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Chapter 1:The Sign

// yugi speaking// {yami speaking}

Yugi's POV:

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I came up with one thing, I'm scared. Grandpa's sick and I feel so hopeless. Not to mention a big burden. I know that's what Yami thinks of me too although he won't say those things to my face. I see it in his crimson eyes, his actions the way he ignores me. Yami barely speaks to me anymore; he doesn't even call me aibou. Since Grandpa's in the hospital Yami runs the store and I, well help? If that's what you call dropping things and constantly needing someone to reach the top shelf for you help anyway. Seeing that the job was too "difficult" as Yami puts it, I just stay out the way. He doesn't make me help anymore; I guess I'm causing more trouble than I'm worth. My friends are also trying to help but we still need more money to pay for the hospital expenses along with the rent. They all ignore me but I act like I don't notice. In someway I blame myself for where Grandpas at and I think they do too. I have faith in my Yami but I don't think he can do this by himself. He's working half of the time, and the other is spent going to school. Even when he has free time it's never spent for me, it's always our friends. I probably should be calling them Yami's friends since I hardly exsist anymore. Whats scary is that I'm afraid even the once Mighty Pharaoh may not be able to pull it off by himself. I better stop thinking such negative things, I'm light I should have hope. Getting up from the couch I make my way to the refrigerator. Reaching the frige I'm greeted with empty shelves. I guess I better go out and get something.

"Bye Yami, I'm going out to get some food want any thing?"

I yell upstairs. An annoyed Groan is heard from his spot on my bed doing homework. He's probably too busy to answer, probably doesn't want to. I open the door and step out side its pretty dark out too. Just the night for a walk in the city I thought. I watch as my old sneakers scrape across the ground. Boy! the blue is fading the whites all dirty, maybe when Grandpa gets better and things are back to normal maybe I can buy a new pair? I know your probably wondering why don't I just get a job? But Yami says I shouldn't and that I need to focus on schoolwork. He doesn't notice that Grandpas the only one I have, besides him and that I want to help too. Yami can be so blind sometimes and I worry what's going to happen to him if he doesn't stop pushing himself so hard. I close my eyes wincing against the thought of seeing him ill like grandpa. I love him I cant let that happen, I just have to help but how? Just as I was turning some unfamiliar corner I notice after a couple of twirls I'm lost.

"Shit just great!" I threw my arms up in the air in exasperation.

" Just give me sign lord please!" I yelled to the heavens hoping some poor god up there will lend me hand cause boy did I need it.

"Hey ya kid, you don't exactly expect a shining light from the heavens now do ya?"

I turned to see the owner of the N.y street accent and was greeted with a sly smirk, Shaggy lime green hair falling into Golden yellow eyes. He was roughly around Seto's height probably shorter but had a strong build like a dancer.

"Oh not really but I wouldn't mind if it did" I say in embarrassment to his question earlier.

He smiles in response coming towards me.

"Looks like you've had a rough day mind telling a stranger like me what's the problem?"

Well he seemed nice enough so I figured it wouldn't hurt. So you see I told him everything. And before I knew it, it was 11:05. Forget about getting something to eat, I'm not hungry anyway. Guess I really needed to speak to someone.

"Feeling better?" The green haired stranger asks from his spot beside me on the cool bench.

" Yeah. You know what? I' am feeling pretty good. Been a while since I had someone to actually listen to me." In truth it felt like forever. He frowned at my sad expression almost as if he could relate.

"You looked like you needed the company too, besides who wouldn't listen to ya? your cute."

I wanted to say he was too but I was too embarrassed at his statement to utter a word.

"You have the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen too, Amethyst. suits you too."

Looking like a stoplight, he laughed murmuring something about me being adorable and continued.

" You know I may not be god or anything but I think I have a job for you." Immediately my eyes lit up.

"Really?" I nearly hugged him but I didn't want to seem too mushy.

"What is it?" I was curious to know.

"Well it may not be your thing but a cute thang like you can earn some serious cash. The thing is you can't be shy to stand up in front of a crowd and stuff."

" I'm not! I'll take it!" I had enough enthusiasm to share with the world right now. I was so happy; I was getting a job a good paying one at that too!!

"Hey, hey now calm down! You haven't heard what it is yet!" He said laughing at my antics.

Honestly I didn't care as long as I was helping. Maybe Yami would finally speak to me.

" How does being a stripper sound?"

At that point I face vaulted. "A STRIPPER!!!" Okay forget Yami speaking to me how about.KILLING ME!!

"See. I told you. But don't worry you don't have to take it all off. Trust me its worth it, if you can shake your ass, look sexy, you can make 500 a night the most a thousand."

At hearing the amount of cash for one night the stripping thing was starting to look up. 500 a night, a possible 1000! I should have thought of this first.

" Don't worry we got top notch security, no one can touch you if you don't want to be touched. This is the highline strip club. I'm talking bout this isn't those trashy strip joint you here on T.V this is the real shit! This is where the stars be at, this is the best of the best. So what you say Yugi?"

I don't know why I trusted this guy but I did. I was wary of the job though.

Sensing my uneasiness he turned to stare deep in my eyes as he got a serious tone.

"Yugi I understand where your coming from. Your grandpas sick your feel worthless and your not. I had to take this job to take care of my little sister and help my mom out. I was nervous and scared at first but all it takes is some getting used to. I'm not gonna force you to do anything you don't want to but heres my number,"

He said handing me a small scrap of paper.

His face was filled with sincerity and concern for me, someone he didn't even know.

"Call me and tell me if you change your mind. You can also call me if you're interested in other things."

He said with a vampy sort of smile but very friendly.

Trying to hide my blush I hung my head down.

"By the way my names Tygris Sinz"

Tigris smiled lending me a hand to help me up from the bench.

"Yugi Motou" I said smiling as we walked to the street. We reached his Silver Lamborghini parked on the corner.

"Need a ride home?" Tigris gestured to his spanking ride; I couldn't help but feel eager. Pushing my attraction to this gorgeous male I just met behind me I replied,

"I'll just walk home." He looked slightly hurt though but hid it.

"Sure? Well call me okay?" He said reluctant to break eye contact with me as he got in the car.

"I'll be fine!" I really wanted to go with him but I also really needed sometime to think.

"BYE CUTIE!" he yelled loud and clear over the engine as he drove away.

After watching him drive away, a red blush stained my cheeks and I immediately started thinking. As stared down in my hand looking at the number, I wondered if this was the sign I've been waiting for.

" If it is well I guess there's nothing to do but go for it." I said aloud preparing myself for the silent journey home.

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