Chapter 14: the wedding

(it opens with Piotr and Fred setting the tables and other furniture)

Fred: damn. why did they make us do this shit

Piotr: shut up. we still have more seats to set up

(cut to Rogue being helped into her wedding dress when Mystique comes in)

Mystique: my god, Anna Marie. you look so beautiful in that dress.

Rogue: thanks. how's Irene

Mystique: fine, but she can't make it today

Rogue: okay

Mystique: who's walking you down the aisle

Rogue: Kurt

(cut to Jim putting on his tux when Logan comes in)

Logan: Jim, I want you to know you want this

Jim: I do, dad. I really do

Logan: Okay

(cut to the wedding. Jim is very excited. then Rogue arrives escorted by Kurt. he then let's go and walks up to Jim and Hank is the Minister)

Hank: James Hudson Jr

Jim: Howlett

Hank: James Howlett Jr, do you take Anna Marie D'Ancanto as your Wife

Jim: I do

Hank: Anna Marie D'Ancanto, do you take James Howlett Jr as your husband

Rogue: yes

Hank: you may kiss the bride

(Jim pulls Rogue in for a Kiss. cut to when they have gotten changed and are getting ready to go on Jim's Motorcycle)

Rogue: good-bye, everyone

(the bike Drives off and they wave goodbye until they can't see anyone)

the end

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