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'TB2 requesting permission to land.' Virgil smiled to himself as he said the words he couldn't remember ever being happier to say them.

Jeff's voice sounded full of emotion as he replied, 'you have permission virgil, bring her in'.

Virgil turned his head and smiled at his brothers as he guided TB2 towards the Island. John placed a hand on his shoulder and Scott who had been tending to Gordon smiled victoriously at him.

Gordon still felt weak but he was also utterly euphoric at the fact that it was all over. Today had been a close call , but it had been a case of all for one, one for all, the Tracy brothers working all together and he'd be lying if he said he didn't get a sense of happiness out of that. Scott placed a palm against his head and instead of brushing him off Gordon smiled up at his eldest brother. Sometimes like when he felt sick, he quite enjoyed Scott's 'mom routine'. If he played his cards right he could be getting food brought to him and special attention for weeks. He quickly let out a groan to test his theory.

Scott looked at Gordon worriedly,a frown creasing his forehead,

'awww Gordo, I think you need some warm soup and a duvet' he crooned to his younger brother.

'Oh Scott' Alan said rolling his eyes and cottoning onto Gordon's plan, 'he's fine, he's just doing it for attention.' Alan had seen Gordon under the sea and knew that he'd been in a lot worse state then, he knew what Gordon was up to, they'd all taken advantage of Scott's mollycoddling at one time or another.

Gordon, ever the drama queen turned a wounded look upon his younger brother and pouted.

That was all Scott needed,

'Alan!' he scolded, 'Do I need to remind you that Gordon saved your life down there and he banged his head pretty hard, he could have a concussion for all we know.'

At which point a perferctly performing Gordon murmered, 'you know I do feel a little confused.'

Alan stared in disbelief as Scott pandered around Gordon and when he turned his back to get him some water, Gordon smirked and stuck his tounge out at Alan victoriously.

Alan shook his head, and turned towards the exit of TB 2 as she pulled to a stop, 'I give up' he murmered to himself, vowing to get back at Gordon later for getting him into trouble.

As the boys entered the lounge Jeff ran at them all and gathered all five in a crushing embrace. He could tell his sons were a little shocked at his welcome, but he didn't care.

'Oh thank god' he said in relief, 'thank god you're all allright!'

He recieved a chorus of 'sure dads' and 'did you ever doubt it's.

Gordon looked at him and gave him the puppy dog eyes that none of his brothers or his father had ever been able to resist,

'I feel a little dizzy actually dad'. he murmered

Jeff looked him up and down and quickly ushered him to the couch, 'oh sit down baby' he said sympathetically, 'shall I get you a duvet'.

As he rushed off to get a blanket, he barely heard his youngest son murmer, 'Oh for crying out loud'.

Alan was incredulously staring as Gordon was pampered by grandma and the others when Tin-Tin rushed at him,

'ALAN!' she shrieked, 'Oh thank goodness'

Alan decided he wanted his fair share of attention to and decided to embelish his own fears.

'Oh Tin-Tin' he began, 'I thought I'd never see you again, and all I kept thinking was, god if I could only hold Tin-Tin one more time, I'll die a happy man...'

John and Virgil looked at each other and then Alan and began to giggle uncontrollably.

Alan frowned at them for ruining his big performance but it seemed to have worked on Tin-Tin who proclaimed,

'oh Alan' and kissed him passionately on the lips.

'Hey I'm the wounded one here' Alan heard Gordon whine and smiled in satisfaction.

Jeff broke the silence, 'um Tin-Tin' he murmered, 'do you think you could put my son down long enough for me and the boys to have a little debriefing'. However even as he scolded Jeff could not keep the mirth from his voice.

'Oh sorry Mr Tracy' Tin-Tin murmered, flustered, 'I'll go and make some tea'. She discreetly hurried to the kitchen and grandma went to help.

Alan headed to one of the armchairs, looking like the cat who'd got the cream. As he passed Gordon, who now lay sprawled on the opposite sofa with a duvet over him, he couldn't help but let out a 'HAH!' in his direction. Gordon gave him an 'the games not over yet' look.

John smiled as he stood next to Scott leaning against the mantlepiece, man he loved his family, it felt really good to be home, but as his father began talking he realised that he'd probably be home for a while with TB5 destroyed. John visibly winced as he thought how his father would react to the news, thye'd just have to keep it from him for as long as possible.

'John' his father said bringing him back to reality.

'What?' John asked as he realised everyone was straing at him.

'i was just saying how well you did bringing TB5 back down to earth.'

'Oh' John murmered, his brothers stared at him looking decidedly uncomfortable, well except for Alan and Virgil who obviously thought it was funny watching their brother squirm. It was alright for them they hadn't lost their craft. ' Um... thanks dad' John opted for the safe option and decided to explain later that his craft was in the bottom of the ocean.

As he smiled and nodded at John, Jeff looked passed him out of the window and gave a small frown.

'Scott why isn't TB1 in the hangar?' he asked with a glance at his eldest son. 'Come to think of it', he said glancing at John, 'I haven't seen TB5 either!'

Gordon had never been a good liar, he coughed obviously from the couch. 'And where's TB4 Gordon?' Jeff demanded, frowning.

Virgil and Alan grinned from the armchairs,

'You can check TB2 and 3 father!' Virgil said smugly earning him disgusted glances from his other brothers and a laugh from Alan.

Jeff looked confused, 'So boys' he said to his three sons, 'do you want to tell me what's going on?'

'No' Scott replied

'Not really' John put in

'I always thought you were better off not knowing some things' Gordon agreed.

'I don't agree' Alan said, teasing, 'this is one story dad would love to hear, don't you agree Virg?'

'Oh absolutely Alan.'

'Go ahead then boys.' Jeff said.

John shot murderous looks at Alan and Virgil, 'Um well it's like this......' he began, but Scott cut in.

'You see couldn't quite....' Gordon interuppted him.

'Dad' he began the teasing note back in his tone and a mischeivious glint in his eye, 'You are gonna love this story.........'

Ten minutes later a silence descended over the lounge in the Tracy's Villa. Jeff inhaled deeply, 'so what you've just cheerily informed me Gordon' he began adressing his aubern-haired child 'is that thunderbird four a craft which let me remind you is the most highly advanced underwater rescue craft in the world, is flattened on the sea bed?'

Gordon with his usual nochalance and no-nonsense attitude with his father replied, 'yeah that's the gist of it Dad'.

Jeff turned slowly towards Scott, 'and thunderbird one , a craft which took 15 years to create and is truely one of a kind,is charred to a crisp and now also on the ocean bed?'

Scott at least had the courtesy to look a little contrite, 'um yeah sorry father'.

'And Thunderbird Five...' Jeff murmered fixing his gaze on John, 'a craft which cost billions of dollars to assemble, is not only out of space, but also at the bottom of the sea?'

John tried for humour, 'yeah but she's not imploded or burnt to a crisp!' he responded.

But he soon realised he'd made a mistake when Jeff gave him a 'this is not at all humourous' look. Alan and Virgil were shaking in silent laughter, and Gordon and Scott looked like they were struggling not to laugh at John's comment but Jeff looked decidedly unamused and John immeadiately hung his head.

Scott winced at John's reply, he could almost hear a tendon snap in his father's head, but he struggled to keep from laughing. Boy were they in for it,but boy was he glad that they were all alive ,to be in for it.

Jeff stared in wonder at his five boys, no he couldn't call them that anymore, his five men, his sons, looking for all the world like naughty 5 year olds, struggling to keep from laughing yet waiting for their dad to blow his top. Yet all he could think of was how proud he was. How proud that they were so close-knit, that they could laugh after all they'd been through, that they still felt the need to apologise for the loss of the machines, how proud that they were his babies, his sons.

And Jeff surprised them all.

'Boys...' he said softly, 'do you really think I could yell at you after what happened today?'

Gordon and Scott glanced at each other in confusion, Alan and Virgil stopped smirking and looked at their father in astonishment, John stared intently at Jeff.

'Do you really all think that those machines are more important to me than you five are?'

Jeff shook his head and paced as he continued.

'Did any of you ever think why I set up International Rescue, and I mean the real reason?'

'To save lives' Scott answered decisively.

'No Scott, even before that'

His sons were all, for once speachless.

'It was to keep us all together, I wanted to keep us all together as a family, doing what we love, with the people we love, I wanted all you boys near me. Yes the machines were expensive....' he said gently, looking each of his sons in the eye, 'but that's all they are, machines. They aren't what's important. They're not my sons, my flesh and blood, you are.'

All five boys now looked teary-eyed and smiled lovingly at him.

'This is it boys' Jeff continued, 'this is what we all do this for, you saved people today and all of you nearly died doing it. So the thunderbirds went down? But you didn't and that makes me the richest guy in the world.'

Jeff sank numbly into a chair,as sniffles and sobs echoed around the room.

'I think you all needed to hear that.' Jeff said smiling, tears filling his own eyes.

'Well I have to say Dad..' Alan began, 'That was one hell of an anti- climax!'

All the other five Tracy men burst out laughing and Alan was pelted with cushions.

'Well I mean it..' Alan whinged to Gordon later on in the evening, 'I really thought you three were in for it, I was really looking forward to watching!'

'Well, hah!' Gordon announced 'in your face, I knew dad would be cool about it!'

'Oh right' Alan replied rolling his eyes, 'who looked like he was gonna throw up when dad asked where the thunderbirds were?'

'Um.. I don't know....' Gordon replied with feigned nochalance, 'Scott?'

'Oh shut up!' Alan grumbled

'No you shut up!' Gordon retaliated






'Oh shut up the pair of you' Virgil interupted from where he was attempting to paint.

'Where's Scott got to with my soup?' Gordon ignored him.

'How long are you gonna keep up the 'I'm a big cry-baby and just doing this for attention ' routine?' Alan asked disgustedly.

'Until you feel like re-claiming the title Al!' Gordon replied

This provoked a war cry from Alan as he flung himself on top of his 'injured' brother and grabbed him in a head lock. Virgil rushed over and attempted to shut the two up and was quickly pulled into the fray.

It was this scene that greeted Scott as he entered the lounge with Gordon's soup. His brother who had just 5 minutes before announced, he 'should probably be being checked out at a hospital' was pinning Alan to the ground, and shouting, 'say uncle,say uncle'. Alan was wriggling unsuccessfully as a rumpled and scowling Virgil, wearing his, 'i'm pretending to be mad but am really enjoying myself' expression, held down his legs.

Scott shook his head in amusement as Jeff entered the room.

'Boys! Stop this nonsense now, before something gets broken' he scolded.

Alan,Gordon and Virgil looked up in shock and saw their eldest brother and father standing in the door. Alan wriggled out of Virgil and Gordon's grasp and Gordon looked at Scott guiltily as Jeff left the room.

'Um... it's not what it looks like, i really don't feel well and Alan just attacked me, out of nowhere..'

Scott held up a hand,silencing his brother, 'save it Gordo!' he said placing the soup on the table, 'you're well enough to wrestle, you're well enough to look after yourself.'

'Aw but Scott...' Gordon whined, 'Alan attacked me out of nowhere I had to defend myself.'

Scott looked at Virgil, 'provoking each other?' he asked , his eyebrow cocked

'Provoking each other.' Virgil confirmed.

Scott nodded and went off to find John.

'Scott, come back' Gordon shouted, 'I really do feel hot!'

'HAH!' Alan mocked gleefully.

Gordon frowned at Virgil, 'traitor' he grumbled good- naturedly. Before wrestling Alan to the ground.

Scott spotted John sitting on a deck chair on the balcony, staring into the dark night sky. He slowly slid open the deck door and went to join him.

Sitting down in another chair at John's side, they sat in appreciative silence for a time, gazing at the stars.

Scott sighed and turned to John, who had a wistful look on his face,

'Thinking about Thunderbird Five?' he asked gently

'No actually' John replied, turning to look at his older brother, 'mom'.

Scott smiled knowingly at John.

'You know..' he said quietly, 'when you didn't get into contact after you re-entered the atmosphere, I promised myself that you and I woul talk, if you made it out ok.'

John frowned in confusion, 'about what?' he asked.

'Mom' Scott replied


Seeing the pain cloud into John's eyes, Scott spoke with caution, ' Johnny, when she died it hit us all hard, but you the hardest but you never talked about it.'

'What's there to talk about Scott' John said in a hollow voice, 'she's dead'.

'I know she is Johnny, but it doesn't mean we can't remember her.'

'I know that'

'You know what John' Scott replied, 'I don't think you do.'

'What's that supposed to mean?' John said his voice developing an angry tone.

'I think you hide yourself away in thunderbird five Johnny. I think you've been running away from it ever since mom died. If you stay away you don't have to confront reality. That mom isn't coming back.'

'Don't you think I know that. I stayed after she died remember. I didn't go anywhere.'

'Because you were eight years old John.' Scott murmered softly, 'and as I remeber it you did go away, not physically but emotionally you closed yourself off from dad, from me, from all of us.'

John's eyes began to glisten, 'because I couldn't do anything' he whispered after a long silence, opening up for the first time in 17 years, 'I couldn't save her.'

Scott got up and gently put an arm around John's shoulders. 'Oh Johnny no- one could save her, it was a freak crash.'

'I know , but I kept thinking if I'd gone shopping with her that day, I could have got her out the car, before it blew up. After she died, everyone sort of moved on. I know you all grieved but the rest of you coped. Alan and Gordo were too young, they just stopped asking about her, Virgil turned to painting, you turned to caring for the rest of us, father turned to his work, and I... I had nothing, mom was what I used to turn to when things got rough, so I just started, i don't know......' he trailed off

'running away' Scott offered.

'Yeah I guess.' John whispered

Tears openly fell now, 'I just miss her so much Scott'.

'I know Johnny' Scott murmered pulling his brother into a hug and slowly rocking him back and forth , 'I know'.

Half an hour later, John laughed so hard he couldn't stop.

'Oh yeah..' he gasped between laughs, 'and every time mom would get Alan in one door of the car, Gordon would run out of the other...'

Scott too was doubled up in laughter, 'yeah that was one crazy holiday,' he said calming down.

John smiled as he stopped laughing and looked at his eldest brother, 'thankyou Scott' he said meaningfully.

Scott looked him in the eyes, 'for what Johnny?'

'For giving me mom back' John replied, 'even if it is only in memories. I really needed that.'

'You're welcome.' Scott replied.

Loud war-like groans and a cry of 'I surrender', errupted from the living room. John stood feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

'You think we should go help Alan, he sounds like he's in trouble in there?'

'Nah' Scott replied grinning.

John frowned, 'Aw come on Scott, I know he's the runt but we can't let the youngest get ganged up on.'

'That's not what I meant' Scott replied ' that cry wasn't from Alan. It was from Virgil.'

'Uh Oh. they tag-teamed him' John grinned, shaking his head.

'Well what are we waiting for?' Scott shouted, 'we can't let those kids think they're the toughest Tracys in the family!'

'You're right.' John said with conviction, 'just cos' Virg is a wimp!'

Emitting war-cries in unison they raced towards the living room.

Jeff emerged from his balcony, in silence. He had been sitting drinking a cognac when he had overheard the conversation between Scott and John. He felt extremely relieved to hear John talking about his mother, it felt like this was the start of a new era for his family.

Smiling he headed down the stairs to see his boys, he was proud of them all the time, as he reached the bottom step, he heard shouts,banging and yelling from the living room, 'let's show them how a real Tracy wrestles!' one of them yelled.

'Am I proud of them?' he asked himself,as he reached the door and saw all five of his sons in a tangle of limbs and head-locks, 'well, most of the time.'

And above them all Lucille Tracy smiled down on her boys, her husband,her family as Jeff joined in the fray.

'I'm proud of you all my darlings' she whispered into the air, 'I'm proud of you all.'


Hope you all liked it as much as I liked writing it. I will be writing other stories soon. Thanks so much for all of your reviews. It really makes it all worthwhile. charl x