Chapter 1

-The First Leap-

Scripture 1:

The French have always been known for their art. On the day of your sixteenth birthday, travel to France and explore a bit. While you are there, you will meet the "Lady of Red", the "Man of Blue", and the "Lady of Yellow." However, the France you might be thinking of is not the France of your world. It is one of the many versions of Earth that has the France I am talking about. And this is definitely not a normal location; keep your wits about you.


Warp Code: 684721901530

-At the N.A.N.S.T.-

Hiroshi was feeling weird about accepting to follow Ano and his friends. He just couldn't get over what happened at the mansion with the Oni and his friends; he was also still very terrified of Sin due to her love for consuming Souls. He knew though that it would be better to have something to comeback to in the end as to instead return home with nothing.

He heard Ano calling him and he ran down the hall to meet the rest of the group at the control room. When he entered into the room he heard a sound that reminded him of a curtain British Sci-Fi series as it sounded like a time machine's noise had been raised in volume and he suddenly felt the whole ship was shaking. "Stop being such a baby, Hiroshi!" He heard Maria yell with her snake like persona.

At that moment he lost his footing and he was about to hit the ground. However at that moment he felt someone catch him. "Man you need to be more careful." It was Alice. He still couldn't get over the fact that she was an A.I. that had the ability to reproduce; the first real artificial life. A.L.I.C.E.: Artificial Life in Certain Extensions.

He felt another presence, this time clinging on his back. He looked and saw that it was Sin-Genjitsuxxx; more commonly known as Sin or Sinny. "Hoshi, this is fun!" She shouted. Sinny, the most adorable little hell spawn you ever have seen.

After the shaking subsided, Hiroshi finally saw Ano. He was looking at the ship's main monitor and he could already tell that Ano was ready to go to the Paranormal Events location as that was what was on screen. "Do you think that we would be ready to leave in ten minutes?" Ano asked Hiroshi while he was still looking at the monitor. "I guess so. Why so soon, is there a time constraint?"

Ano let out a deep sigh as if he had ran a mile and then he spoke. "Well if any of you lot actually looked at the giant flashing screen, maybe you'd see the thirty minute time limit before the paranormal event is triggered." He groaned.

Everyone frantically ran around the room gathering supplies for the mission, everyone except Ano of course, as he was always ready. "I'm heading down early everyone but Hiroshi is under Maria's orders to stay here to monitor things and keep a connection with us. And with that Ano left the ship (which was cleverly disguised as a Mansion in a high class part of France.

"He does realize that the *looks at monitor* Guertena Art Gallery exhibit is around three miles from here, right?" Alice asked with concern. "You forget he's my brother. Knowing him, he will be there before we are." Maria countered.


It took no time flat for Ano to run three Miles in ten minutes. When he made it to the Gallery however, his human side caught up with him and he felt a huge wave of exhaustion cross him. (He probably should learn how to use his God born side more efficiently before he tries to do something like that again.) "Shut up voice inside my head!"

Ano took out a bottle of water from his backpack and began to drink it violently as he was really thirsty as anyone would be after running a long distance in a short amount of time. Afterwards he entered the gallery.

-The Gallery-

Once inside Ano walked up to the registration desk and he was asked for payment, but he just pulled out a slip of hypnoses paper and made the guy shut up. He then proceeded to grab a pamphlet about the gallery and began to read up on the artist Guertena. He didn't really understand art that much, mainly because he never got to experience art in many forms while he was at the orphanage in England. However when he walked in to the main room of the gallery he had what was the equivalent to an eye aneurism. The art was so amazing and beautiful in many different perspectives, Guertenas work ranged far and wide from paintings, to sculptures, to portraits. "Oh my bloody Nero, this Guertena guy must have been a brilliant person to come up with these many ideas for art.

Ano began to look around with a better attitude and as he was looking around, one painting in particular caught his eye; the title was called the Hanged man. The painting depicted a man hanging upside down by his foot and there was a set of numbers on his shirt. Obviously he was upside-down because the numbers were.

"You like this painting as well?" A voice said behind Ano. He turned to face the person. It was a young man who looked a little older than he did, he had light purplish hair and violet looking eyes, he was wearing a light green short sleeve shirt and a blue frilled jacket, his pants were a light brown as the belt holding it up way dark brown and his shoes were black with what looked like a leather dye. On his wrist there was a small wrist watch that sort of looked like the watch Ano had on. "Whoever this guy is, he definitely knows fashion." He thought to himself.

"Well to answer your question, yes. This painting just kind of jumped out more to me than the others." "Oh. I see; well I'm glad to find someone with a similar taste for art as I do. Je m'apelle Garry, and you are?" "Dammit, the modulator is on the fritz again." He thought. "My name is Ano; I'm visiting here from England." "Oh, is this like an early vacation for you?" Garry asked out of curiosity for his acutance. "Well, if what you're saying is that I'm taking time off from school, then you would be correct. I'm here with my sister and three others. Anyway I best be going; I have to meet someone here very soon."

"Oh ce est une honte, I was eager to get to know you a little better." Ano slipped Garry a card. "This is my phone number; call me sometime, we'll have lunch, my treat." Ano said grinning.

Garry stuffed the number into his pocket and said goodbye to Ano. Ano then proceeded to head back to the registration desk and found Hiroshi just standing there. "Hope I didn't keep you waiting long." Ano said smiling and scratching his head apologetically.

"Not really, anyways, we only have about eight minutes before the Paranormal Event begins, so it's time to locate the area it starts in." Hiroshi stated calmly as he pushed his glasses into place. "Absolutely smashing, come on then!" He said as he clapped his hands together and began to use his Nexus wave measuring system (which looks like a magnifying glass) to locate the object or area that would set off a Nexus portal.

End of Chapter

-Authors notes-

Don't worry about further chapters being short. This chapter is only setting things up; all other chapters will be at least 4,000 words or more. (Most likely more)

Hope to see you soon. ^_^