If somebody told Clarisse that she would be spending the night before what may be her final battle with a pregnant cloud nymph, that person would have gotten a face full of toilet water. Yet here she was, taking care of Mellie in the Big House. The room, usually light and airy to keep Mellie comfortable, was crowded with 3 Apollo campers and Chiron. Will had suggested that she should get some sleep, but he dropped it when he saw her face. She was Mellie's only link to Hedge, since the goat was still in Virginia, last they had heard.

Clarisse was the first to see Coach from the window. He didn't exactly have time to talk though- he went directly to Mellie. Clarisse quickly gave up her seat, since she was closest. She had been afraid he wouldn't make it in time- not that she would ever admit to it. Chuck Hedge was born 20 minutes later. (yes, named after Chuck Norris. With Coach as a father, what else would you expect?)

Leaving the family to celebrate, Clarisse quickly walked over to her cabin to grab her armor. Who cared if she was sleep deprived? She had a camp to protect.

Her hands fumbled from tiredness as she attached the straps of her breastplate, but her glare stopped anyone from challenging her. Unfortunately, armor was not invented to be easily put on. Clarisse stomped over to Mark.

"Get my back straps?" she asks Mark. Mark ties the leather with practiced hands, but seems hesitant.

"Are you sure you're up for this?" he ventures. "You're tired enough you're forgetting to even be rude!" Clarisse scowls in reply.

"Of course I'm ready, punk. I'm your best fighter! I can do this. You know why?" Her face seems to soften, impossible as that may seem, but she spoke louder to get the rest of the cabins' attention. "I just stayed up all night with Mellie, yes. But I'm going to be fighting for Mellie and her son. I will fight to save the lives of the people who took care of me, watched me grow up, and sacrificed for me. You guys are all my family. Family doesn't always get along," Many heads nodded. "But we do what we need to for each other. We have each other's backs. Camp Half Blood is going to be victorious, because we will be fighting for the safe house we all love. What chance do the Romans have?" Clarisse reached for her spear and led the rest of the cabin out the door.

10 feet away, Chris smiled as he listened to her rally the campers. He would never say it, but Clarisse definitely had a feel for her cabin mates. She said what she meant, positive or negative. Her brash yelling would never earn her a spot on a debate team, but when it counted, she was the one to fortify shaking nerves, unite the camp, and come out swinging.