It had been three days since mike started this job, and already his and Foxy's relationship had become something of a weird fetishizing fanfiction.

Foxy, as soon as the lights had gone out, had shown up in his security room and promptly sat himself down beside him and placed his head on Mike's lap.


Mike kept a hand securely on the fox's head at all times during his rounds between the cams, allowing himself to subtly interact with the robot without giving him his entire attention.

The other robots had really started to become active in the last few hours, and it was becoming a struggle to keep up with them. It seemed they were becoming antsy about having not killed him already, coming out earlier and earlier every night.

Night. The night before was certainly an experience, he supposed. The same energy he felt then was now buzzing incessantly below his skin from where the other was in contact with him. It made his thighs and hand go warm but Mike wasn't in the right position and mind to really think about it.

"Ye don't wants t' die here, do ye?" Foxy's sudden talk made mike jump in his seat, however, the heavy wait on his lap didn't let him get too far.

"Ah, no, not really" Mike answered truthfully, it wasn't hard to do so in this situation. The anxieties of talking to other people doesn't really translate when you're simply talking to a robot. But, even then, why would he lie about such a thing? Who would want to die here?

"Ye prolly will" Foxy sounded tired, as if it was already a truth. Mike didn't like that.

"I don't think I'll die if you stay with me," he said, but Foxy never answered him, just shifted his head a little and made a small, sad sound in his voice box. Mike stared down at him, caressing his furred skull with the tips of his fingers.

He wondered how many night guards were there before him, he wondered how many people Marshal had seen the morning before and then never again. Whenever he saw Marshal in the morning there was always a brief moment of staring that he really should note more often. It was as if Marshal knew about what happened at night, and thus was surprised that he even survived.

He'd ask the man, but, to be quite frank he didn't enjoy being around him too much..

Mike stole a glance from the tablet screen to the small camera in the corner of the ceiling. The red light that indicated it was on blinked every few seconds. He wondered that if he looked at the footage taken on it, whether or not there would be footage of deaths on it of night guards before him. Or would the footage have been removed?

He guessed it wasn't live, since it wasn't on his tablet, but… he didn't know what was under the building.

He had seen the doors that lead down to the basement before he came in last night, so he knew something was off about this place, but figuring it out was harder than it needed to be. He wanted to go down and check it out, maybe swindle Marshal into letting him borrow his master key set.

Though a small part of him also knew that Marshal didn't have that specific key.

For a minute he thought about whether or not the robots were meant to be guarding something underneath the pizzeria. Then he remembered he had a job to do, and closed the right door just in time to save himself from Chika.

Foxy lifted his head at this, giving some room for Mike's blood to flow in his legs. While foxy and Chika were locked in a staring contest, Mike went back to looking at his tablet, both Freddie and Bonnie seemed to be in the kitchen. He looked up and watched Chika disappear with a flicker of the light, before opening that door. Mike, suspicious, unlocked the tablet to see where she went.

She was in the kitchen.

It was 4am.

It was a surprise when foxy stood, his heavy weight lifting from his thighs, mike was forced to tilt his head back to look up into the eyes of the taller. A deeper part of himself was expecting something, but he didn't know what.

Foxy shifted slightly, and his blank eyes suddenly became scrutinizing.

"What are you waiting for?" Mike asked defensively,. "What are you doing?" Foxy continued to stare, mouth hanging open slightly.

"Ye're different from th' other night guards" His grizzled voice flowed around the room before hanging in a pregnant silence. Mike stared back, searching his eyes for something, anything, but finding nothing except judgement.

"You said that before didn't you? How am I different?" Mike was confused, he recalled how the other had told him that his touches were different, that even the way he looked at him was different. He had been so tired then, after foxy had touched his face. He barely remembered any of it.

"Ye're treatin' me like a person, as if I know wha' ye're doin' t' me." Mike became even more confused at Foxy's choice of wording.

"I don't…" he looked down at his tablet, the animatronics seemed to be giving the two space. Mike wondered briefly if they were just waiting for him to be distracted.

"I don't understand" he finished, still looking at the screen.

"Aye ye do, don't lie t' me, Mike." Foxy's voice held a dangerous edge to it, causing Mike to involuntarily flinch and look up once more,.

"Ye kissed 'n touched me," Mike blinked, he had hadn't he? The night before, shortly after foxy had first brought up the fact that he treated him differently. Even before that, mike had spoken to him during day mode, caressing his chest and thinking those dirty thoughts that even still occasionally came up fleetingly.

He felt filthy, like some kind of degenerate.

"There must be something wrong with me" Mike mused, closing his eyes and leaning forward a bit in his chair. Foxy moved so that his slower stomach (or where it should have been) was pressing against his forehead, it was strangely warm.

Foxy shook slightly, in what Mike could only assume was a laugh, "I don't reckon thar's anythin' wrong wit' ye, Mike." For some reason Mike felt solace in this.

"That's...Thank you" Mike's eyes stayed closed as he said this, smiling lightly at Foxy's sentiment. A gentle rumbling vibrated against his forehead, finally prompting him to lean back into his chair and opening his eyes. The rumbling was more content than threatening and Mike truly felt as though they just reached something deeper than either had ever before in their relationship.

Mike was hesitant to call this situation anything short of a weird time, but he couldn't disagree with the term relationship. They were two individuals getting closer together, it was a relationship, whether it was anything more than superficial meant nothing to him, and likely not foxy either.

Time moved so fast in this place, as if every hour was mere minutes, which is why, when Mike finally allowed himself to steal a look at his tablet, he wasn't surprised to see that it was past 5am.

Foxy taking a gentle hold of his face, his claws pressing into either cheek, and lifting his head to look up, was what made him finally come out of whatever weird trance he had fallen into for a short while.

"Foxy," He began on barely a breath, closing his eyes as the other pressed the tip of his snout against his lips, different from before only by location.

An energy tingled between them, vibrating his closed mouth. It made his tongue itch, and saliva to quickly need to be swallowed lest he drool or choke.

His eyes stayed closed even after the other pulled back.

"Ye truely are different from th' others, Mike," Foxy said, Mike imagined the other smiling in fondness. His eyes were still closed, but he could feel the other's presence, and it stayed that way until the bells revealing the end of the night rang throughout the building.

Mike opened his eyes to an empty room.

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