as long as you'd like."

Quietly he left Kuon to his thoughts and the results of all the tests he'd endured lately. If only they weren't real.

A/N: Yeah short. But the setting is all here. until tomorrow!