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August 2004

"Room two-oh-five," the brunette muttered to herself as she pushed past the crowds of new students in the hallway, "two-oh-five, where are you? Two-fifty-one, two forty-six, at least the numbers are going down this time."

"Can I help you?" an older girl with an RA shirt on, asked, and Felicity Smoak pushed the glasses up on her nose. "I'm Jennifer, the RA for this floor."

"I'm looking for room two-oh-five."

"Down that hallway and to the left," Jennifer answered and then paused. "Wait, two-oh-five? Felicity Smoak right? The young one?"

Felicity held back her groan and nodded, "Yeah, that's me."

"I was going to head your way and introduce myself in a bit," Jennifer beamed, "I've been made aware of your situation and I want you to know that if you need anything…"

"Thanks," Felicity interrupted with a tense smile, "but I'm sure I'll be fine."

"Oh of course," Jennifer quickly agreed. "Just in case though, I'm in room two-eighty. Come by anytime."

"Thanks," Felicity said again and then turned to head down the hallway Jennifer had pointed, dragging her suitcase behind her. She should have expected it. She did really. But it still aggravated her. So what if she was only sixteen and starting college? That couldn't be all that unheard of.

Felicity laughed at herself. Of course it was unheard of. No one back home had thought it was a good idea. Well no one except Mrs. Thomas, but even she was hesitant for Felicity to go so far from home. Her mom had forbidden her from leaving. But Donna Smoak's decision to not sign the guardianship allowance paperwork for MIT made Felicity do something crazy.

Well only partly crazy since it had worked after all.

She was thankful for Mrs. Thomas' guidance and help getting emancipated at fifteen; sixteen technically since the paperwork didn't actually go through until her birthday.

Jane Thomas had been the first person to really understand Felicity at the tender age of seven. Felicity had lost count of how many times as a child she had wished that Mrs. Thomas was her mom instead of just the head librarian who gave her that first computer and showed her that she could be more than what Vegas usually offered.

The door to room two-oh-five was open when she finally arrived and loud music was pouring out of it. Felicity adjusted her glasses and book bag and took a step inside.

"Hello," she said quietly and the blonde who was dancing to the music didn't turn around. She straightened her posture and tried again only louder this time. "Hello."

The blonde spun quickly and flashed her a questioning look, "Hi. I'm Sara. Sara Lance. And you are?"

"Felicity Smoak," she replied with a shrug. "You're new roommate."

"You look like you're fifteen."

Felicity smiled this time, "I'm sixteen actually."

Sara paused. "Wait, seriously?"


"You're sixteen."

"As of three months ago," Felicity responded and Sara's lips tightened. "I thought they would have told you…"

"I heard you were younger," Sara answered flippantly, "but I didn't think you'd be practically a baby. God you really must be a genius then. Great."


"Well I guess it's too late to do anything about it now," Sara continued. "I've claimed this side of the room. Do you have anything else that needs to be brought up?"


"Okay," Sara said with a relived smile. "I'll be back later. Don't wait up."

Sara Lance breezed out of their shared room with a toss of her hair and Felicity sank onto the bare mattress of her new bed. This was going to be a long year.


December 2004

"This is embarrassing," Robert Queen said calmly from his chair behind the desk in his home office. "And I've had enough."

"It was a misunderstanding…"

"Sleeping with the Dean's daughter was a misunderstanding?" Robert said his voice still strangely calm. "Nothing about that…"

"You're nineteen Oliver," Moira Queen added, "We understand that this is the time to be young and have fun…"

"But son," Robert interjected, "you also have to take into consideration that you will one day have our company to run."

"It was just…"

"This is the third," Robert continued without thought, "the third university that you've been kicked out of. We allowed you to attend Stanford with Tommy and Laurel, who are both still enrolled there I might add, even though we wanted you to attend on the East Coast. Now that you've added Brown and Columbia to that list it is time I intervened."

"You intervened before, that's why I went to Brown and Columbia in the first place."

"That wasn't intervening Oliver," Robert answered, "that was attempting to get my son to stay at a University for longer than a semester. What I'm about to do, what your mother and I have discussed, this is now intervening."

"So where am I headed now?"



"I know the Dean and most of the board," Robert replied, "and Dean Williams owed me a favor. After a substantial donation to their arts program and a guarantee that you'll take it seriously they've agreed to allow you to enroll as of January."


"And to ensure your cooperation in this," Robert went on, "there are new stipulations attached to your trust fund and monthly allowance."

Oliver rolled his eyes. "Which are?"

"If you get kicked out of Harvard that's it," Robert answered simply. "You'll be cut off, disowned and the company will go to Thea."

"You wouldn't…"

"Oh I would Oliver," Robert said his voice cold and steady, "this would not be a time to test me son."

"That's insane."

"It's time for you to grow up," Robert replied. "And I'll make sure it happens. One way or another. Also, your monthly allowance will depend on your GPA. The higher the GPA you hold the more money I'll allow you have. Books and housing of course will be covered. And we'll set you up with a food plan, but everything else you'll cover."

"You can't be serious."

"Oliver," Moira warned, "Your father and I have discussed this at length and we both feel this is what you need. After the holidays you'll be headed to Massachusetts and Harvard. And you will take it seriously."

"I can't believe you're doing this."

"You'll thank me for it one day Oliver," Robert promised with a small smile. "Believe me."

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