Chapter 1: new friends

(it opens 1 month after last season with Jim and Rogue waking up in Rogue's room in their underwear with a blanket partly over them)

Jim: hey

Rogue: hi

(They hear a knock on the door and Rogue hears a familiar voice)

Rogue: gambit. quickly get dressed

(they quickly dress and Rogue opens the Door)

Gambit: hey Rogue

Rogue: hi Remy, what are you doing here

Gambit: joining the team, Cherie

(he walks off singing to himself)

Jim: well he's odd

Rogue: sorta

(they head to the living room holding hands as they see their new Teammate Lucas Bishop who's 20 years old and complaining that nothing good is on the TV)

Lucas: such bull crap, nothings on

Kitty: why don't you put a movie on

Lucas: Okay

(cut to Bayville university as Scott and Jean are at lunch with their new friends Emma Frost, Sean Cassidy, Angel Salvadore, Armando Muñoz, and Jason Stryker)

Emma: so how long until we can Join the X-men

Jean: when you're ready

Armando: Scott, isn't that Cable guy your future son

Scott: why

Sean:(in an Irish accent) because he's a damn badass and he's on tv

(Scott turned to the cafeteria TV and saw Nathan in a black and white suit with a giant laser gun on his back. it was Mayor Kelly's senatorial election speech)

(Cut to the speech)

Kelly: I know some of you think mutants are monsters your wrong about most of them I mean 2 months ago I was saved by the X-men and got Nathan here who's from the future as my body-guard

Nathan: well sir, I'm only here to have a shot at Apocalypse

Kelly: as I was saying not all mutants are monsters. some are heroes like the X-men. who have expanded across the county in institutes. Wow, don't you think (trying not to Laugh)

Citizen: then why did some of the brotherhood join them

Kelly: it was that or prison

(suddenly an explosion happens and Nathan see's a human hating mutant running up with a spear)

Nathan: Noob thinks because he has a spear he'll win (he pulls out his laser gun) try this, bitch (he shoots a stun blast knocking the mutant out)

(cut back to Bayville university)

Girl's voice: can Me and my friend sit with you.

Angel: sure

Girl: I'm Madelyne Pryor and this is Taryn Fujioka

Scott: Me and Jean know Taryn

Madelyne: ah Okay

Taryn: let me guess these guys are mutants too

Jean: got a problem

Taryn: no. in fact Maddie here is a mutant and I support all different types of super humans including you

Angel: okay

(Jean's phone vibrates)

Jean: hey it's Rogue and she says the Vegas institute is done

Taryn: I take it Rogue's still single

Scott: no, she found a guy

(the teens keep talking until Scott gets a text and drops his Phone)

Jean: what's wrong

Scott: Apocalypse is back

to be continued