Author's Note: Hello there people, upon seeing the tragedy that is the apparently discontinued Heroes Path comic on Snafu I have taken it upon myself to correct that tragedy and as such I present my own version of the Heroes path comic. As usual my Beta Bubbajack will be helping me out as best he can, I don't own Naruto, Heroes Path, or any of the rest of it and I'm doing this on my own without the permission or knowledge of the authors. I will be publishing on a weekly basis as best I can every Saturday.

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A Glowing nine tailed entity jumped through several tree tops, spotting a fortress nearby he made his move, creating a giant shurikun made of wind in one hand he threw it at the facility and slashed open a giant hole through the roof, by which he entered the facility.

"You honor me with your presence Hokage." The man who was speaking looked young, twenties maybe, but his white hair made him look older, and he had a pair of bright green eyes, in addition to his face he had a buttoned up white lab coat. "Should I presume that you are here to aid me in my research?"

"You know damn well what I'm here for you bastard!" The previously glowing entity dropped his sage/tailed beast cloak was revealed to be a blond spiky haired man, blue eyes, and whisker marks leading from his nose and across his cheeks, as a particular eye catcher he had a bandaged fist replacing his right. He was wearing black flame clothing, a robe that had seven printed on the back. Underneath that robe he was wearing black clothing, a heavy stitched and thick padded flack jacket. "Where is she!?" The blonde haired man growled!

"You'll have to do better then that sir, there are a lot of 'shes' here after all." The amused scientist retorted.

A large light blue electrified Chidori blade slashed a corner off of the the building, standing in the resulting opening was a familiar black haired man, he wore a white kimono with a purple rope serving as a sash, with strange swirled red and purple eyes and a similarly mechanical hand replacing his left.

"Sasuke!" The formerly angry and now surprised Hokage gasped!?

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" The significantly calmer man named Sasuke asked.

"Same as you I bet!" Naruto responded as he accusingly pointed to the scientist.

Sasuke leveled his Chidori blade at the lab coated man's head.

"My interests start with this man and ends with the people he took from my village. Presuming that we share the former I propose we divide him vertically and have half of him taken to each of our villages, presuming that we share the latter we can look for them after dealing with this pest!"

"Sounds good to me!" The smiling Hokage stated in a matter of fact fashion.

Both of the village leaders eyes changed as they brought out their aces, Sasuke's left eye turned into a six pointed star, his Mangekyo Sharingan, and his right a swirl of purple and black, his Rinnegan, while Naruto's resembled crosses for pupils both of them had red sclera, a clear sign that he was again using the Sage Tailed beast combination. Sasuke formed what could best be described as a fire spear in his hands while Naruto another of his massive Rasenshurikun.

"Gentlemen you insult my intelligence! In the course of 48 hours I simultaneously pissed off two of the most powerful ninja to exist." The man pulled off his coat revealing a circular object embedded in his back. "Under what circumstances did you believe I would delude myself into thinking that I would live to see tomorrow?"

The explosion destroyed one wall and blew a rather large hole into the ground. Sasuke had shielded himself using what could only be described as a giant grotesque hand coming out of his shoulder while Naruto had relied on the Rasenshurikun he had created to counteract the explosive force. When they looked up they saw the man was gone altogether.

"Man has a point there." Naruto said, returning to relative normalcy.

"We can have our men dissect this place later, for the time being we have to find our missing people." Sasuke jumped down into the pit of rubble and examined it closely. "Start digging!"

Sasuke brought out his giant arms and began scooping out chunks of rock much to the confusion of Naruto.

"What the heck is that going to do!?" Naruto shouted, growing frustrated.

"The way the rubble is arranged is off, it should be deeper from where that bastard blew himself up but instead it's leveled." Sasuke answered waving to the rubble.

"Not following you." The slightly calmed Naruto asked?

"Something about mad scientists I learned from Orochimaru is that they always have safe room made out of stronger material then the rest of the facility where they store their research materials. Presuming the nature of our missing people..." Naruto got the just of what Sasuke was saying. Transforming back into his 'Sage Beast form' he took it one step further transforming into a gigantic nine tailed fox. First he used his paws to scoop out the rubble, next digging into the metal roof of the safe room he peeled it off. "Subtle."

The Safe room resembled a nursery from hell, inside a total of nine cribs plus a cell, looking inside the cell Sasuke spotted someone familiar.

"Which one are you?" The ever suspicious Sasuke asked?

"I'm me." An timid voice replied, and as a result Sasuke tore down the door revealing a captive orange haired child.

"Jugo what's going on in this place?" Sasuke said indicating the entire facility.

"After I was captured the scientists here started to take samples of my body. Not long after I started to hear crying, the little ones I presume." Jugo said, coming out of his hiding hole.

Naruto shrunk back down to his normal size and started inspecting the cribs, finding the one he was looking for he grasped the child within.

"Atsuko!" Naruto examined his daughter to make sure she was okay, and found something anger inspiring. "Sasuke what do you know about this?"

Sasuke examined Atsuko closely, an entire arm turned red with a seal on her neck, it best resembled a pentagon.

"We need to bring Sakura in on this!" Sasuke barked, aware of what was going on.

A nearby camp had been made into a makeshift nursery, the mothers of the kidnapped children were gathered from the five great nations that they were taken from. Atsuko had been reunited with her mother Hinata Hyuga while Naruto was discussing what was happening to the children with his old teammates Sakura and Sasuke.

"Sakura what the heck is going on here!?" Naruto asked indicating the entire facility.

"All nine of the children have been infected with a new variant of the curse seal. Unlike the heaven seal like the one Sasuke uses which uses a combination of his chakra and nature energy this one seems to use a combination of tailed beast chakra and nature energy, a Hell Seal if you will." The pink haired woman in a lab coat holding a clip board answered.

"Give it to me strait Sakura, how bad is it?" Naruto asked leaning against a wall.

"The Heaven seal was designed by Orochimaru to wear away the mind and chakra of it's host and replace it with Orochimaru's. This isn't a problem for Sasuke since we used his own chakra instead of Orochimaru's for his seal. But these 'Hell Seals' on the other hand are designed to work in the same way as Orochimaru's, slowly transforming it's host into a tailed beast over a period of time." Sakura said explaining a nearby chart.

"What about Atsuko!?" Naruto asked pointing over to his wife holding his daughter

"The Nine tails, Kurama. You can tell by her arm, it has been mutated by the demon chakra in the same vein as Sora's was from way back when. I'm sorry Naruto but I can't reverse it, and there isn't a way we can remove the seal." Sakura led the pair over to a series of medical equipment and supplies, most notably a large lock like device. "I have however devised a way to restrict the damage the seal does, including adding one of our own to the mix. These bandages and this lock are made from a combination of materials that resist and inhibit the flow of Chakra. This will add to the containment of the Demon Chakra." Sakura said, gathering the supplies as she started to carry them over to Hinata.

"There is another layer of security to the seal we can add." Naruto and Sakura turned to face Sasuke, whom was sitting down on a bed next to his old teammates. "Ignorance. As they grow and get stronger they will eventually be able wear down the seals preventing the spread of the chakra. The temptation to use this power is extremely high, particularly in a life threatening situation, but if she is left ignorant to this then it will reduce the risk that this temptation presents."

"Are you suggesting that we keep her in the dark about this!?" Naruto angrily asked.

"Precisely. I know how you felt about the Nine-tails being kept from you Naruto, but for her sake this is the best course of action." Sasuke calmly explained, a tinge of regret in his eyes.

"Seal it Sakura, I'll have to talk to Kurama about this." A once again calmed Naruto ordered.

Naruto sat down in the lotus position and began meditating, a few moments later he appeared in a inner world of sorts, a dark cave like area a jail cell swung open lazily, water hid any recognition of a floor though the water was only about a foot deep. Inside that open jail cell was a gigantic red haired monster fox.

"Hello partner: something on your mind?" The fox asked without moving his mouth.

"You already know about Atsuko?" Naruto asked looking up at the giant creature.

"Of course, we do share a set of ears and eyes after all. Not one day after your daughter was born she was swooped up in the dead of night and whisked away to this goddamned place and experimented on." The fox stated lowering himself to Naruto's level.

"What's your opinion about this Kurama?" Naruto asked now on his feet.

"I'm as surprised as you are about this. I must admit I find the idea of a daughter intriguing Naruto, but I don't want one at the cost of yours. If she takes after me then she's not going to be happy about being stuck inside someone else I will guarantee you that. But if your daughter takes after you then the two of them might just reach a understanding." Kurama explained sympathetically.

"But chances are it will be the same kind of bumpy road you and I went through. Great." Naruto said with a groan.

"Indeed. For now we follow the Uchia's plan to suppress my daughter and buy time, then when the time is right we shall train them to work as one being and hope they don't kill each other along the way." Kurama said lifting himself back into sitting position.


Now that was settled Naruto returned to the real world where he saw that the sealing ceremony had been completed, Atsuko's arm was bandaged and secured by a clamp.

"Yah, we're going with your plan Sasuke, until we figure out how to fix this mess you and I will be working day and night to find a way of keeping the beast within from taking over her body." Naruto said holding his arms in a cross on his chest.

"There we agree Naruto. I'm not going to abandon you and your family to deal with this on your own. But there is another matter we need to discuss." Sasuke was handed a folder by one of his subordinates, perusing it's contents he pulled out a picture of a severed hand, burn marks as if it was blown off. "My men recovered this from the rubble, we believe it to be the severed hand of the man who we chased here and who appeared to have been running the experiments going on at this facility. As you know I was once able to restore Orochimaru to life by combining three items. The first was one of his curse seals which contained a sample of his chakra and his mind, which these people obviously have intimate knowledge of. The second is a large portion of Jugo's body which based on the fact that he's been reduced to a child's size they clearly have. The third is Orochimaru's flesh which based on this photo..." Sasuke drew Naruto's attention to the absence of a pinky in the photo, which rather than being removed in the blast appears to have been cut off "they also have. And that's just assuming that he wasn't a person of interest in whatever organization he works for. He did after all blow himself up!"

Naruto's face cringed with anger at the news.