Operation: Santa's Elves

Chapter 16

(Hoodie's lucky number. Let's see if it's also E/B's fave number too!)

Edward and Bella forgo the traditional honeymoon for one more … family oriented.

"Disneyland!" Bethany belts out, face beet red, a stuffed Minnie Mouse plush clutched to her chest.

"Disney World, Sweetie." Bella ruffles her daughter's hair, slams the door of the newly purchased family van, and grins at the wonderland sprawled before them. "Disneyland is in California. We're in Florida."

Bethany pays her little attention. She's too busy trying to hold her parents' hands with the plush still lodged between her sucker-sticky fingers. Remnants of the candy have brightened her lips to a ruby red.

The group of three enter the park, eyes wide in awe. Children and parents alike swarm around them, swaths of cotton-candy clouding over white cones in their hands. The air is thick with the scent of sunscreen and fried food. Bethany is struck speechless until they find the infamous Tea Cups. She loses her voice once again that night, while the dark sky above Cinderella's castle explodes in pinks and greens and purples, fireworks blossoming in the darkness. Bella squeezes Edward's hand and he looks up from his daughter into the eyes of the woman he loves. Past the tiredness of a week long, lazy road trip and the excitement of her first visit to Disney, something else lies in her eyes. Neither of them can wait until they create fireworks of their own.

Edward loves Bella's quirks.

He loves the creepy "lucky" rabbit's foot keychain she's had since she was a child, as cursed as the blasted thing is. Bella slipped the new van keys on that keychain before leaving on their road trip. They proceeded to have a flat tire before crossing over the Washington state line and, caught a mild case of food poisoning somewhere between Mississippi and Florida. Needless to say, the pristine gray carpeting in the new van now has the aroma of carpet cleaner purchased from a Dollar General somewhere in rural Alabama, all thanks to Bethany's upset tummy.

The rabbit's foot turned out to be not so lucky …

He loves her horrible taste in music, the way her nose scrunches up when she's thinking hard about something, the way her eyes grow heavy in the early evening moonlight, but there's nothing he loves more than the way she looks at him at night when they're alone.

"Do you think she's asleep?" Edward asks between pants, gazing down at the woman perched between his legs. He grasps the comforter in his hands and closes his eyes. The zipper sliding down is loud in the quiet hotel room. His abdominal muscles tense with each sound: his quiet gasps, his cotton boxers dragging across his skin, Bella's heavy breathing, his own throaty moan when her hot breath spills where he throbs for her.

"She's asleep, shhh." Bella smiles at his worry. He's the only man who's ever worried about my baby. Our baby.

This is the first night they've been alone, truly alone, since the wedding. Traveling on the road gets expensive, so they've all been sharing a bed during the trip until tonight. When they arrived at the Swan Hotel-after Bella rolled her eyes at Edward's cheesy, pun-induced grin-the couple settled into the two bedroom suite with one thing on their minds, and it wasn't their pint-sized sidekick.

Bella takes her time tasting him. His skin is hot and taut, his erection straining in her mouth and hands. Body jerking with the touch of her tongue, Edward hisses and moans, eyes fluttering open to watch his beautiful wife take him in again and again.

"Come here," he whispers, fingers grazing her hair.

Smiling, she crawls up his body, straddling him. He pulls his own soft, cotton shirt off her, pausing to watch the way her breasts move as she breathes. Edward brushes his thumb against one nipple, circling it as it puckers. Sliding her panties aside with his free hand, he pushes himself inside, her body vibrating with the force of his fingers lightly plucking her clit.

She rides him slow, prolonging the deep jolt of pleasure startling her body with each thrust, but Edward grows needy, grasping her thighs and bringing her against him again and again. Her lips find his and they kiss, whispering their want to one another, their desperation for one another until she's gasping aloud and tightening around him.

Edward slows to a lazy pace, drawing out his own impending orgasm until he's aching and desperate. Her hair tickles his chest, her tongue tracing a trail around a nipple. The fireworks earlier in the night have nothing on the ones behind his closed lids when he finds the pleasure he seeks.

"You think Mr. Nibbles is okay?" he asks her later that night, sticky bodies snuggled close together. "With Tyler watching him and all …"

"Ty'll take care of him." Bella stifles a yawn and buries her face against his chest. "It's cute the way you worry about him, considering all the trouble he's caused in the past."

"He didn't put himself in that tree, ya know?"

Bella giggles. "Yeah, that was all Bethany."

Edward licks his lips, remembering a conversation he had with Bethany what seems like a lifetime ago. "You know she called me one time, mad about something you said to your friend Alice."

Bella frowns, brow wrinkled in thought. "What I said to Alice?"

"Yeah." Edward props himself up on a pillow, the action forcing Bella to sit up as well. He rests his hands behind his head, wiggling his eyebrows. "You told her I set your pussy on fire."

Bella's face reddens and she bursts into laughter. "Oh, my God! She heard that?"

"She did."

"And, um, what was your thought process after that?" Bella doesn't fight her grin. It's there, white and beaming, happy.

"I don't know if I can explain it." Edward tugs the comforter away from her naked body. "I'm more of a hands-on kind of guy."

"A demonstration, Officer Cullen? Will this involve handcuffs?"

"It involves frisking." Kiss. "Patting you down." Kiss. "A full body-search." Kiss. "And the cuffs? Definitely cuffs."

The end.

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