This Dream's On Me


Part 3
Chapter 6

The morning dawn was a sight to behold across the lake, the brilliant swash of colour blooming outwards from the sun and coiling across the sky, reflected perfectly on the lake surface that was only upset by the shallowest of ripples.

Their boat moved slowly across the surface, still quiet as they went. From where he was sat at the back of the boat, Fili drew the sleeping Harry closer to his chest, wrapping the large fluffy cloak she'd stolen personally from the Master tighter around their forms. Her warm breath left a visible wisp in the cool air, a trailing puff that dancing across the skin of his neck where she'd unconsciously nuzzled into in order to keep her face warm.

Fili was well aware of Thorin's gaze resting on him, a disapproving frown on his face. It wasn't so much over Harry though. Ones were sacred, once someone had picked there One there was no going back. End of story.

So he was pretty sure he was breaking some code of equity somewhere. It was all so much more 'proper' when it came to courting and one was royalty, of that Fili was sure. Not pleased with, but sure of.

The lines got a bit more confusing when one took into account that Harry was an orphan without any relative to help the process. Fili was sure he was suppose to ask the girl's closest male relative for permission to court her, only all her relatives were dead, male or otherwise. Harry had accepted his advances regardless, so things became even more unclear as a result of that.

"Mmmh?" Harry shifted again, pulling her head back and blinking sleepily up at him, clearly returning to the land of the living for the start of the day. Her eyes weren't quite emeralds, at least, not any emerald he'd ever seen. Emeralds were a deep colour, while Harry's eyes were a little sharper than that, a little like her. No, it was more like emeralds sitting over peridots, the latter leaking through the former to create Harry's eyes. Her little button nose was scrunched up slightly as she tried to banished the sleep from her mind, the feature so much smaller than on any of the dwarves women back home. With her thick fringe of black hair, she really did look like a little spirit of mischief and magic. She was adorable.

"It's your moustache," Harry murmured, sitting back and stretching her arms above her head. Though she was quick to pull the limbs back in as soon as they were exposed to the chilly air of the lake.

"My moustache?" Fili repeated hesitantly, well aware that Thorin's eyes were on the two of them still, along with Dwalin's now. The warrior was watching sceptically, but with an amused glint in his eyes that didn't spell well for future teasing prospects. At least, from Fili's end.

"Yeah, I'd seen nothing like it at home, it was the first thing that caught my attention to be honest. It was just so strange. But I kinda like it now." Harry leaned closer to him now, until her lips were by his ear. "Don't worry, Nori told me it wouldn't be proper to play with it in other's company."

Fili could feel his cheeks flame and he watched Dwalin smirk as his Uncle rolled his eyes, Harry drawing back from him with a delighted laugh.

The sound awoke Kili, who snorted in surprise before hastily rubbing at his eyes, growling to himself as he did so. Bilbo was the only one still asleep on their boat now, his little golden curls barely peeking out from the thick comforter that'd been thrown over him at some point of their journey.

"How long until we reach shore?" Kili finally voiced, looking up with big brown eyes and a smile on his face as he noticed the approaching mountain.

"A half hour at most. Be ready. Wake Bilbo in ten."

Nodding, the dark haired dwarf spun around checking his gear over before his eyes slowly began to drift over to look at Harry.

"Can you show us some more magic?"

He hated to admit it, but Fili was certainly interested in seeing some more of Harry's magic. Unlike Gandalf, who'd been hesitant to show them much of anything unless he was saving their behinds, Harry genuinely didn't seem to care too much, she'd been happy enough to show off her potions and creams back at Bard's house. As far as he was aware, the girl had left some bruise and burn balm as a thanks, and there was never a time when medicine wasn't helpful.

"I can perform a lumos spell at the moment, but that's it for controlled magic. I didn't dare try any blasting curses back in Laketown."

Kili let out a low whistle, looking as excited over the idea of a 'blasting curse' as Fili had expected he would. Harry wouldn't be showing them that just quite yet -a smart move, considering they were escaping from a town in which they'd just robbed the leader- but she did indeed cup her hands together, a small orb of soft light gathering between them. It wasn't much, comparatively rather dull in the bright sunshine. But it was magic, magic they'd only seen so far from Gandalf, even though Fili had heard rumours of Ancient Dwarfish magic, like what was supposedly hiding the door to Erebor.

Harry took his wrist with one hand, the other dropping the small orb into the palm of his hand and Fili froze in place. It was neither warm or cold, it didn't beat like a heart nor did it feel as hard and unmoving as rock. If he had to compare it to anything, it would be to the delicately fine hair of a newborn, and while Fili had only eve held a newborn once, it was not something he would forget.

His mother's friend had given birth a few years before they had left the Blue Mountains, only a few months before Harry had tumbled into his life. He could remember the awe he'd felt upon realizing every single person he knew had once been as defenceless as that newborn. Even Dwalin and Uncle had once been like that, something which had mystified both he and Kili for several weeks.

"Don't hog it all Fili, pass the light around," Kili cheerfully whined, holding out his hand with a grin on his face.

Rolling his eyes, Fili nevertheless handed the small orb over, adjusting his hold on Harry's thin form as she pressed closer into his side, already shivering from the cold. Hopefully they'd reach land soon and be able to warm up when they got moving.


"It's no good, if he puts any more weight on that leg then I won't be able to repair it until I have full control over my magic again, and that could take years."

A frustrated groan passed through Fili's lips before he could stop it. They were so close, half a day's travel away at best, but the terrain was exceedingly uneven. So of course, out of all of them, it was stubborn as a mountain Kili, Kili who insisted he was quite find to hobble along on his own, that sprained his leg and agitated his wound even more.

Thorin let out a very long exhale, eyes drifting between the three of them before finally her turned his gaze to Fili once again.

"I can rely on you to carry your brother and meet us near the entrance as soon as you are able."

They were getting left behind. Well, not left behind, but the others were going on ahead. And while Fili knew it was logical, knew that they were on a deadline, it didn't stop it from stinging.

"Of course Uncle."

"I'll stick with him, considering Kili's my patient after all."

Uncle Thorin frowned slightly, but nevertheless nodded his head at Harry's comment, giving them one last look over before pressing his forehead against Fili's, copying the action with Kili.

"Stay safe. Bofur?"

The cheerful dwarf twisted to get a look at the future King-Under-The-Mountain before he nodded, grinning from ear to ear.

"Aye, I'll stay and make sure they're safe."

With one last look between the four of them, Uncle Thorin gave a low nod before striding off after the rest, leaving the quartet stood still for a second. Harry had since handed out all the weapons that'd been in her bag, but it was she that still carried the vast majority of their food supplies.

Uncle Thorin wouldn't have allowed her to be one of those staying behind unless he was certain they'd catch up by nightfall. It was kind of important to make it to the secret door before the sun dipped out from the sky. Still, Fili was a little upset that he wouldn't get to witness the opening, but if it meant leaving Kili behind to do so… Well, that wasn't going to happen. Ever.

"Okay, let me have a look at that leg. I only regrew the skin so it wouldn't get infected, but the muscle will still be torn a bit, no matter how many healing potions I get you to chug because they're suppose to work with a spell."

Harry had knelt down beside Kili now, peeling the torn fabric of his pants back to get a better look at the sight of the poisoned wound that was only somewhat healed, even as her other hand dug about for another batch of potions. From Kili's face, he'd noticed what she was doing too, because a grimace stole across his lips.

"Come on lad, they can't be that bad." Bofur chirped with a grin, elbowing Kili in the ribs and waggling his eyebrows up and down in quick succession.

"You haven't had to taste them yet," Harry pointed out as she stood up, offering two vials out to Kili who, with a disappointed sigh, down them both. Fili had to admit to himself that they didn't smell pleasant, but then again, if the other choice was letting poison run through his veins, he'd without doubt be downing those foul little concoctions too.

"Well, come on then lads," Bofur began, pulling Kili up onto his back, despite how the youngest dwarf tried to voice his protests around his potion's vial, "if we stand around like this we'll never get there."


It was an hour into their trek, when they'd stopped to cook some food, that they received their unexpected company.

Fili, armed with Gryffindor's sword because even though he had his own from the men now he still preferred to use his One's blade in battle, had leapt in front of Harry, Kili having armed himself with a bow as Bombur drew his own weapon. He didn't miss Harry holding her right hand before her, fingers sprawled outwards with palm facing the intruders.

A twinge of panic went through Fili because he remembered Harry describing her magic as wild, so she had to be worried if she was readying to use it.

It was only then that he remembered Harry had stumbled into a world far more dangerous that her own, a world were attacks on travellers weren't uncommon. Harry, who'd given up her usual method of defence so that she could come and be with him. Harry who only had the weapons training that he had personally given her. He'd not realized how panicked she had the right to be until this moment.

However, it wasn't Orcs that'd appeared.

Instead, two elves stared back at him, and Fili felt his lips twitch upon recognising the duo. The Prince of Mirkwood and the redhead she-elf that Kili had been talking too. Talking to for a while. Kili slowly lowered his bow from where he'd been pointing it at the female, before switching targets to the eleven prince. Fili wasn't too bothered if he was honest, he'd like to take a crack at the prince too.

"The rest of your company, where are they?"

Fili didn't so much as lower his sword, but was aware of Harry getting to her feet behind him, one hand coming to rest upon his shoulder.

"Ahead of us. We're trailing behind to make sure people like you can't get past to stop the others." Oh, that was good, Harry was really good at this.

Her sharp green eyes were focused on the two elves, the prince more so than the redheaded female.

"The youngest dwarf in injured. I saw the Orc arrow hit him. A poisoned Orc arrow." The prince sneered, then froze in place when Harry's hand changed from the defensive curl it'd been in to point straight at him with her index and middle finger. There was an energy in the air, a crackle, like the sky before the first strike of lightning.

But Fili didn't miss the way the she-elf's face flashed with concern, her light green eyes dancing over to glance in Kili's direction, and against his will his lips tugged up a bit at the corners. So, it seemed he wasn't the only one that'd caught the attention of a female in recent years.

And from Kili's soppy stare, Fili was pretty sure the affection was returned.

Dear Mahal, their mother was going to lose it when she learnt neither of her boys had any interest in dwarves females. It seemed both he and Kili had a thing for beardless females. But still, an elf?

Well, he couldn't wait to see Uncle Thorin's reaction to this new development.

"Kili was injured, but I've long since healed it. Are you going to try and stop us?"

There was a pause in the conversation, as the six considered one another, before finally, the she-elf gave a low nod of her head.

"We will not attempt to stop you any longer. An Orc pack have been tracking you since Mirkwood. We killed last of their group an hour ago."

Relief raced through him. Fighting an Orc pack, while having to defend Harry and a half immobile Kili was certainly not something he wanted to do today.

A small item flew past him, the she-elf catching the small glass tub before her curious gaze flew over to look at Harry.

"It's a medical balm, it'll get rid of whatever bruises you got in that fight," Harry explained, cocking her head to a side, arm still curled around his own. It was as close to a peace offering as they could get right now.

The two elves shared a look between then, before the she-elf gave another nod of her head.

"Thank you."

"And who knows, maybe when they have Erebor back, Kili can be the ambassador for relations with the elves."

The dwarf in question let out the most magnificent squawk behind them and Fili had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing, especially when he noticed the lightest of blushes dusting the she-elf's cheeks. Oh, there was definitely something there, of that he was sure.

Finally it was his turn to tease Kili over his love life, instead of the other way around, as it had been since Kili had found out about Harry.

The ponce of a prince scowled, but nevertheless turned on heel with his companion, leaving the four of them still gathered around the small fire they'd lit to cook their meat over.


"Are you sure you want to do that?"

Staring at the little onyx haired nymph that was trotting along beside him, Fili couldn't believe what he'd just heard. She wanted to test her magic again, now that they were in open lands, where whatever went wrong could be easily contained. Kili, the little menace, looked ecstatic where he was limping along, one arm thrown over Bofur's shoulders.

Glimmering green eyes were staring back at him now, lips pushed forwards ever so slightly to form a pout that'd worked on Fili far too many times for the short time that he and Harry had known one another. He felt like he could finally understand Glóin now.

Because heavens above did he love Harry, so much so that he apparently couldn't say no to the face she was currently pulling. Still, it was best to try and contain this while he was still being listened to.

"No explosion?"

"I'll try my best," Harry mused with a wink, looking down at her hands as she flexed her fingers.

Fili watched as her eyebrows drew closer together over the bridge of her nose, watching as she slowly exhaled before snapping her fingers. Water instantly began gushing out from the tip of her pointer finger and Kili gave a delighted laugh, pulling out the waterskin they'd already drained and began filling it up.

"That's great! I thought you said you didn't have any control over this!"

"I was aiming for fire," Harry murmured quietly, ears burning a bright red beneath her head of dark hair.

Chuckling under his breath, Fili ran his hand under the liquid flow, flicking it up into Harry's face and watching as the girl spluttered, scowling before she turned her hand, and thus the steam of water, on him.

Snorting, Fili desperately tried to back away from the laughing girl, both hands thrown up in a vain attempt to protect his face from the spray.

"Well, I think our groups having the most fun out of the two of us."


It was a damp Fili and company that arrived at the overhang of Erebor.

Dragging both Kili and Harry up the hidden stairs had been exceedingly difficult. Dwarves were not bad when it came to climbing things, they had to be. Living in mountains and creating mines, they were unmatched when it came to scaling rocky surfaces. If, you know, they weren't injured like Kili was. Or, not dwarves at all, in Harry's case.

Instead, both himself and Bofur had been forced to give the duo a leg up, scaling the stone steps far slower than what they'd have done otherwise. Regardless, they'd made it all the way up about a half hour after night had fallen.

They'd heard the rest of the company, a mixture of quiet mutterings, shouts and joyous cries. So from that perspective, things were looking good on the whole 'we've found the secret door' front.

Fili hoped so. It would crush Uncle Thorin if it turned out there wasn't a door. To come all this way and have his hope dashed.

Swallowing around the sudden lump in his throat, Fili rounded the corner, Kili's arm thrown over his shoulder and Harry walking half a step behind.

And he stopped.

A perfectly cut archway rested in the mountain face, his Uncle stood before it and reverently running his hands along the crafted walls.

The rest of the dwarves were so absorbed in the visual before them that they hadn't even noticed Fili's arrival. But he'd forgive them this time.

It was after all, a moment in dwarven history, happening right before his eyes. This was where the legend of Thorin Oakenshield and Company would really make an impact. If they could do what they'd set out to, everything would change.

They would have Erebor back, the wealth of their people would once again be at their fingertips, instead of resting beneath the breast of a dragon. His mother would have the finest jewels to weave into her hair, Uncle Thorin would once again be able to roam the halls of his childhood.

He'd be able to give Harry the world, to give her a steady place to call home, instead of the uncertainty of the Blue Mountains. She would never have to work a day here, instead she could go chasing after what she wanted, she would have all the time in the world to practice her magic.

"Burglar, come here."

Fili stood in place, listening to Thorin describe what they had hired him for, what gem they were sending him into the mountain for. Where a dragon rested.

"Here." Harry was beside him suddenly, footsteps quiet in her odd skinned boots, holding out a small vial. It was shaped differently to the others, like a cone instead of a normal vial, the tip rounded like a miniature tear drop. But it was the colour of the potion within that drew Fili's attention.

Like molten gold, even in the moonlight it was impossible not to notice the colour.

"It's liquid luck. If you're going in there hoping not to get the notice of a dragon, well, this should help."

The hobbit blinked before a warm smile overcame his features.

This was what Fili liked about Bilbo, the short male was just so friendly, he only cared for the comforts of home and family. There was no gold lust within him, no greed. Not like any elf, dwarf or man he'd ever met before.

"Well, wish me luck."

Urgh, it's short. And it's been two months. This chapter was like pulling teeth. I'm so sorry it's taken so long and it's shorter than the rest. But it's here I guess. Please don't be mean to me, it's my birthday. I'm working on the next chapter right now, I promise.


Preview of the next chapter

He hated this. He hated being the one to have to sit and wait, he hated having to be the one to be left out. It wasn't right. He'd come just as far on this quest as everyone else, he should be in there too, facing down Smaug with everyone else.

And yet, he was sat here, at the entrance, because his injured leg would only slow them down.

Gritting his teeth, Kili scowled down at the limb, before his eyes flickered over to his only company. Harry was sat beside him, her legs pulled up to her chest and fingers appearing almost claw like, for all the strength she was digging them into her knees. Her bright eyes were wide with terror, focused on the entrance to the mountain and she flinched with every rumble, every roar.

She was scared, but she'd promised Fili not to follow him because she just wasn't trained. Just like-

'Look after her for me Kili. Please.'

Just like how he'd promised to keep his brother's most precious thing safe while he was in there.


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