Ibiki stretched tiredly while he absentmindedly inhaled the smell of his still too hot coffee in his left hand, his right was occupied with the latest reports from the prisoner section. Anko had once again proven that there was a reason why she was feared by Konoha's enemies. That information could potentially save lives in the future.

It had been an unfathomable productive day for the head of interrogations and to be honest it made Ibiki a bit paranoid. His days just didn't go that smoothly. So when he heard the cursing from one of the decryption rooms he felt his shoulders relax. Yep, and now everything was right again. He put on his scary face #14 and strode into the room.

Tobitake Tonbo was nearly catatonic while he rocked back and forth over his work station, Ibiki felt a pressure headache building.

"I hate him, I really, really hate him." The, officially ranked, chunin murmured again and again.

The young interrogation specialist was one of their brightest minds but right now he was bend over his desk, several reports and decoded messages spread out in front of him and his forehead was hitting in a steady rhythm against the wooden surface in a dull rhythm.

"Tobitake." Ibiki said sternly.

Said chunin flinched before he abruptly stopped what he was doing, "Ibiki-taicho."

And good god, the acknowledgment came out like a whine instead of the professional tone Ibiki wanted to here.

"What is it?" it was more of a statement than a question.

"Hatake." And yes that was clearly a whine. Good god the man was even close to tears.

Ibiki closed his eyes for a second, it seemed as if his current pressure headache had the potential for a migraine. Right. Hatake Kakashi. He should have known.

"What is it now? New messages, maybe a prank on one of our ANBU operatives."

If the whole thing wasn't so utterly mortifying for the whole division Ibiki could have appreciated Hatake's fucked up humor.

"No. I got reports from ANBU Dove. She asked him why he became a missing nin and he told her, apparently serious that he didn't KNOW. The bastard! He is fucking with us even when he is not fucking with us!"


"Yes, sir?"

"Go to bed." Ibiki said still stone faced but inwardly he was sighing and wishing for a bed himself.

"Yes, sir." The downtrodden crypto-analyst said before he started to pack away the reports in front of him.

"Leave that, I want to take a look." Ibiki said before he watched the 16 year old slink out of the room. The boy needed to get laid… or drunk, Ibiki really didn't care.

With a sigh and a fervent wish for sake himself Ibiki settled and grabbed for the first of ANBU Dove's reports since she had made contact with Hatake. Better to check everything from the start.

Hours later Ibiki wished desperately for something stronger than the bottle of sake that he had pulled out halfway through ANBU Dove's reports. Really? Was this really his life? Was Hatake even for real? What the hell was the man's goal? And why the hell was he so interested in the members of Team 7? It just didn't make sense.