'Gooooorrrrrdddddooooonnnn!!!' A loud shout and banging on his door had Gordon Tracy sitting bolt upright in bed. As he slowly began to wake up his eyes took in the digital alarm clock beside his bed , it's illuminating red numbers seemed to be mocking him. They flashed 3.45 into his clouded brain.

'GOOOOORRRRDDDDOOOOONNN' came the irritatingly loud for 3.45 in the morning voice again. Gordon sighed and swung himself out of bed, 'Alright Scott,I heard you' he shouted back to his eldest brother.

'Well it's about time' Scott's voice came back, 'we all got up 5 minutes ago!'

Gordon listened as his brothers footsteps retreated back to the lounge,and looked over at his brother Virgil's bed. It was empty. Shrugging Gordon pulled on a dressing gown and made his way through the family home towards the lounge. For the life of him,he couldn't see why, all now in their 20's the Tracy boys still had to share rooms with each other.It had been their father Jeff, who'd suggested that for family closeness the boys should bunk together, but instead they'd all reverted back to their old childhood ways. Gordon had been put with Virgil, his second eldest brother and as far as he was concerned he'd drawn the short straw.

Oh, he loved Virg alright, infact they were very close, but he also caught the gleam in his 3 other brothers' eyes when their father had put Virg in with Gordon. Everyone knew Virg talked in his sleep and it was obvious from their grins that afternoon a few months ago that Alan, John and Scott had spoken to their father before Gordon had entered, praising the relationship between Virgil and Gordon. They knew damn well that Virgil was just plain annoying to room with, and poor Gordon had been oblivious to their plans, until the gleeful Alan had informed him. Gordon had talked till he was blue in the face to his father, but , well known, for being the 'argumentative' one, his father had failed to back down and that was that. Virg and Gordon were roommates!! Although Gordon wasn't too upset, seeing how Scott, Alan and John were continually arguing over who got the bed by the window, in their room.

As he rubbed his eyes sleepily and reached the lounge he saw everyone in the lounge, his father was sitting at his desk, Scott was perched on the edge of the desk, doing his best, 'second in command' impression, Virg and Alan were on the sofa, Tin-Tin was making tea and Kyrano was gazing out the large window of the lounge.

'Gordon' Jeff said eyeing his second youngest as he walked into the room, 'did you not hear the alarm?'

Gordon, couldn't help it, his father was always so uptight, and Gordon was so laid- back that he couldn't resist answering back.

'Aw relax will ya Dad!' he answered squeezing himself in the middle of a protesting Virgil and Alan on the sofa.

'Relax' Jeff asked incredulously ' there's been an oil spill in the Pacific,there's no time to relax'

'Well I doubt that the oil's spread yet, if it's just happened' Gordon answered, immediatley snapping into his aquanautic mode, 'how far out's the spill?' he asked.

Scott answered, 'about 300 miles'.

'What's the tide reading?' Gordon fired out.

'Gordo,' Scott rolled his eyes, 'there's no point asking me about things like that, you know I'm as clued up about water as I am about cooking!'

That got a laugh out of Alan and Virgil who answered 'and women!'

Earning them an 'I'm your big brother and I'm gonna kick your ass' look.

'Look fellas' Jeff interrupted, 'we haven't got time for chit chat. Virgil you take Gordon and pod four in Thunderbird 2. Scott..' he continued addressing his eldest, 'you take Alan in Thunderbird 1. Good luck boys' he said the worry evident in his voice, 'look out for each other'.

'Sure dad, don't worry' Scott replied. He took his responsibility of being the eldest very seriously.

Virgil laughed ' well I'm glad we've got one in each craft' he said gesturing towards the youngest Tracys as they began a game of 'Last Hit', 'or we'd be in serious trouble'.

As they put their uniforms on, Alan and Gordon were discussing the mission. '20 bucks says, we make it before you' said Alan playfully.

'Awww, that's not fair' Gordon replied, 'Thunderbird 1's faster,and you,ve got Scott, he's such a control freak, he'd break records to get to the danger zone.'

'Hhummm,' Alan answered, 'Give me Virg anyday at least he doesn't treat you like a baby'.

'No' Gordon answered, 'Just a wayward toddler!'

The two youngest smiled knowingly at each other, they had a close bond stemming from having overprotective brothers. They had practically been raised by Scott, Virgil and John. Who therefore thought that Gordon and Alan even now in their 20's would always be 'the babies'. It had taken joint effort, and many schemes by the two of them to prove to their elder brothers and their father that they were capable of not only going to danger zones but saving people too. Unfortunately their plan had suffered a set back when Gordon had had his Hydrofoil accident. For a few months they were back to being babied again. No missions and as far as Gordon and Alan were concerned , no fun!

It was bad enough being under the watchful gaze of one big brother but three got a little much for Gordon sometimes, and Alan had four to cope with! Which was why Gordon tried to treat Alan more as an equal, less as a kid, although sometimes he couldn't resist the urge to tease him. He knew how much Alan hated being called kiddo.

'Come on then Kiddo' he said as Virgil entered the room, 'I'll race you to the danger zone'. Alan shot Gordon a furious look.

'Hey are you kiddo's coming?' Virgil asked with a smirk. Now it was Gordons turn to frown, as Alan laughed.

As the eldest Tracy brother entered , he noticed the expressions on his younger siblings' faces. 'Did I miss something?' he asked

'No Scott, let's just go' Gordon answered with an irritated tone but as he and Alan started to exit,they heard Scott turn to Virgil and say, 'Come on Kiddo, get yourself suited up!'

Virgil sighed and pulled his uniform on as he heard his younger brothers laughing hysterically on there way to the Hangar.

Scott didn't know what was going on, 'have I missed the joke?' he asked Virgil. 'Just shut up Scott' Virgil answered, 'just shut up'.

Part 2 coming soon.....