Dino paused outside Tsuna's office. He could hear the muffled sound of conversation inside making him uncertain whether he should disturb the ones inside. One voice could easily be recognised as Tsuna's, but the other was unfamiliar. Hm, it was rather young. Maybe a classmate? He had been informed to prior to arriving of the visitors at the mansion.

He frowned, he pretty sure that the relationship between his lil' bro and his fellow classmates were not exactly positive. Perhaps it was a new friend?

Shrugging, he called out, "Can I come in?"

The incessant chatter inside the office stopped, "Sure!" Tsuna's voice answered. A confused mutter of 'Who?' was heard from inside, but was quickly shushed by Tsuna.

Dino pushed open the door, "Yo, lil' bro!"

Inside the office, he saw Tsuna and onyx haired boy chatting by the couch. They were leaning on it and when he entered, looked to him curiously.

"Dino-san!" Tsuna exclaimed, he straightened while the other boy did the same. Gesturing to a nearby seat which the blonde happily sank into. Quirking a brow as he took in the rather undignified appearance of the blonde don, he asked, "Did you escape via window to get here?"

He received a highly offended glare in response, "Sometimes, I really hate your hyper intuition."

Tsuna merely smiled innocently, he turned to Toshide who, for about the past minute, had been alternating between looking at the blonde stranger and his new friend in confusion. Suddenly, he saw a huge smirk make its way into Tsuna face.

"But lets handle the introductions first, shall we? This person here has been dying to meet you." He gestured towards Toshide.

Toshide looked at him in surprise, "I have?"

The grin on Tsuna's face widened, "Why yes, of course. Well then," He moved towards Dino before bowing in a flourish. Where he had learnt to bow like that would be a mystery never to be solved.

"Toshide, I would like to introduce you to Dino Cavallone."

Toshide stopped, "Huh?" He asked blankly.

Tsuna smiled even harder, "You might know him as the Chiavarone Decimo."


Dino looked at the rapidly paling Toshide in confusion, "Am I famous or something?"

Tsuna shook his head, "Nah, it's just that you may or may not happen to be his beloved boss."

"ME?! WHAT?!"

Tsuna frowned, "Is it that surprising? You've been a don for years already."

He received an indignant huff in response, "It's still surprising. You'll understand when you become a mafia boss."

"I told you. I am not becoming a mafia boss!"

Dino waved a dismissive hand, "Sure sure," then he paused, looking towards Toshide, a calculative look entering his eyes, "Hm. I've never seen you before."

Gulping, Toshide looked at his feet meekly, "Well- I'm kind of new. I haven't really been part of the family for long, so..well.."

The blonde's eyes narrowed further, "But I always make sure to meet all new famiglia members," Sitting back, he sighed, staring at the ceiling in thought. Toshide's frame was tense, Tsuna noticed, almost as if he was scared.

Suddenly, the contemplative air evaporated, "Oh well. I must have forgot," He scratched his head sheepishly, "Sorry about that, usually I always meet up with new members to make them feel welcome and such."

Toshide nodded, "I-It's fine."

Tsuna could only shake his head at the look of immense relief Dino's face. He turned to the blonde, "So, what brings you here?"

Dino pouted, "Can't I come to visit my little bro?"

"Of course you can!" Tsuna said quickly, holding his arms up in defence, "But right now you're supposed to be working. And there's no way Romario would just let you ditch paperwork without a reason."

Dino winced. He did not want to repeat that incident. It was scarring to say the least. It was also the reason why cloth irons had had to be banned from the estate. A sheepish grin made his way onto his face, "Well yeah. I had good reason to this time though," he pinned Tsuna with a rare, serious stare, "This is important." His gaze wandered to the one stranger in the room and stopped. He didn't say it, but it was obvious to all three people on the room what he was thinking.

He needs to go.

Toshide noticed Tsuna's eyes widen and his body become tense, but the change disappeared so quickly as if it didn't happen in the first place. Instead, his face melted into an expression of apology. He turned towards him, "I'm really sorry, but you'll have to leave for a bit."

Toshide nodded, his eyes wide. Taking one last look at the two dons, he backed away, quickly but silently closing the door.


"Line up, line up!" A boy yelped as he was unceremoniously kicked in the butt, "Hurry up kid, we don't have all day, kora!"

Said boy nodded frantically before scrambling away from the… was that a baby holding a gun?

How was that even legal?

Mochida stared at the yellow haired baby in apprehension. For some reason, he was getting a really bad feeling about this training session. He huffed, the cosplaying baby was a distraction. He didn't even know what the baby was trying to be. A soldier in the army? Was that what the camouflage green head band was for? Damn it! The kid was mocking them!

He turned his attention back to the baby who was currently waving the gun around like some sort of flag, "Okay! as you all bloody well know we're doing the the blasted combat testing today, kora!"

Mochida felt his eye twitch.

Miyu out her hand up meekly, "I-I'm sorry sir, but I don't really know how to fight..."

He got a noncommittal shrug in response, "Well bad luck, kora!"

Suddenly the door burst open, revealing a panting Toshide. Mochida could only stare at his fellow student with his mouth agape. He dare be late to their first session with the Vongola? He shook his head, silently wondering whether that was the bravest or stupidest thing to do.

The blonde kid also didn't look happy, "You're late, kora!" He hoisted his gun and pointed it at a now very scared-looking Toshide. The students gasped, worrying for their classmate but obviously deciding that it wasn't worth get in the way of a gun-wielding baby to save him.

Toshide gulped, "E-Erm sorry...Mister?" He scratched his head in confusion as looked down as the frowning toddler, "I got caught up talking with Tsuna…" He trailed off before letting out an awkward sheepish laugh.

The baby's expression turned contemplative, "You know Sawada?"

A nervous nod was given in response.

Instantly the baby smiled, "Well then, that's fine, kora!" He waved the boy off in a shooing motion, "Go line up with the he others, kora!" He even gave a manly slap on Toshide's back. Well, as manly a slap a baby could give anyway

"What?! That's favouritism!" Osamu accused, "Why're you all nice to Toshide anyway. We know Dame-Tsuna too."


Osamu let loose a piercing scream. He turned around, glaring at the baby who merely smirked, aiming his now smoking gun towards Osamu' head again. Osamu paled as he weakly held his arms up in an almost submissive gesture.

The baby nodded in satisfaction, "Okay then, kora! Let's start! My name is Colonello and I am going to be your instructor, kora!"

The class stared, rather rudely too, at the baby now dubbed Colonello.

"But a few people aren't here yet," Miyu pointed out.

"They'll come later, kora! We will start without them," And with that, the session finally began.


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