So, a week or two ago I came across this awesome oneshot The life and times of Hatake Kakashi, nukeninfrom Whispering Darkness and I was in the mood to write a few small scenes for it. I urge you to read that story first because you won't understand anything otherwise. And of course I got permission from Whispering Darkness to upload this piece of fiction.

Again this was written sometime after 2 am when the mood hit me. I have been having quite a few of those days in the last week XD.

Have fun!


Sticky Fingers

Beta'd by Black Sparrow

Kakashi couldn't help the grin that nearly split his face in half underneath his mask, messing with his fellow Konoha nin was just too much fun, maybe even more so now that he was a missing nin. This was the third time he had intervened with a fight and backed up Konoha teams. Their faces afterwards were always priceless. Not to mention the outrage that followed when they noticed that he had pilfered their wallets, took the ryo and left small notes with confusing messages or insults. This habit had started when he had been particularly annoyed at a fresh Jounin that had tried to attack him five times throughout their encounter even though his team leader had agreed to the temporary truce between them. Kakashi had felt dark satisfaction when he had relieved the Jounin of his money and left a teasing and rather insulting note. Though no matter how childish he felt Kakashi still had his standards, he never stole from anybody below high Chunin, that would be just unfair to the poor guys

The silver haired missing nin had to admit that playing pranks was strangely therapeutic and relaxing, Naruto clearly had had the right idea when he had pranked the village while he was younger. His newest spiel was that he fucked with the Intelligence division back in Konoha, for that he used the different codes he had picked up in his ANBU years and left them in strategic village bars close to Konoha or at drop off points for information. It varied from questioning Ibiki's sexuality to asking if Inoichi had ever possessed various Konoha ninja of note and posed in their bodies for blackmail photos. Now and then he sent them a number code that alluded to the Icha Icha series or underworld civilians in incriminating or embarrassing positions… not that his victims ever knew that it was him. No, now that would be bad for business.

Kakashi was seriously wondering what the reactions to his antics were back at home and how his psychological profile looked like nowadays… though on second thought, he was probably better off not knowing.