Sweatshirt - Pyrrha's Perspective

Word Count: 524

The moment her last class ended, she all but sprinted for her dorm. She had lost feeling in her fingers and toes hours ago, and she was sure her lips were blue. She did not think of the welfare of the students she knocked down and left dazed in her wake, only of her warm bed and how to get there the fastest.

Oh, it was most definitely warm. Had she been born a cat Faunus, she'd would be purring in contentment as blood rushed back into her extremities. Though as she set out to do her homework, she came across a problem. Her hands and arms would have to be exposed in order to write. She draped and re-draped the blanket around her but could not find a good way to cover all of her skin. She shivered, blowing hot air into her hands, and then she spotted the solution to her dilemma: a brown and orange sweatshirt laid across a chair. Jaune still had one class to go before he came back to the dorm, if at all. It looked comfortable and warm...surely Jaune wouldn't mind if she borrowed it for a little while.

And that was how Pyrrha found herself tugging his sweatshirt over her head. She was startled by the scent attached to it. Sweat, soap, and something that was so distinctly Jaune. She settled back into her blanket, and occasionally sniffing the sweatshirt rapidly became a guilty pleasure. He smelled good, and he wouldn't ever know, so she indulged.

When she heard her name being called an hour later, right before dinner, she panicked and mumbled out an excuse. Heat flooded her cheeks, grudgingly taking off the sweatshirt she'd grown attached to. But he stopped her, and she was secretly glad. He looked away from her nervously as she approached, but then offered her his arm. The gesture, while not unfamiliar, was strange coming from him. He only ever walked by her side without touching. Even so, Pyrrha happily accepted and walked close to him in a subtle attempt to absorb some of the heat he was radiating. She wondered if he had learned it in his attempts to woo Weiss and fought the sad thoughts that threatened to ruin her mood. She was tired and frustrated and couldn't comprehend how her partner couldn't see she affection Pyrrha held for him. She was lonely but craved more than just a friendship with her oblivious blonde. Perhaps she was just forever doomed to long for someone who would see her as an equal, someone who would love her in return.

She took note of the lingering stares of her peers, concluding that they thought they were together. Someone even catcalled, but Jaune didn't seem to notice and so she ignored them too. As she rested her head on his shoulder, she contemplated him, contemplated herself, contemplated them. She was the extraordinary Pyrrha Nikos, and she could have anything she wanted. But the one thing she wanted didn't want her. But for this once, just this once, she was okay with letting them think he was hers.