Lumoise City Gym- Prism Tower, as the locals refer to it. The shining glass surface reflected the sunlight harshly, making the huge electric type gym nearly impossible to look at when the sun was at it's current peak. Sighing, the yellow haired Gym Leader pushed his round glasses further up the bridge of his nose, lower his gaze from the top of the tower to the ground in between his feet. His gray shoes were tattered and crusted lightly with dried mud, the only visual evidence left from his long journey of traveling around the Kalos Region.

Only to end up back here, in front of his beloved gym once more, with nothing but a few holes and a little dirt to show for it.

A huff from his side pulled the boy out of his thoughts, drawing his vision away from the sun-soaked pavement to the crossed-armed figure of a disgruntled little sister. Her eyes were narrowed into slits, cating a sharp glare up at her older brother. He winced visibly from the stare, blinking slowly to try and form words to please the little girl.


"Save it, Clemont! I don't wanna hear any more of your dumb apologies!" The blonde girl stomped off, hands balled into fists at her sides as she strode through the doors of the gym.

The motion sensors clicked audibly after she had vanished inside, leaving Clemont alone on the pathway in front of his gym. A tourist walked up beside him, taking Bonnies place with a camera pointing at the top of Prism Tower. Clemont rubbed the back of his neck with a sigh, squeezing his eyes shut before following his sister into the gym.

Yes, once he had gone on a journey with amazing friends, Pokemon and Human alike. But now his journey was over, and it was time to move on.

Author Notes: Uploading this at the last seconds of Diodeshipping Day on tumblr. Of course, first chapter is going to be unreasonably short and do nothing much other than set the scene. I'm not really doing much planning for this fic, I really just wanted to write something 'cus diodeshipping is so damn rare c'mon now.