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Summary: Emma moves back to Storybrooke after her divorce and while rebuilding her life realizes there is something she never considered that could bring her happy ending.

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You can have Manhattan

I know it's for the best

Emma paused at the bottom of the stairs and turned to Killian. "It was never about us was it?".

Killian looked at her confused. "What do you mean love?"

They'd just come from a very tense dinner. One of many in the past few months. Killian expressed his desire to do some traveling and Emma reminded him about Maggie and her job to which he'd explained that he was starting to feel trapped. There hadn't been too much discussion after that until Emma paused and asked her question.

Emma looked at him thoughtfully. "You and me, being a family. You didn't actually want all of it." Emma shook her head lightly at the revelation.

Killian considered pretending for a minute but he'd grown tired. He sighed and said, "I wanted you. I truly did Emma but you're right. This is not what I pictured."

Emma smiled sadly and said "Thank you for not lying. I should have spoken up when we were adopting Maggie but I thought maybe we would figure it out eventuallly."

Killian put his hand on her forearm and stated "I don't regret her love. Or you really. I just thought we could go on pretending and if we loved each other that would be enough."

"Me too" sighed Emma.

They'd adopted their now 7 year old daughter 5 years ago. After a few failed attempts at getting pregnant, Emma decided she might want to try her hand at rescuing a kid from the system that failed her. Killian was hesitant at first but wanted to make Emma happy and agreed. Regina had helped a lot and put Emma in contact with her old case worker. Maggie's father died before she was born and her mother who'd been a firefighter died in a house fire shortly before her 2nd birthday. Emma knew the minute she met Maggie that she wanted her. Even the girl's name Margaret had seemed a sign. She was a very quiet and sweet child with long curly black hair and a beautiful smile. Killian had a much harder time bonding with her and though he loved her, didn't have much in a relationship with her. He didn't appreciate having to share Emma, feeling as if he was always second to everyone in her life. They'd fought constantly that first year until reaching a shaky reconciliation that bought them to this point a few years later.

You can have Manhattan

I know it's what you want

I'll bow out of place and save you some space

"We'll go back to Storybrooke" said Emma as she headed up the stairs to their apartment.

Killian followed slowly behind and whispered "You don't have to. I still have the Jolly Roger and can stay there for a while."

Emma turned around before she opened the door and stated "No Killian this is as close to roots as you've ever had and I can't just take that from you. Also I'm sure I could get my old job back, nepotism is a beautiful thing."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes I'm positive" said Emma as she smiled and kissed him on the cheek and then opened the door.

"Mom?" asked Maggie from the living room.

"Yeah it's us baby" replied Emma.

Before she headed to greet their daughter Killian lightly grabbed her arm and asked "How are we going to tell her?"

Emma stopped for a minute and considered her options. She didn't want to add to all of the loss her poor daughter had already experienced in her short life but she also didn't want to lie to her. Timing was also an issue. If Emma was honest with herself, she'd basically had a foot out of the door for a while and didn't want to waste more time. She moved her hand to squeeze Killian's and stated "We'll tell her the truth, and we'll tell her together."

Killian looked a bit frightened but nodded. He desperately held on to Emma's hand and followed her to the couch.

They sat down next to Maggie and Emma dropped Killian's hand to take Maggie's and started "Sweetie, we have something to tell you."

Maggie turned her head to regard her parents. She noted her father's sad look and her mother's determined face. She furrowed her forehead and asked "Did something bad happen? Are there bad people in Storybrooke?"

Emma laughed lightly at her daughter's concern for the occasional fairytale crisis in her beloved town. "No nothing like that. Dad and have been talking and we've made a decision that we need to share with you."

Maggie looked at her parents again and then said quietly "You're getting a divorce".

Killian looked at her surprised and said "How did you know?"

"You fight all the time and you never say 'I love you' anymore" she stated.

"I'm sorry we've been fighting so much Mags, you know we love you though and we'll always be a family." said Emma.

"Like you and Aunt Regina?" asked Maggie.

Emma looked at her confused. "What do you mean?"

"With Henry. We're all still a family but you and Aunt Regina aren't married" Maggie said matter of factly.

Emma let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. "Oh yes honey, like me and Aunt Regina. We aren't married but we're still Henry's parents. It'll be like that with me and Dad". Not quite, Emma thought. She and Regina had been a bit of a different situation especially since they'd never been together but Regina was one of Maggie's favorite people and she could see how the reference gave Maggie comfort.

"I do love you Sweetheart, it'll just be different now" said Killian as he took Maggie's other hand.

Maggie looked up at him and nodded then turned to her mother. "Where will we live?".

Emma wasn't surprised that her daughter knew that it would be Emma she would stay with. She smiled and said "How would you like Storybrooke? I know we've always been here in New York but I thought maybe you'd like to live closer to Grams, Uncle Neal and everyone"

Maggie's face lit up and said "Really?"

Emma nodded, "I'll call Grams tonight and we'll work everything out"

Maggie shot up an ran to her room yelling back "I have to pack!".

Killian sighed after her "I had hoped for a little less excitement".

Emma patted him on the shoulder and said "She loves you and let's face it, no one can compete when it comes to a 7 year old and a town full of fairytale characters."

Killian laughed lightly and took Emma's hand "I am truly sorry I couldn't do this love".

Emma squeezed his hand and stated "Me too".

Later that evening

Emma ended the call with her mother and refilled her wine glass. Killian and Maggie had been asleep for a couple of hours. Snow assured Emma she could have her old job back, expressing her relief that David would be able to scale back on his duties. She'd also stated that she was sure Emma and Killian would be able to work things out. Emma had just sighed and told her that it didn't work that way then stated she loved her and ended the call.

Another failed relationship to add to the list Emma thought. Her phone let out a sound indicating a text message.

I heard a rumor you may be in town soon. I expect a full report with details and a full day with my goddaughter.

Emma chuckled a little and typed out a reply. I would assume nothing less would please Your Majesty.

It was time to go home.