I am dreadfully nervous

You fancy me insane

I assure you I'm not mad

My senses haven't waned

I know not when this thought was conceived

My plot to kill him

I loved the old man, don't you see?

Not once had he wronged me

If you must know the question why,

It was his eye!

Wicked eye, evil eye!

It makes my blood run cold

Cursed eye, vulture eye!

Makes me plan schemes so bold

His cursed eye

Is why he has to die.

Yes, it fills me with rage

The old man's eye vexes anyway.

It's funny how such gruesome acts

Aren't bad as they seem

I'm at his bedroom door

Time to enact my scheme

One careless mistake, the old man wakes!

Single ray from my lantern shines through!

The light hits upon his eye, yes he must die!

Kill him dead! Kill him dead!

Throw the bed over his head!

Kill him dead! Kill him dead!

Fill his heart full of dread!

Dismember the corpse

Bury it under the planks

The old man's hour had come!

Officers of the law arrive, I told them "look around".

A noise grows strong, I fear this beating sound.

The beating grows and grows, while the officers chat idly

Why must they taunt me so?

Oh God, I fear they know!

Tear the boards! Tear the boards!

Here's the body you're looking for!

Tear the boards! Tear the boards!

Quit mocking me so!

Villains depart!

I admit the deed!

It is the beating of his hideous heart!

His eye will never vex me again anyway.

I'm not entirely sure how or why I wrote this little bunny. I guess it's the result of boredom, an excessive amount of reading the works of Edgar Allan Poe and watching an equally excessive amount of Let it Go parodies on YouTube. Well I hope you enjoyed it.