Kristoff was no fool.

The trolls raised him to know the truth of human nature. Humans were driven not by facts, or logic, or even by their own morals, but by their inherent prejudices. People liked to confirm their beliefs, not challenge them. It was vitally important, they said, to acknowledge this twisted reality. It was one of their own making.

To say that their predictions had been true would be an were just... the worst. It was incredible to watch the lengths to which someone might go to pacify their twisted sense of self-importance. Frankly, he personally put no stock within the idea of 'royalty'. Why bother with all the fuss of putting a single family in charge of a nation when individuals should simply dwell in harmony with one another.

Kristoff left the ship. He had an errand to run.

Officially, the queen of Arrendelle had no interest in Hans Westerguard of the Southern Isles. His misguided actions were the result of an unstable mind, or perhaps a foolish heart, not a reflection of Southern Isles hospitality. But privately, Elsa had explained her true feelings to Kristoff. It had happened, out of nowhere.

She had come to him directly, privately, and explained her situation. He could remember his shock when the door had opened and his girlfriend's sister had politely asked to be allowed into a room in her own castle. Kristoff had already heard about Hans from Anna, but it was Elsa's opinion he found so fascinating. She was scared. The reason she had sent him back was not for some kind of justice. No, she sent him away because she was frightened of him.

Which lead him to decide to find the man himself.

The first rule to fitting in to a human society was to look like you belong there. For all their faults, one of the biggest was a human's undeniable lack of social awareness. They had little to no concept of 'others' and instead invested their whole time in 'self'.

This had a peculiar effect on the world around them. Their neighbors were usually beneath their notice, meaning that a beggar could live at the king's gate. But the real problems came when someone did get noticed. That is when things got peculiar. The king may see the poor man and decide to send him to prison, that way they would be fed, clothed, and housed. But then the poor man would never receive enough wealth to care for himself.

Kristoff certainly dressed the part.

The queen had been quick to supply him with vacationer clothing. He wore a striped shirt, loose britches and a large sun-hat. At a distance, he did not appear Swami in the slightest. He also made sure to keep his ice-keeper medallion on him. If he ran into trouble, he could produce it at a moment's notice and be returned to the Arrendelle delegate.

He slowly marched up the deck of the bay, trying his best as to not seem conspicuous.

Elsa had asked him, in a nervous voice, to find the ship that they had run across. He thought it odd, as any ship leaving the Isles was unlikely to come back. But, on the other hand, the world was filled with unlikely coincidences.

"Midnight sun," He muttered to himself. Captain Joshamee Gibbs was convinced it was some kind of omen. A curse had befallen the Isles from some ill-begotten witch, he concluded. Anna had been quick to point out that witches were, by their preoccupation, good and wise, and that it was very wicked of him to presume it was a witch's fault that they were in such trouble.

Kristoff did not know exactly what to make of the survivor, nor of the presence of them Summer. He had been told by the crew that it was a royal ship. But for whom, and why? One person crossed his mind; Hans Westerguard of the Southern Isles.

The harbor master was explicit that Hans had been forever banished. He had no legal ability to enter his own state, or the state of any other in the region. But this sentence had been proclaimed right before the midnight sun incident. The timing was too suspicious.

Kristoff stopped and stared into the distance. There, he saw two things. First, he saw that the midnight sun had occured directly on the course to Arrendelle. The second, was the Summer. She was anchored off-shore. Kristoff grabbed his medallion and made his way to the harbor master.

It was time to do something foolish.