Family Secrets

The middle names that I've used for Sherlock here actually comes from the suggested 'real' name of Sherlock Holmes as mentioned on this website: www . sherlockian-sherlock the-name-of-sherlock-holmes (remove the spaces) I've just moved things around a little bit.

I have used Google translate for part of this, but that's because I don't speak Welsh very well. The use of Welsh will be explained in a later chapter.

Anything you recognise is not mine

Chapter 1

Lily Evans-Potter was loved by most people for her kind ways and her protectiveness over those that she cares about. But Lady Potter had a secret which none of the people who believed that they knew her best realised, her marriage was not all sunshine and roses as they expected. True, she loved her husband but had she known what sort of husband he would be before she married him, she probably wouldn't have bothered. James seemed to have ideas about how 'Lady Potter' should act, ideas which did not fit with Lily's personality. She was more opinionated than James would have liked and her temper was more fiery than most people guessed. She completely abhorred the concept that a woman should sit there and look pretty for her husband rather than doing anything productive with her time and many arguments were had over her desire to train as a healer. But Lily's biggest bugbear was James' insistence that she start trying to provide him with a male heir almost immediately after their marriage. She knew that he wasn't a bad person for his views, it was simply how he was raised. But unbeknownst to her, Albus Dumbledore had persuaded James to slip a strong Fertility potion into Lily's food when the young Pureblood had spoken to the aged headmaster about the issue. Had James not listened to Dumbledore, events would not have transpired the way they did.

Lily was currently sat in a high-end cocktail bar in Muggle London, having been stood up by a friend who was meant to have drinks with her. She couldn't really blame Annette, the other woman was a doctor and had been called into work that evening. But it didn't make the situation suck any less. At least she was away from James and his insistence that they try for a child this evening. And she could probably book into a hotel somewhere as she was originally supposed to stay the night with Annette. A male figure sat next to her at the bar and she sighed internally, she'd already had to chase off several men who were intent on bedding her. But the man ignored her and she felt relief bubble up inside her. Deciding to relax a little more she ordered another champagne cocktail and surreptitiously observed the man next to her. He was tall, much taller than James or even Severus, and thin with high cheekbones, wild black curls that contrasted sharply with his pale skin and unusually pale eyes.

"Sherlock Holmes." He said quietly, surprising her.

"Pardon?" She asked, wondering if she'd been caught out.

"My name is Sherlock Holmes, have you quite finished your perusal of me yet? You are not looking for a potential husband as you are already married, and to someone who is evidently very wealthy so why were you examining me, I wonder?" The man, Sherlock Holmes as Lily now knew, said.

"Actually it was out of boredom mainly, I've been here an hour and you are the only man who has come anywhere near me that hasn't tried to seduce me. I was curious." Lily replied with a slightly embarrassed look on her face at being caught. Sherlock looked intrigued.

"And what have you deduced about me Mrs…?" He asked, his face impassive but delight shining in his eyes.

"Potter, Lily Evans-Potter. As to what I have 'deduced' about you, as you put it, well. You're obviously an attractive man but you have no interest in a relationship, something which I gather you must have had to explain to people before. You yourself, come from a family that is wealthy, but you don't tend to use it, preferring instead to find your own way. You have an older sibling whom you don't get along with and that is part of the reason that you don't tend to use your family money. You're well-educated and quite obviously intelligent although you've been in some trouble in the past. Finally, you work with chemicals but you're not a chemist." Lily grinned, loving the opportunity to actually show off her intelligence. Whenever she was around James, she had to dumb down her conversations for him and it was wearing her down.

"Oh well done Mrs Potter! You missed one or two details but overall you did very well." Sherlock smiled, seemingly excited to have another intelligent person to talk to.

"Please, call me Lily." She smiled back.

"Ah, trouble in the marriage. I wonder why you stay with him then, not that I've ever cared about that sort of thing." Sherlock said, surprising Lily.

"Let me guess, the state of my wedding ring and the fact that I requested a total stranger to call me by my first name told you that." Lily sighed, not really wanting to go into her complicated story yet.

"Of course, but I can tell that you don't wish to discuss your failing marriage so I propose a different topic. I've been contemplating finding an assistant and you are the most qualified person whom I've met. Would you be interested?" Sherlock asked, looking intently at her.

"That depends, what do you do?" Lily asked, curious.

"I'm a Consulting Detective, only one in the world, I made the job up. Whenever the Police are out of their depth, which is always, they consult me and I solve the cases." Sherlock replied, hoping that Lily would agree.

"Why not, it sounds like fun!" Lily grinned.

Timeskip: 6 Months later…

Lily smiled to herself as she left her flat in London, things had changed in the last six months. James had been furious when he found out that she had gotten a job, insisting that no Lady Potter has ever worked. This led to a row during which Lily yelled that she needed some time and space away from him, hence the separate flat in London. She had no doubt that Sherlock knew what had happened but he never brought it up, he merely told her that she could count on his help if she needed it and then returned the conversation to the case they were focused on at the time. Lily found that she loved working with Sherlock on his cases, the exhilaration and mental stimulation was exactly what she was missing. But recently, she had found herself feeling more for her friend than she should. It was easy for her to fall in love with Sherlock, his intelligence and charm putting her at ease with his handsome but unusual features. What was hard was hiding it from him, but to her mind it was for the best. She put all thoughts and doubt out of her mind as she walked swiftly to see Sherlock about a case. The case was a fairly simple one and they solved it quickly before heading back to Sherlock's flat for their usual post-case celebration. This consisted of Chinese food and occasionally a glass of wine. But this time things were different.

The next morning, Lily found herself waking up in Sherlock's arms, her naked body pressed against his own and her head resting against his chest. As memories of the previous night flooded her mind, she shivered as desire for the amazing man holding her flooded through her once more. After that, their dynamic changed slightly. Sherlock was more protective of her, especially when it came to his brother who had tried to warn Lily off, and their post-case celebration usually ended up with them in bed together. Eventually, Sherlock persuaded Lily to move in with him. It made sense as she spent far more time at his flat than at her own, in fact she only went there to pick up her post now.

It was as she was leaving with her things that Albus Dumbledore found her. He had been searching for her ever since she had left James, knowing that he would lose the young Pureblood's loyalty if he didn't.

"Well Lily, I believe that it is time you gave up this foolishness and went home, don't you?" The headmaster said with a twinkle in his eyes. Lily felt nearly frozen in shock and horror and she knew that, no matter what she said now, she would be forced back to James. With that in mind, she took off running, using her new knowledge of London to avoid Dumbledore for a while. She ducked into a public phone booth and phoned the number that she knew off by heart.

"Hello?" Sherlock asked, his deep voice flooding through her and filling her with a wave of love once more.

"Sherlock, it's Lily. An associate of my husband's has found me and I think I'm going to be forced to go back to him. Don't look for me if I don't make it back to you, it'll just get you hurt and I couldn't bear that. Just know that I love you Sherlock, and I always will. Please love, stay safe." She said quickly, not giving him any time to answer before she put the phone down and fled once more, trying desperately to make it to the Leaky Cauldron. She knew that if she could get to Gringotts, she could ask them to help her leave James for good. She nearly made it, she had gotten to the door of the Leaky Cauldron when Dumbledore grabbed her.

"I don't think that would be a very good idea, do you?" He said, his grandfatherly twinkle absent at having to chase her throughout London.

"Please, just let me go! If you do then I can make it so James is free to find a 'proper Lady Potter' as he wishes me to be!" Lily begged desperately.

"I'm sorry my dear, but he has chosen you, you might as well get used to it." Dumbledore replied, apparating her back to Potter Manor.

And so it was that Lily was bound to the manor by magic, the golden chains on her wrist a visual reminder of her entrapment. She now hated her husband, he had refused to let her go when it would be beneficial for the both of them and now served only to make her miserable. He was happier with her though as it seemed that she was pregnant. It never occurred to him that there was a chance that the child was not his, he was too arrogant to even consider the possibility that Lily had found someone else when she had been away.

"Please dear God and Merlin, let this child be Sherlock's. I couldn't bear it if my baby was fathered by my rapist of a husband." She prayed at night when she was alone in her room, tears falling in her misery. James never knew what his wife prayed, he was too busy fulfilling his needs as he put it with other women. Lily's pregnancy was spent in isolation and misery, her only visitor was Poppy Pomfrey who was her chosen healer. And it was Poppy whom she told the whole story to. Poppy agreed to keep Lily's secret but began compiling evidence of James Potter and Dumbledore's deeds in case they ever hurt Lily again.

When Lily went into labour, she refused to allow James into the birthing room, not wanting him anywhere near her. Dumbledore also tried to enter the room but Poppy chased him out but stating that as he was not family, he had no reason to be in there. It was a long labor, but from the moment Lily first saw her son, she knew exactly who his father was. Everything about him, from his pale skin and high cheekbones to the dark curls screamed Sherlock to her and she sent a quick prayer of thanks to whatever deity had listened to her.

"Lily dear, we'll need to let James in soon to keep appearances and name the child." Poppy said gently, knowing how tough it must be for the poor woman to realise that her child might never know its true father.

"I know, but could you make a separate birth certificate now with the correct father put down? I don't think I'll ever get away now but maybe my son will." Lily asked, tears filling her eyes.

"Of course dear, what name shall I put for him?" Poppy asked, spelling a certificate to fill itself in.

"Hadrian Sherlock Emrys Holmes." Lily smiled sadly, holding her beloved son gently.

"And the father's name?" Poppy asked, knowing how difficult it must be for Lily.

"Sherlock William Scott Holmes." Lily said softly, tears pooling in her eyes.

James, of course, decided that the child should be named 'Harry James Potter' after being told that the boy looked like Lily's deceased (and fictional) brother which explained to him why the child didn't look like him.

Lily was gently rocking her son in the nursery of the Potter cottage of Godric's Hollow. Dumbledore had persuaded them to go into hiding as he said that Voldemort wanted to kill the child because of a prophecy but Lily didn't believe him, just because James had bound her to two different Potter properties, didn't mean that she had lost any of her skills of observation and deduction. She knew that he was worried about her son's power levels, especially that it looked as if he would be more powerful than Dumbledore. She had little doubt that Voldemort would turn up, but she believed that Dumbledore had been the one to put a target on their backs.

She knew that if anything happened to her and James, that Dumbledore would send Hadrian to her sister if he survived too and so, before they went into hiding, she made some plans. First she wrote to Petunia, explaining Hadrian's true paternity along with a letter for Sherlock and requested that Petunia locate Sherlock if he was placed with her family. She then wrote to Gringotts to make a separate will to James, requesting that guardianship of Hadrian would go to Sherlock and mentioned that he was Hadrian's true father. James had no idea that Lily was planning on circumventing the will he'd made for the both of them in regards to the guardianship of her son.

Everything started to play out as Dumbledore wished, Voldemort killed James as soon as he entered the house but when he reached the nursery and found Lily with a bag, holding her son, that is where everything changed.

"Well Mudblood, your precious husband is dead, stand aside and let me wipe his spawn from the face of the earth. If you do, I might just let you live." The Dark Lord smirked viciously.

"Please don't hurt my son, take me instead." She begged, wanting no harm to come to Hadrian.

"You silly woman, his father is dead! If you die also then who would take care of him?!" Voldemort said incredulously.

"James Potter is not my son's father!" Lily spat angrily, clutching her child closer to her body. She needn't have worried though as her words shocked Voldemort to the point that he wasn't contemplating attacking her.

"The child was fathered by someone else?" He asked quietly, watching her expression intently.

"Yes, Hadrian's father is the man I truly love whom Dumbledore forced me to leave and return to that deceased rapist that dared call himself my husband! If you don't mind, I'd like to return to him and introduce our son to him." Lily replied, leaving her mind open to Legillmency. What Voldemort found in her mind corroborated her story and made him laugh.

"Well that changes his status! I had thought that he was one of the 'Prophecy Children' but if his father isn't James Potter then he can't be!" Voldemort laughed, seemingly pleased that he didn't have to commit infanticide.

"Prophecy Children?" Lily asked, shouldering her bag a bit more thoroughly so she could pick her son up.

"There is a prophecy that foretells my death at the hands of the 'Chosen One', and both your son and that of the Longbottoms were considered as potentials due to them both having parents that each defied me three times. But as your son's real father is a muggle, he has never defied me. Go, and take your son to his father. But be warned, I will only be merciful this once. To ensure the safety of the three of you, you must remain neutral. If either you or your son join the light side, my protection will end." Voldemort said.

"Trust me, after all the 'Light' has done to me, I will never join them! And I will not allow my son to either! But I wonder if I can request protection for someone else as well, she is the only other person who knows the truth of Hadrian's parentage." Lily asked, gently rocking her son.

"Her name?" Voldemort asked in return.

"Poppy Pomfrey. She's the nurse at Hogwarts. She's stated to me that she's only stayed there to look after the children." Lily replied, hoping that he would agree.

"You need not worry, I had already agreed with her to spare her." Voldemort replied, sending relief flooding through Lily.

"Thank you, she's been a good friend, and I've made allowances with Gringotts for her to be my son's magical guardian if anything ever happens to me." Lily smiled, picking up the bag containing the belongings she wished to take with her.

"This prophecy, are you sure that it isn't something that Dumbledore made up?" Lily asked curiously as she turned back to Voldemort. Most people would be terrified of him, but she had found him to be intelligent and besides, she was a Gryffindor!

"What do you mean?" Voldemort asked.

"I believe that Dumbledore was concerned over my son's power levels and made the prophecy up to get you to kill my baby. Some of the things he said were rather odd and struck me as unusual at the time. It's almost as if he doesn't want anyone to be as powerful as him." Lily explained, gnawing on her lower lip as she thought it through. A flash of light hit Voldemort in the back, downing the Dark Wizard, whose body crumbled to ash as part of his protections against death.

"You are quite right, Mrs. Potter. But now that you know my secret, I'm afraid I must do away with you and the boy." Dumbledore smirked from the doorway, his wand aimed at her now.

"Dumbledore, I would leave my son and I alone if I were you. If you do not, then I swear to God and Merlin that you will regret it!" Lily snarled, holding Hadrian close. Dumbledore ignored her, however and aimed an Avada Kedavra at her son first. Quickly Lily sprung into action to ensure that her son would survive.

"Gwirodydd y ddaear a'r awyr,
Erfyniaf arnoch i glywed fy ple!
Amddiffyn fy mhlentyn ,
Y gallai fod yn dilyn eich cyfreithiau!
Gwirodydd o'r fflam tonnau ac ,
Lend eich cymorth i achub fy mab ,
Y gallai fod ddial fi!" She called, as a red, green, blue and yellow glow surrounded Hadiran. The curse hit the child before being rebounded away. Dumbledore dodged as he sent another curse, this time towards Lily. When the red-headed witch was lying lifeless, Dumbledore picked up the child, looking at him with disdain.

"I don't know what your mother did to protect you, but perhaps we can find another use for you. For now, I believe that you must go to your aunt's, I'm sure there you'll grow up nice and humble." Dumbledore said, putting the child in the crib and destroying much of the house before leaving. He then contacted Hagrid, asking him to remove the child and meet him at Petunia Dursley's home the next evening.

Minerva McGonagall had already heard about Lily and James' deaths and had been observing the Dursley family all day by the time that Dumbledore arrived. With a mental sigh, he reassured her before Hagrid arrived with the child. With a great show of gentleness even though he wanted to do nothing of the sort, Dumbledore laid the blanket covered child on the doorstep with a letter for Petunia.

So it was, that Petunia Dursley found her nephew on her doorstep the next morning when she went to fetch the milk, her scream of surprise waking her husband...