Yashiro Yukihito, thirty years of age[1]; (still) single (and available); male of Japanese descent; with considerable looks, wit and charm; has the special, albeit weird, ability of breaking electronic devices approximately ten seconds after touching it with his bare hands; and the dedicated and competent manager of Japan's Number One Actor for eight years counting, is in a quandary.

After all, what should a manager do when he came across a fan page for his One True Pair?

It was not that it was so unexpected. His OTP's first drama, after all, was such a huge success that it was still making waves throughout Japan and all around the globe; winning hearts and gaining more followers even though the drama had finished airing three years ago. It was dubbed by critics as a cultural phenomenon, the "most successful drama yet, winning both ratings and critical acclaim", and succeeded in winning awards from Best Original Soundtrack down to Top Excellence Actor and Actress.

For the viewing public, who knew the songs and each and every line of the drama, it was the craze, the fever, which took Japan and all other countries by storm. The drama was still making their hearts ache for more, that the two had continuously won as Best Drama Couple, Best Kiss and what-not in every online poll and survey for the last three years.

However, he had not expected something of this magnitude. They were more than five hundred thousand strong, with page hits reaching more than three million. It was, for him, ground-breaking, especially in Japan, where even a mere hint of a romantic relationship between actors and idols is considered a scandal and can cause popularity drop.[2]

It was also astounding and heart-warming to know that there are other people wanting his OTP together, that he could not help his fan boy feels and squeal in glee, after the page loaded. He had been supporting them from the time he had known Ren had fallen for Kyoko. It had been frustrating seeing their overflowing chemistry on- and off- screen, on- and off- set, and yet, he had only been blessed to see very small and very trivial progress on their relationship.

Still, after the initial euphoria died down (along with considerable fan girl squeals and screams), he could not help but be concerned. Deliberately ignoring the page banner which reads "WELCOME TO THE SECRET GARDEN! The Secret Fan Page of the Amazing Secret Couple – Tsuruga Ren and Kyouko!", which would send him to his own version of Lalala land, he pondered the proper course of action while scanning the page, fighting the new burst of fan boy feels.

For the most part, the page is just a collection of most, if not all, news and official press-released videos and pictures from events, dramas, commercials, photo shoots and other activities of Ren and Kyoko. Oh, sure, there are the occasional edited pictures by fans, fan-made videos, and fan fictions, but there's nothing damaging, from what he had seen so far, to their reputations.

He was worried, however, with how the fans speculate on the possibility of the two of them being a real-life couple. It was unusual, seeing that the fans' only basis were the news, pictures and videos they had collected. What exactly can the fans see that made them believe that the two are together? Is it just because of their love for their drama that they want to see them in a relationship? Or is it because they see the real deal?

Troubled, he decided to tell the President. Prevention, as they say, is better that cure. And this, above all, concerns the President's favorite couple. And the President, despite all his eccentricities, is the best in handling possible scandals the media can spin once they get wind of anything.

He sent a link of the fan page to the President, and after a few moments of debating and rationalizing, he gave in and decided to indulge his inner fan boy and explored the fan page himself.

[1] According to the Fan Book, Yashiro-san is 25 years old at the start of the manga. Since, he is already thirty on my fan fiction, this means this is a future fic. (Don't you just pity Yashiro-san? The President should have informed him that Ren is LoveMe Number Zero. And thus, also a love novice.)

[2] I've researched as much as I can about the Japanese Entertainment industry. As far as I have gathered, Japanese Talent Agencies have very strict policies regarding their actors, idols and talents entering into a relationship. However, this is just my opinion on the matter based on the facts that I have gathered.