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Nico thought maybe there were skeletal butterflies in his stomach. That would probably be a good sign. Perhaps he could summon the dead again without dissolving into a dark ball of gas. Nico won't try anyway. If he did vanish into thin air, then he'd be taking that outrageous, tropical print shirt to the underworld with him.

Damned shirt, he thought. You'd think if you wore it at war then you'll at least rip it apart.

Nico had thrown it on over his camp shirt, which was full of holes since it belonged to Will when he was a bit younger. He offered it earlier, saying that the camp was running out of supplies. Nico didn't argue. It felt nice to have someone share something with him. It made him feel trusted - even if it was just an old, singed t-shirt.

He glanced around the infirmary. There weren't a lot left, which was good news for him. The person that was nearest to him was four beds away. The guy was quietly moaning in pain, amusing Nico for a few seconds. When he turned his gaze back to the foot of his bed, Will was already standing there, smiling.

"Should I turn the lights off?" he asked him. "I guess children of Hades are allergic to light."

"I'm not usually a morning person... or an afternoon person."

Will chuckled. "I can see that," he said. When he wasn't in doctor mode, Will's voice was almost musical in itself. Well, he was a son of Apollo and there was no question in that. He had met the god before and there was quite a lot of him in Will Solace.

Those skeletal butterflies in his stomach rose from the dead and became actual butterflies. Maybe three days at the infirmary was a bad idea.

"So I just scored you some shirts. I was lucky Jason was there, I didn't know your size."

Jason knew his t-shirt size? Who knew you could get that from one hug?

Will took a chair and spun it around, so he sat with his chin on the backrest. He had a clipboard but he wasn't exactly writing on it, more like drawing actually. His surgeon's shirt was replaced with a white Pluto is a planet shirt. Hades would probably appreciate that.

"Okay, Nico di Angelo, fourteen going on four hundred. Reason of confinement..." he trailed off, tapping his pencil on his cheek. A few moments later, he was chuckling to himself. "-almost fizzled out from shadow travelling and summoning zombies."

"Are you really writing these down?"

Will looked up with a smile. "Nah, it just makes it more official. Anyway, like I said, no underwordly stuff, rest, and stop brooding."

"Excuse me?"

"No brooding," he repeated, with more force in his voice.

Once the three days were over, he would probably get Jules-Albert to run this guy over with a monster truck. Every time they've spoken to one another, Nico had thoughts of either just doing what he says or mutilating his limbs. No one ever told him what to do and when they did, he'd just glare at them to back off and they would. Will Solace wasn't like that. He was a toilet that refused to be flushed.

"Maybe we should get you out in the sun," he mused.

"How will that help me gain my dark underworld powers back?" Nico asked.

Will shrugged. "I don't know. I was just thinking since you were a bit tanned back then."

Nico furrowed his brows. "Back then? Have we met the first time I got here?"

"Come on, man. Don't you remember your first unarmed combat lesson?" Will continued. "You were so excited about everything that you didn't see one of the Ares kids coming at you. That knocked you out for hours. You had to stay here for a night."

Nico knew that happened but what he didn't understand was how Will knew.

"Lee Fletcher, may he rest in peace, was teaching me some stuff. When you woke up, Lee told me to handle you, but I didn't know that I was singing a lullaby instead of a healing hymn, so you kind of got more knocked out."

"Well, I think that's why I can't remember," he said, but truthfully, he vaguely did. That was when he had a dream about Bianca. He thought maybe it was a head injury induced nightmare but it wasn't. He never felt so scared in his life. Although Hazel had mostly healed the wound left by the death of his sister, the initial trauma of actually feeling her die would always be there.

"See, you're brooding again," Will said, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"I'm sorry we can't all be a joyous ray of sunshine," Nico said, turning sideways, snuggling in his pillow.

"Hey, don't do that." Will got up and sat on the bed beside his. "I just wanted to be your friend."

Nico gave a short, humourless laugh. He about to ask why but decided against it. He had friends now, at least that's what he considered Reyna and the rest who were aboard the Argo II. Adding Will Solace to that group seemed a little too much but, at the same time, it felt alright.

"I thought you wanted me to rest? Instead of chit-chatting with me, why don't you go to your other patients and leave me alone?" Nico hadn't really intended it to sound that harsh. He was just used to that kind of tone.

"The other patients aren't on the verge of anorexia, Death Boy."

Nico sat up on his bed with a look of sudden anger as he seethed, "Don't... ever... call me that."

Will just stared back, unimpressed. He just lifted his hands in mock defeat. He stood up quickly and ran, almost like he forgot something. It confused Nico for a moment. A few moments later, Will was back with some squares of ambrosia. He handed one to him which he accepted. It tasted like every kind of food exploding in his mouth. Before being trapped in a bronze jar, ambrosia tasted like some sort of Italian dish his mother probably had made for him and Bianca before she died and their memories wiped out.

"I always thought ambrosia was the snickers of demigods," Will said. "You're not yourself when you're hungry," he said, trying to emulate the TV commercial.

The ridiculousness made Nico smile. "You're lucky, I've seen those commercials or else you'd be explaining it to an eighty-year-old."

"You're looking great at eighty. But we have to check on a few things before I finally 'leave you alone'," he said, mockingly. "Give me your hands, Nico."

Nico felt blood rushing to his face. "W-what?"

"Give me your hands," he repeated as if there was nothing wrong with his request.

Nico obliged, breathing out as he reluctantly held out his hands for Will. He took them and for a second, Nico thought he was going to read his palms until he squeezed his hands sending a familiar current of energy down his back. He thought that only happened in those bad romance novels the Aphrodite kids loved to read, but there it was, the famed spark.

"That confirmed my suspicion that you have low blood pressure, but apparently there's something more than that," Will said, shaking his head slightly. "You have some serious injuries, Nico! How could you not tell me? Why didn't you come here days ago? Are you really that suicidal?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Dude!" he exclaimed, not caring about the other patients. He lifted the sleeves on Nico's shirt and revealed several angry gashes on his biceps. "You have werewolf claw marks that looked like they've been stitched up by an Ares kid!"

"Well, actually it was a daughter of Bellona."

Will went around the infirmary, frantic and muttering stuff like 'why didn't I see them before' and 'mediocre first-aid skills'. Finally, he came back with a suturing kit.

"Let's fix this sloppy suturing. Holy Zeus, if this is how the Romans do it, how are any of them still living?"

Nico observed him as he said more insults to the Romans about their medical skills. "You're really a stickler for medical stuff, huh? And Reyna did the best she could under the circumstances."

"You're right. Sometimes, I get carried away with these things. Don't tell her anything okay? She looks like she's the kind of demigod that could arm-wrestle Percy and Jason at the same time and still win."

He thought about it for a moment. "Yeah, that sort of describes her."

"Do you like her?" Will asked, not looking up from his work. The question caught Nico off guard.

"No! I mean yes but not like that," he explained. Next to Hazel, Reyna was one of the few people who he had opened up to. Reyna knew his pains and he knew hers.

"Really?" he teased.

"I don't like girls!" Nico admitted. That surprised both of them. Now, he had to think of something cover that one up. He wished the darkness ate him up already so he could save himself from the embarrassment.

Will smirked. "So you like guys?"

"Solace, I swear when I get healed you'll find yourself in some place worse than the underworld," he threatened. "I don't like anyone."

"Not even me?"

Nico knew he was joking because Will looked up at him, feigned sadness before bursting into laughter. That almost made him laugh as well.

"Is the rest of your cabin as conceited as your father?"

"Mostly. That's what you get for being the child of the hottest god in the known universe. But dad's really cool." He thought about what said but shook it off. You can't really say that the sun god was cool. "He gave us all iPods with unlimited memory."

"That beats a french zombie chauffeur."

"No, I think that's awesome. Dad won't let us use the sun chariot. I guess he got a bit traumatized with what happened to Phaeton, my half-brother from long ago. Now, that dude was conceited."

Will finished his stitching. Nico had to admit, it did feel better. It looked less swollen and red. There was no doubt that Will had healing hands.

"Wow, thanks."

"Anything to make you look more human."

He doesn't seem to get tired of smiling. With a smile that brightened up the whole room, who would get tired? He was a toned down version of Apollo.

"Okay, I think you've said all your jokes about me."

"Just my son of Hades jokes," he said. "Do you want to hear my Italian jokes?"

"I'd rather not. You might find yourself being yelled at in Italian."

Silence followed. That's a first, Nico noted. Maybe he finally said something that would make him back off. It made his mind whirl when he realized, he didn't want him to. It was funny how he, who relished silence and solitude, didn't want that anymore - not from him anyway.

"So are like friends now or something?" Will asked, his voice filled with uncertainty.

Nico shrugged and then grinned, the effort straining his face but he couldn't complain. "I thought we already were?"

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