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Chapter 1 The Women of The Black Dove

I lied to them when I said that I had never noticed him before. Of course I had noticed him; what woman could have been able to turn her eyes elsewhere? But the other women didn't need to know that. They were falling all over themselves already, trying to get at him like a pack of wild dogs fighting for a fresh scrap of meat. I sure as hell didn't want to be in the middle of that.

Actually, I believe I was the first to lay eyes on him. I had made the mistake of sucking in too deep a breath when I saw his hair, like a blazing fire licking the ink-black sky. I felt my insides move in longing to touch it, to get scortched. Koi must have heard me, for she poked my ribs and settled a hand on her plump hip. "What's wrong?" she had whispered. But all she had to do was follow my eyes to where he had sat.

"Fuck the devils!" she had hissed into my dark hair. I saw her bite her lip out of the corner of my eye. "That right there, m'girl, is a beauty of a man if I've ever seen one!"

"Man?!" I spat back, trying to seem unmoved by the flames crowning his head. "Perhaps by a year or two." Koi hadn't replied. Her eyes were too busy peeling away his clothes; she had never been known to wait long.

Why had I not kept him to myself for just a few moments longer? Of course they would have seen him sooner or later, but if I had held in my damn breath it might have been later. **********

So now here I stand, Koi across from me, one small hand running across her breasts as her eyes stare. Misa, Okichi, and Asako are with us as well. Their eyes have also found what Koi is looking to intently at.

"I'm tired of it!" Okichi huffs. Her hair is as creamy as a pearl, and much near the same color. I can see that it strains against the loose buns that cage half of it, holding it out of her eyes while allowing thick tendrils to trail down to her backside. As she shifts from one bare foot to another, it bobs and threatens to burst loose.

"I know," Misa sighs, her flute of a voice whistling gently in my ear, "It's pissin' the hell out of us all. And it just makes it worse that he's so damn lovely."

As the whores of the Black Dove look down at the men that fill their tavern and brothel, I can see Asako's eyes fill up. She is the oldest of us. Save for her hair, which is the color of the surface of the moon, she looks no older than I, the youngest.

Her thick lips spread to show that her face has been struck more than once. Two teeth are gone, black gaps remain. But she smiles just the same and struts her way past me and Koi to the edge of the banister that separates us from the air. Where we stand, we can see all that goes on in the tavern below.

"It's time we do something about this," she replies, her back to us. I come to stand at her left. She nudges me with her shoulder and a light cackle escapes from her mouth. "Poor little Tansho, blind as a mole." The other harlots laugh, but not cruelly. I frown. I know that she speaks of how I said that I had never noticed him. If only they knew how my eyes strain constantly for a glimpse. But I feel nothing hard towards them, for I know that it's only a joke among us.

"So," Koi pipes up, "What shall we do to break him?" Her golden hair flits about her head like a thousand fairies.

"Nothing," Asako answers.

"Nothing?" Koi retorts. Her blue eyes glint at me briefly, showing her obvious disapointment. I shrug, still pretending to not care about the beautiful man.

"What can we do that we haven't already done?" Asako asks, turning to face us. "Crack the little bastard over the head with a bottle of that sake he loves so much and haul his ass up here ourselves," Koi says, grinning madly.

"That sounds like the only thing left that we haven't tried, Asako, " Okichi replies, a grin on her lips as well, "The stubborn little son-of-a- bitch won't even cast an eye our way!"

"Yeah, I say he's a queer," Misa spits at us. I can tell that she wants him the worst of us all; I belive all of us can tell.

"No, I've seen him a'lookin'," Asako assures us.

"Who the fuck at!" Koi and Misa shreik almost in unision.

Asako nods toward me. "Tansho seems to have caught his eye this very minute."

I follow her eyes to where he sits with two others, a lovley young woman with rich purple hair and a young man in the robes of a monk. The fire-haired man is staring at me. I can see his dark green eyes clearly, like pools of pond water. I look away nervously.

The harlots are staring at me as well.

"What the hell are you looking at, you goddamn cows!" I crow at them.

Misa snorts. It would be a hell of a riot if I had called them sows instead. "Funny, you should say that, you bitch of a liar! You been eyein' him far longer than any of us, I bet the gods!" She finally quiets herself and begins to suck on her lip violently.

"Leave her be, now," Asako says, "She can't help that she draws his eye. Just as you can't help from drawing Kisho's eye, you little chit." Okichi howls in laughter, and I crack a smile. It's been known for some time that Asako and Misa sport after the same man.

The older woman comes to stand among us again. "I say we play a game, m'girls," she says.

The corners of Koi's mouth turn toward the sky.

"I'm afraid that fair play is dead. We have no choice but to move on to another approach. Our lovely red-head is the obstacle and the prize, it seems. I propose that we reward the girl who runs the course and gets at him first."

"Like we ain't been doin' that since he first started coming in here," Misa interupts, her chest heaving from anger.

"Let me finish, if you would you little huss," Asako snaps, "I say we need a little something more to egg us on other than him." She pauses to smile, showing the black holes again. " I say the first of us to bed him gets not only him, but also a month of each of our wages."

"A whole month?" Okichi cries.

"The bigger the better. The faster you'll want to get in his breeches, m'girl," Asako answers pertly.

"Well, I'd be lyin' if I said four more months' wages didn't make a difference," Misa replies, her dark eyes already clamped on the red-head below us. I find that I almost pity him now, knowing that he will soon be drowning in the hair and breasts of five women. "But I'd still be after him if there was no money left in the world," Misa continues, " A man like that needs to make rounds... so all the hussies in the world can get a go at him."

I chuckle lightly and join my friends to look at our prey. Anxiousness fills my insides like a sweet poison. I wonder if I long too much. I wonder if we all long too much. Never before havd we done something such as this; but, then again, we have never been rejected so blatantly before. This man would not touch one of us, and now that money was involved, our simple desire to bed him has become a quest and a battle against each other. Oh yes, I'd still want him even if four months' wages weren't tacked on to him. But who can deny that lust and money are not as close as sisters?

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