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Emma strained her eyes against the sunlight streaming in from her window and glanced at her bedside clock. 6:15 AM it read. 'Good still time' she thought as she sighed and closed her eyes again.

She opened them almost immediately when she felt a slight squeeze on her side. She glanced at her hip and saw beautifully manicured nails belonging to the hand curled at her side. She took a moment then remembered the night before. What if you stayed? She gently shifted so that she lay on her back and held back a gasp as the hand flattened and came to rest on her stomach.

She turned her head and came face to the most beautiful brown eyes she'd ever seen.

"Good morning" said Regina quietly. She had a questioning look on her face as if she were waiting for Emma to tell her it was ok to be there.

Emma offered her a small smile and replied, "Morning."

Neither moved and simply stared at each other letting all the questions that still remained between them hang in the air. What is this? How did we get here? What now?

Regina was the first to take action. She moved her hand so it came to rest at Emma's side and perched her head above the younger woman. "Perhaps we should try a bit of a different greeting hmm?"

Emma answered her by sliding her hands up Regina's arms and letting them come up and rest in her hair. She gently pulled Regina's head toward hers and brought her mouth up to meet her. Although this was technically their third kiss, it felt like the first. They took their time, experimenting with different rhythms. Emma parted her lips inviting Regina's tongue to dance with hers. Regina eventually brought her arms around Emma and squeezed her sides. When air became a necessity, they parted with their foreheads pressed together.

When Emma felt she had enough breath to speak she said, "Good morning indeed."

Regina laughed lightly and Emma felt it with their bodies still pressed together. She decided that she very much liked this way of waking up. "Thank you dear."

Emma pushed some of the hair out of Regina's face that had fallen while she laughed. "I could get used to this you know?" Regina looked at her a little surprised. "What?" Emma asked.

Regina shook her head slightly. "I just thought maybe-"

Emma kissed the corner of her mouth then looked her in the eyes. "Remember what you said? We owe it to ourselves to try. This is more than two lonely women keeping each other company. You and I both know it. Right?"

Regina smiled at her words. "Exactly."

"Good." Emma brushed a strand of hair out of Regina's face. "Now back to more important things." She shifted and flipped their positions.

Regina looked up at her and quirked an eyebrow. "Oh? And what are these things you speak of?"

Emma winked at her and lowered her lips to meet Regina's as they continued their dance of tongues and tangled limbs. It was only a few minutes before the sound of soft footsteps came from the hallway.

Regina was the first to hear them and put a hand to Emma's wrist to stop Emma's hand from continuing its ascent up her nightshirt. Emma whined into Regina's lips as they were still pressed together. Regina gave her a gentle push so they could part. "I think we're about to have company."

Emma looked a little confused then heard her doorknob being turned. She let out a little squeal and in an effort to dismount from Regina, she ended up almost falling to the floor. Regina immediately flicked her wrist so Emma levitated slightly and ended up falling softly on the bed instead.

"Mommy?" asked Maggie as she opened the door slightly but did not walk in.

Emma winked appreciatively at Regina for the soft landing. "Good morning bug, you can come in."

Maggie shuffled into the room and looked curiously at Regina. "Aunt Regina you're still here?"

Regina nodded slowly. "How are you feeling dear?"

Maggie walked fully into the room and moved to sit on Emma's bed. Regina made room and Emma pulled her into a side hug. Maggie smiled at Regina. "Better I think. I'm glad you're still here."

Regina looked over at Emma who was close to beaming at her. She smiled brightly. "Me too dear."

A little while later, after Regina cooked the three of them breakfast Maggie and Emma stood at the door saying goodbye to Regina.

Maggie gave her a hug then looked at them both and thought they looked as if they needed to talk. "I'm going to go read," she announced as she moved to her bedroom.

Emma watched her go then turned a bit shyly to look at Regina. "So I'll pick you up around 7?"

Regina smiled. "I'll be ready."

Emma gave her a soft peck on the lips. "See you then."

Regina offered a small nod before making her way down out the door. Emma stood staring at the door for a few minutes after she left. She had no idea that this was where she was headed when she moved back home but she remembered something she'd read in one of Maggie's favorite stories once.

Sometimes the best ending is a beginning. She sighed happily at the thought.