Rainy Day

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me, though I wish they would.

Summary: Jun'ichi is think about Marina on a rainy day. There's someone at the door, it's Marina. But why is she here? Where is Kenta? Rated PG-13 for Jun'ichi's cursing. Jun'ichi x Marina or Questshipping but mostly Jun'ichi and Marian.


I was sitting on my living room couch. Watching TV, but I wasn't

paying attention, I was thinking about, her.... God damn it, why did

she have to go with him? *Boom* Crap, the electricity went out. I

guess I'll get the flashlight. *knock knock knock* Who the hell

would be knocking on the door in a rainy day like this? *Open door*

"Marina! What are you doing here?!" Her beautiful face was all wet

(either from the rain or tear). She is silent. "Wah!" She burst into

tears and ran onto my shoulder for support. Her wet clothes were

clinging onto her delicate skin. "There, there, tell me what's

wrong." I tried to comfort her. "Lets go to the living room, I'll

get you a towel."

Shit, I remembered the electricity went out. Good

thing there was a flashlight on the table (AN: Don't ask me why

there was a flashlight in the middle of the table) I wonder what made

her so upset. It better not be Kenta or the next time I see him, I'll

give him a black eye! (AN:Kinda cheesy)

I returned to the living room with the towel in my hand. " Marina, I

got the towel." "Thanks" She replied weakly. She started drying

herself off.

"So.....why are you here?" I tried to start the conversation. I saw

her frown. "Well it all started a few days ago. Kenta seemed busier

than usual. He seemed to be hiding something. A big secret, like he

was dating another girl secretly. I kept begging for him to tell me.

He finally got annoyed and he yelled at me. I started crying and ran

outside. It started raining. I was a few blocks away from your house.

So I thought you would let me in, which you did. Aren't I stupid?

Crying over a little secret Kenta wouldn't tell me." She started

crying. Once again, I tried to comfort her. I wrapped my arms and

embraced her in a hug. The room was silent except for the pitter

patter of the rain outside. Her sobs softened and she stopped


Her little sniffles could be heard throughout the big,dark and empty


Damn the Kenta, had to go make Marina cry. I swear, I will hurt you.

The silence was broken my her soft voice. "And please Jun'ichi, don't

beat up Kenta. It was not his fault, only mine." "Okay, I'll try not

to, only because you said so." "Thanks Jun'ichi" We fell asleep on

the couch that night. (AN: Nothing happened people!)

I woke up to find Marina gone. I smelled something cooking. I walked

to the kitchen, groggily. "Marina, what are you doing?" "Making

breakfast, want some?" She replied pointing to the chocolate chip

pancakes. "I think I'll go brush my teeth first" (AN: Which all you

readers should do before eating breakfast) "Okay" She said and went

back to flipping the pancakes.

The phone rang (After I brushed my teeth). * Ring Ring Ring, Ring

Ring Ring, Phone call, Phone call* I picked up the phone and the

screen turned on. "Kenta?" "Hey, morning Jun'ichi, Marina doesn't

happen to be there does she?" He looks worried. "No." I lied. "Hey

Jun'ichi! Your pancakes are ready!" Marina's voice came from the

kitchen. No, not now! "Uh, was that Marina?" Kenta asked,

suspiciously. "Uh, no." I lied nervously. A plate of pancake was

shoved in front of me. "Hey Jun'ichi, the pancakes are great, try

some before-" She looked at the screen."Kenta....I'm sorry....for

bothering you and begging you to tell me your secret. Please forgive

me!" I stood up and let Marina sit on the chair. Kenta's face

softened. "Marina, the secret I tried to keep was this." A wigglytuff

appeared on the screen. "Wiggly" It spun around several times and did

a pose. "Kenta! You made Pink-chan evolve, not to mention teach it

more dances!" I can tell she was happy. It was sickening. I scowled.

I walked to the living room to let Marina finish her conversation

with Kenta. A few minutes later, she hung up. "Bye Jun'ichi! I'm

leaving!" I heard a door creak open and then heard a slam. The door

opened again. Marina kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks for being there

for me yesterday." Then she turned around and left. Silence was

heard. I turned on the TV again and started staring at it but not

paying attention. I'm alone again.


This story was suppose to be Jun'ichi's POV. I don't support Jun'ichi and Marina but I support Questshipping. I think the characters are a bit OOC because I don't think Kenta would ever yell at Marina. He's to cool to. I can't think of a good title name. I read a Gymshipping story along time ago. It inspired me to write this fic. And if you don't know who these people are, they are the kids in the Raikou special. I really want to watch it. Please review, flames are excepted, but no crappy ones.