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Chapter 1
Going Back to Normal?

Nick carefully made his way out of the bed, he did not want to disturb Juliette who was still sleeping soundly and considering that things had not been all that easy lately, she deserved to sleep in. When he made it out into the corridor he could not help but feel a tinge of emptiness, having Trubel around had been nice. A few weeks ago Teresa Trubel had made her way into his life, she was a young woman on the run from a complicated past. Soon Nick had realized that she, like him, was a Grimm and he had decided to help her out. It had been a bit of a rocky start, but soon they had become friends and she had proved invaluable both to his professional life as well as his private, when he temporarily lost his Grimm powers. He cringed when he thought of the whole Adalind debacle. He made his way down towards the kitchen and began preparing a pot of coffee. Trubel left with Josh and he knew that he would miss her but he was happy for her too, he knew that she was an exceptional Grimm and that she deserved to realize her full potential and create her own life. As the coffee was brewing, Nick went to sit by the computer. He remembered what his Captain had said to him the other day about his mother searching for his mother. Nick did not even know where his mother was and the only way they kept in contact was via email, but those were rarely exchanged. He logged into his private email account but there were no new mails.

"You're up early," he turned around to see Juliette descending the stairs in a silky robe, he smiled and went up to put his arms around her.

"I'm actually glad to have some privacy," he whispered and gave her a kiss.

"It is nice," she whispered back and held him tightly.

"There's coffee in the kitchen if you want some, do you want some breakfast?" he asked.

"I'll see if there's anything," she said as she walked towards the kitchen. "What were you checking on the computer?" she called.

"I just wanted to see if my mother had emailed me," he said and followed her into the kitchen to grab some coffee mugs while Juliette rummaged through the refrigerator.

"You want to know where she is?" she asked.

"Yeah, or well Captain Renard said that his mother left to look for my mother," he replied as he poured the coffee.

Juliette stopped what she was doing and turned around towards him.

"I guess Sean told her that she has her granddaughter?" Juliette guessed.


"What are you gonna do?"

"I don't know."

None of them said much during breakfast, honestly he thought it was quite nice. They were each reading their own section of the newspaper and it felt like their lives were actually returning to normal.

"What are you thinking?" she asked carefully. "You miss her?" she quickly added.

"Trubel? Nah, or well of course I miss her. But…," he reached out and grabbed Juliette's hand over the tabled and squeezed it gently. "Actually, I'm quite happy the way things are right now, you know, just us and back to normal."

"Yeah…" Juliette replied and he thought he saw some sort of emotion cross her face, but he was not sure, though suddenly she did look a little pale.

"Are you okay?" he asked worry lacing his voice.

"I'm okay, you should get ready for work," she said quickly and went over to the sink with her bowl and glass.

He nodded quietly, he did not want to make a big deal about it, but he had a feeling that something was wrong. He rose and walked over to her and put his arms around her, as he did it felt as if she went rigid, as though she did not want him close but it was over in a second so he could not be sure.

"I'll clean your stuff, go get ready," she said and turned around towards him and smiled. He relaxed a little, she was probably just unused to them being alone. When Trubel had stayed with them, they had tried to keep the public displays of affection to a minimum. Yeah that must be it he reasoned.

"Thank you," he replied and drew her in carefully for a kiss. She reciprocated and he relaxed some more. "I love you."

"I love you too, now go, you're gonna be late," she said playfully and he held his hands up in surrender.

"Okay, okay I'll go," he said with a laugh and walked out of the kitchen. "Are you gonna be home for dinner?" he called as he walked up the stairs towards the bathroom.

"I think so, maybe if we'll have a late dinner, I can grab take-out on my way home?" she called back.

"That sounds great!"

Juliette heard the familiar sound of the car driving down the driveway and onto the road. Nick had left. She walked over to the kitchen counter and grabbed the phone, but before she could dial hesitation hit her. Maybe I'm just paranoid, she thought as she started pacing around the living room with the phone still clutched tightly in her hand. She was not sure what the right thing to do was. "Get a grip," she hissed to herself and then she took a deep breath and dialed the number.

"Hello?" the familiar voice came over the phone.

"Hi Monroe, I'm so sorry to bother you," she said, trying to sound composed.

"Juliette? Hi! Is everything okay?"

"Yes, yes everything's fine, I'm sorry to call so early, I was just hoping to talk to Rosalee, is she there?"

"Yeah, sure, hold on."

Juliette sank down onto the couch with a heavy sigh. Maybe she should not have called Rosalee, first of all Rosalee and Monroe had just gotten married and neither of them had been able to enjoy married life much seeing as Nick had lost his Grimm powers; instead Rosalee and Monroe had postponed their honeymoon just to help out. Secondly, maybe she was just being paranoid and burdening Rosalee with it suddenly felt very stupid. And thirdly, even though she did not really want to admit it yet, but maybe Rosalee was not the person she should be calling right now anyway.

"Juliette!" Rosalee's warm voice interrupted her thoughts. "How are you?"

"Oh-um…" Juliette felt herself caught off guard and she was not sure how to precede, should she tell Rosalee the truth or should she just come up with an excuse for calling?

"Juliette, is everything okay?" Rosalee sounded concerned.

"Yeah, yes. Everything's fine, I'm sorry to call like this, I just…" she began but still she could not make herself end that sentence.

"No, it's okay. What's up?"

She sighed again and decided that she needed to talk to someone.

"You know, that thing we talked about the other day…with my nausea?" she found herself whispering the last part, even though she was alone in the house.

"Yeah?" Rosalee lowered her voice as well.

"Well, I did what you said…and, well it's…positive," she admitted with a trembling voice.

Thankfully Rosalee seemed to pick up on the current tension, so no congratulatory wishes followed.

"And you're still concerned about the transition?" Rosalee correctly guessed.

"I mean…I don't know how this works, at all but…" all of a sudden the words came flowing out, "I mean these pains, like stabs or something, they started just as I changed from Adalind back to myself and I just figured that the pain – which was excruciating – had something to do with that. I mean I'm guessing human bodies aren't designed to change like that. But then the nausea followed and the stabbing pain came back at times, although with much less intensity. I had not even thought about a possible pregnancy before you mentioned it the other day, or at least not seriously. Since then I can't help but feel like this is some freak thing that happened when I was Adalind, I mean what are the chances of this happening now and considering Adalind was pregnant before…" the words suddenly stopped coming and she felt tears trickling down her cheeks. "I just- I just want things to be alright…" she added.

"Oh, Juliette," Rosalee said compassionately. "You know what, I'm sure it's nothing and that it's just a coincident. But just in case I will try to read up on this, I think I have some books at the Spice Shop that might help, okay?"

"Thank you Rosalee, and please…I hate to ask this, but could you maybe not mention anything to Monroe?"

"Sure, no problem. Come by the shop after work and maybe I'll have something."

"Thank you again Rosalee, I just…I want to be sure before I speak to Nick about this."

"Of course, see you later."

"Yeah, bye."

Juliette walked towards her handbag and reached for the round plastic container at the bottom of it and opened it. She was on the pill and she had not missed one, so what were the chances of her being pregnant naturally? Not that she knew how her getting Adalind's body might have made her pregnant. Even if Adalind was not on birth control, when she got her own body back, it should not have made a difference, right? Maybe this was just one of those happy accidents, after all the pills were not a 100% effective. If that was the case, was she happy about it? Would Nick be? The things he had said that morning returned and she cringed, he had seemed so happy about things returning to normal, not that she blamed him. And he had explicitly said that he enjoyed the fact that it was just the two of them. What if this was too fast? So much had happened between them lately, her memory loss, Nick having sex with Adalind; although that had not been his fault, and then Nick being without powers…she sighed. She shook her head, she was going to go crazy if she tried to figure this out by herself, and instead she decided that she would try to keep her mind off it until she met with Rosalee.