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Part I: Four Weeks

"You have options, you know."

Tenten nodded her head listlessly, but inwardly she was questioning. Options? Really? That's the first thing that's going to be addressed here?

Tenten couldn't blame the pink-haired medic. She was just following protocol, attempting to be supportive. Tenten honestly couldn't even believe Sakura was there. Sasuke had only left a few hours ago, hadn't he? How was she even functioning?

"I think I just need some time to think," Tenten muttered.

Sakura smiled sadly, seeming to focus for a minute. She sat down next to the kunoichi and gripped her knee.

"Of course. This is . . . well, it is kind of huge news, isn't it?"

Tenten poked her stomach with a single finger.

"Huge is a bit of an understatement," the brunette declared crisply.

Sakura hesitated before opening her mouth to speak, but Tenten does not wait to hear the advice. She stood and exchanged a thankful nod to the younger kunoichi.

"Thanks for your help," she said, moving to the exit.

Tenten heard Sakura sigh behind her.

"Sure. Let me know what you decide," the girl replied.

Tenten tread down the steps of the hospital, deep in thought. Her hands kept coming to rest on her stomach, poking and prodding the thing that was growing inside of her.

Neji would be so ashamed.

The thought stopped Tenten in her tracks because she felt the full-force weight of truth behind it. This was never planned for. This was never wanted or even dreamed of. A mistake is what this was. A mark of ill repute.

Tenten shook her head. This was awful; this was—why did Neji have to die? This was his mistake just as much as hers, and now she bore the full brunt of the consequences? No. This was entirely unfair.

And Tenten decided that there was only one person that she could trust with that current information. Lee.

His gaze flitted back between her stomach and her face, unsure of which he needed to focus on. Tenten sighed.

"Lee, what should I do? Really."

Lee's eyebrows drew together, confused.

"Tenten, I do not understand what you are asking. You're carrying Neji's child. What other option is there?"

Tenten didn't meet Lee's eyes, thinking about the other choices she could make. Her teammate's sharp intake of breath indicated that Lee knew where her thoughts were going. Lee clutched her hand, and Tenten looked up.

Lee had tears in his eyes. "Tenten, please don't even think such things. Neji would never want—"

"Neji? Who cares what Neji would have wanted? This is all his fault anyway."

Tenten glanced at the floor, brooding.

It had happened only a few days before the war started. She and Neji were preparing for the journey in her house. Tenten had just rolled up her final scroll.

"Do you want some tea or something?" Tenten asked her partner, looking up at him from her position on the floor.

Neji turned away from the window and nodded, murmuring a thank you.

Tenten rose from the floor and stretched her limbs before shuffling to the kitchen. When the kettle steamed, Tenten poured the contents into two cups. Neji had taken residence leaning against the entryway to the kitchen. Tenten brought him his tea and sat down at her dining table, crossing her legs. She sipped carefully, wincing when the tea burned her tongue.

"How do you think it will go?" she asked Neji softly.

Neji waited a long time before answering. "I think it will be interesting," was his cryptic response.

Tenten snorted. War was no joke, she knew that. Yet, she was still hopeful—something not all Konoha shinobi could say.

She finished her tea and walked over to the sink, rinsing out the cup.

"Neji, are you done?" she called over her shoulder, holding her free hand out for his cup.

She felt his presence at her back, and Tenten looked over her shoulder, bemused. Neji's hand sneaked around her to shut off the running water.

Tenten blinked, slowly turning to face him; his arms rested on either side of her, gripping the edge of the sink.

"What is it?" she asked, searching his eyes for an answer.

Neji seemed to weigh his intentions before leaning forward and kissing her, one hand coming to rest on her neck.

Instantly, Tenten stilled, her internal world spinning quickly out of control. She felt her arms move of their own accord, touching his face, moving into his hair. Neji pressed himself closer, leaving no space between them as he deepened their kiss.

His hand slipped under her shirt, and she inhaled sharply. His hand paused, waiting for permission.

Tenten whispered tightly, "What are you doing?"

No response. He usually did not make it a point to answer redundant questions. His mouth traced her jaw, measured how his skin felt next to hers.

Tenten leaned her head back, feeling her eyes close. Neji always knew what he was doing. It was she who was always stumbling around, trying to find her footing.

Neji's hand coasted up her back, and Tenten couldn't focus on what was supposed to be anymore. Only what was.

It had only gotten more out of hand from there.

Tenten frowned, remembering his eyes and how they had looked. He had known. He had known. Somehow, his Hyuga eyes had had enough foresight to see that something was going to happen. Something that would not be able to be reversed.

Tenten stood from her chair and blew out of Lee's apartment, furious.

"Tenten, wait!" Lee called after her.

Tenten ignored him, storming towards the only place she knew to go where Neji would be able to hear her.

She sank down on the grass in front of the Hyuga's grave, bracing her hands against the stone.

"You bastard," she exhaled forcefully, overcome with anger. "How dare you do this to me."

No response. What a shock.

Tenten sat back, crossed her legs, and glared at Neji's name, engraved so cleanly on the headstone. If he had done this on purpose, knowing the possibilities, he had left her with only one choice.

Tenten poked her stomach again.

"Your dad sucks," she told the baby.

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