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The young fire ruler expected having a typical day at work. She expected mundane hearings at her throne room, the typical bickering from her imprisoned father, and reading and writing tons of paperwork. However, today was different. When she and her citizens began to the start their lives in the morning, a sudden disaster disrupted their daily routine. In what seemed like a rare occurrence, the climate of the Fire Kingdom was experiencing a significant decline in temperature.

At first, the effects were relatively negligible. Fire citizens only experienced chills but were able to tolerate them to an extent. Then, another factor came into play when the fire elementals discovered their flames shrinking which affected their weight and overall appearance. As the day continued, the ground shook from a series of tremors that left massive cracks on the streets to the inside of people's homes. Pockets of cold air bursted from these ruptures and instantly became an immediate danger. With the public now in mass hysteria, Flame Princess knew from that moment that something had to be done.

Inside the Fire palace, she arranged an emergency meeting with her three brothers along with her champion Cinnamon Bun. Her civilization was quickly losing heat as the magma infrastructure faded both in color and temperature. The situation was becoming dire as the leader told her family members to brainstorm ideas for the immediate crisis. Unfortunately, none of them were able to provide suggestions that were satisfactory to her liking. A massive group hug to exchange body heat was out of the question, and blowing up the Candy Kingdom was just as ridiculous.

Flame Princess was a bit disappointed that her pastry knight remained silent during the meeting. She was hoping he would think of a brilliant plan, but reconsidered when she realized CB was not a fire elemental. He was just her protector, her trusted bodyguard who she could count on in terms of combat. Time was running out though. The condition of the kingdom was deteriorating even faster as the floor beneath them began to split in certain areas and emit pockets of cold air. Fortunately, no one was lost as they escaped to a safer section of the palace. After the group recomposed themselves, FP concluded to herself that she needed to seek help from an unlikely ally.

The pastry guardian escorted his benevolent leader towards an elevator deep within the palace. This would give people direct access to the central magma core that provides the essential heat for the fire citizens. Only immediate family members were given such high clearance along with high ranked officials. Considering the circumstances, FP made a rare exception against her traditions and entrusted Princess Bubblegum to troubleshoot the crisis.

Their walk together towards the core was rather unpleasant as Bubblegum made vain attempts to befriend the fiery woman. She tried to be conversational by comparing their similarities as rulers, but was met with little success. In the end, FP was adamant that they were mutual and continued the mission.

Before the two monarchs were about to reach the core, PB stated that her scientific equipment picked up unusual readings behind a certain set of blast doors. FP was very skeptical at first since it led to the weapons stockpile, but was convinced enough to investigate. Once again, the fire monarch went against her traditions for the sake of preserving the welfare of her people.

A small group of mechanized guardians were stationed inside the room known as the Sleeping Fire Giants. Only the royal members of the Fire Kingdom knew of their existence and the story behind their origins as FP explained with singing.

During the musical history lecture, the candy princess began her secret mission and began to disarm the guardians behind FP's back. PB was getting close to achieving her objective until she clumsily dropped her bag and revealed the primary components she stole to power the guardians. Enraged by this discovery, FP engaged PB in a one on one battle.

Tons of flaming projectiles scattered everywhere around the room as FP attacked in a fit a rage. During the fight, PB used her flame shield and cloak technology to evade the attacks. On top of that, she deliberately provoked the fire monarch when PB noticed the guardians were being destroyed as collateral. Each time one was destroyed, Flame Princess lost more control over her powers and attacked recklessly.

With most of the guards destroyed, PB began to make her way towards the exit. She was about to escape the fire princess's clutches until FP launched a wide blast that sent PB flying towards the farthest wall inside. Soon she found herself encased onto the rocky interior where she was at the mercy of the princess of flames.

In one last act of desperation, PB deployed a weather grenade to weaken the fire elemental. FP's powers dropped significantly as a result and collapsed in pain. Her glowing orange skin now changed into a dim maroon color. Fortunately, the effects of the grenade were designed to neutralize and not extinguish the fire elemental.

The battle was over as the two monarchs lied beside each other with minor injuries. They were both recovering their breath until Princess Bubblegum spoke after a while.

"Ok, I'll come clean," she said.

"Yeah right," FP said dismissively. She averted her gaze from PB to emphasize her doubt.

"It was me. I messed with the core temperature to get in here... I had to get into your weapons stockpile."

FP frowned in confusion, "But, how did you find out about them?"

PB hesitated, "Uhhh, you see... I had a camera placed inside CB's face during the night and was able to know everything."

"You're STILL spying on me!"

The sugar princess shrugged casually, "I'm PB, I spy on everybody! No big D!"

FP got back on her feet and pointed at her, "You're cold, PB!"

Bubblegum dismissed the remark.

"And it's not because you're a scientist or a leader. It's because you're a bad person."

PB's expression faltered.

"Something inside you is messed up, girl. Whatever it is... (sigh) Whatever... Whatever, PB!" She raised her arms for emphasis.

PB looked away for a brief until she met FP's gaze, "...Ok, keep one last fire giant... I'm not a bad person." She said demurely while shaking her head. "I want you to see that."

This only made FP aggravated, "Perhaps, but guess what?! Your actions beg to differ given today's events! And who made YOU the one to decide how many giants I should have?! In MY kingdom!"

PB stammered, "W-what, no! I-"

"You spied on me, lied to me, and placed my civilization under the risk of extinction," she snapped. "You intentionally violated my law of complete honesty! I expected you to abide by my customs at the very least as a professional courtesy, but even you couldn't do that."

PB was at lost for words.

FP turned her back and finalized, "You've done enough for today, Bonnibel. Please see yourself out."

The candy monarch stood up and began walking towards the exit in shame. As she was nearing the door, FP spoke again, "It's Phoebe by the way. You asked me earlier, and I want you to remember EXACTLY who you messed with when we could have been good friends. Good. Day!"

PB couldn't find the strength to meet her gaze from that moment. The shame and regret was already to much contain that she quickly glanced over at her shoulder before making a brisk exit. Once she was far away from Phoebe, she raised her communicator, "Ok, Ice King. Call it off."

The crazy ice wizard was flying above the central magma flow casting ice beams in several directions. He replied with his cell in one hand, "Copy that, princess." Then, he stopped with his motions and began flying away from the Fire Kingdom.

Several minutes after PB and IK's departure, the life of the Fire Kingdom returned to its normal state. Climate temperatures rose back into the average highs and the citizens regained their natural life force. Most of the general population cheered with their hands waving in midair as their ruler watched with relief from an elevated platform. She let out a big exhale from all the stress she endured and soon her body was being claimed with exhaustion.

Despite the ruler and her kingdom's rapid recovery, Phoebe knew there was a lot of work to be done. She couldn't rest, not after being betrayed twice significantly in her lifetime. The next day passed and she sat on her throne, holding a private council meeting. The meeting included her siblings once again, CB, and several of her military generals.

"How much did we lose from yesterday's incident?" Phoebe asked in a low voice.

Most of the company was reluctant to answer as they shifted uncomfortably and looked down.

"How. Much?" Her tone was demanding, slowly rising that made the generals and her younger brothers shake with nervousness.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, her older brother replied, "Casualty reports estimate that we have lost close to a hundred people, your majesty. Several of the main streets are in disarray but are currently undergoing maintenance from our fire golems. Property damages are a bit high, but not as costly as expected. Most of our homes and business buildings are relatively intact and are also currently undergoing routine inspection as a precaution."

Hearing this made Phoebe nod in understanding as she slightly softened her features. Although her civilization was spared from suffering catastrophic losses, lives were still lost. She hardened her features once again as she spoke, "Princess Bubblegum has claimed responsibility."

Everyone except CB and her older brother was astounded from her accusation.

Phoebe signaled her pastry guardian to bring forth evidence, "She has personally confessed to me about her spying activities. Even if she chose not to, she left this surveillance camera behind that CB uncovered."

Her older brother replied, "Our reports have recorded multiple sightings of the Ice King flying away prior before the kingdom's recovery. We believe there is a strong correlation between him and the Candy princess. It makes sense because I doubt he would benefit from committing such a treacherous act. He only cares about kidnapping royals save for ours after all."

"You have a point," one of the generals replied. "What would you have us do?"

Phoebe stood up from her throne, "I would like all of you except for CB and my siblings to leave for the moment."

Her military officials bowed. "As you wish, your excellency," one of them said.

Once they left, Phoebe spoke again, "There's only one giant left."

Her older brother tightened his fists, "WHAT?! This is an outrage! Our kingdom is surely vulnerable if we get invaded!"

She shook her head, "We won't because I know Bubblegum was ashamed of her actions. She's not going to pull something so foolishly after her last stunt."

"One is all you need," said a new voice from above.

Everyone looked up to see it was the former leader, Flame King imprisoned inside a glass lantern.

Phoebe frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Many years ago, our people were able to reverse engineer the Sleeping Fire Gods. We had around 30 at best, more than enough to bring Ooo to its knees if we desired. However, as you may know, the resources for constructing them are rare, costly, and time consuming. We lost most of them during the conflicts we've had and halted production after a cease fire agreement with Princess Bubblegum."

She was shocked, "We've been at war with them before?"

"Indeed, this was during a time before you were born though, so you couldn't have known. I didn't think it would be worth mentioning at the time since it was all old news."

"I see. But why are you telling us this?"

Her father chuckled, "Your 'friend' didn't discriminate when she nearly plunged this world into eternal darkness. I want to see to it that she is brought down with great vengeance when the time comes just so our people can even have a future."

"I plan to exact justice where she will answer to our courts," Phoebe argued.

"Humph, so you say. Let's see if you still believe that after it's all said and done," he smirked.