"Oh come on Onii-san, how many times do I told you to great the customers when the com-"

Sasaki's dark grey eyes meet the crystal clear violet eyes, they stared for a good few seconds until one of the doves spoke

"Yo sassan, were you bewitched by this gorgeous lady?" *snickers*

*Clear throat*

"Table for 3 please my precious lady" sasaki smile trying to hide his embarrassment for staring at her earlier

"The cafe pretty empty right now, you could choose anywhere you like" Touka's smile could melt any customer who stopped by at her shop

"Sasaki where do you want to sit?"

"Ah urm, there" pointing out a table for 4 next to a long book shelves

"Please, I will bring the menu in a second"

"Sassan, you were swoon by her don't ya? Yu even called her *my precious lady* do you actually know her?"

"Eh, I did? I thought I said *gorgeous lady*"

Mutsuki smiling and said

"You surely head over heels over her sassan, you know what we surely rooting for you" and he gave him a thumbs up


"You silly brats…i-"

"Here's the menu, our best-selling drink is our own famous black coffee by the manager and you guys are lucky today because the manager is in right now" touka smile at them with her signature waitress smile and sasaki just can't take his eyes of her

Sasaki felt someone nudge his elbow

"Sassan have you decide your order?"

"Ah right, can I get the famous black coffee then? And you guys?"

"Urm we have ordered our meal"

"Right anyway miss-?"

"Kirishima Tou..ka"

"What a lovely name, so touka-chan…"

All of sudden sasaki felt like his body were strike by a lightning and pierce at the back of his head and he groan




"I'm fine…just a little dizzy maybe I need my caffeine"

"I will be back with your orders" and touka rushed towards the manager and whisper

"Definitely him, he's back with no memory" touka's face fell when she finished her word and yomo just nodded lightly

"Sassan you acted so strange today"

"Yeah do you want to go back home now and get some rest?"

"No no I'm good, I'm fine"

"If you just want to stay for the sake of the pretty waitress you can come again next time ya kno'"

"Hah, you don't need to tell me" he smile a little

"Anyway sasaki, you don't purposely choose this seat because all the books next to it don't you"

"Well you actually correct haha" and grab one of those books from the shelves next to him

"What kind of books are these? Gee I never good with books, I'm much more worse than saiko"

"You can ask help from sasaki you know, he knows a lot"

"Well that's because he reads a lot"

"That's the whole point"

Shirazu and Mutsuki just realised that their mentor didn't comment on anything that they said, he just flipping the pages carefully one by one and take another look on others that displayed neatly on the shelves

"Sassan don't tell me ya gonna start reading em now"

Sasaki closed the book that he was holding and placed it back but take another and starts to open and glance through the pages

"Nah, just skimming through it…I have read all" he smile

Sasaki feel so content and he shows a very peaceful expression, far from the monster that the other 2 doves witness at the scene when they were attacked by torso

"So you like books?"

Sasaki looks up straight into the lady's violet eyes that has swoon him earlier and sheepishly smile

"Yeah, I love reading"

Touka just smile back at him and place their meals respectively in front of them and of course sasaki only ordered drinks

"Here is our famous black coffee, let me know what do you think about it later" and touka walked away

"Hey I think that waitress interested in ya too sassan!"

"Eh no way!" sasaki almost spilled out all his drink

"I think shirazu was right, she only asked about you not us, we're like the minor characters as a background" and they all burst out laughing

"Both of ya like some kind of shoujo's reunion or somethin' without flower petals of course, even she was stunned looking at ya"

"Was that love at the first sight sasaki?"

Sasaki cannot contain his laughter and laughed


When all of them done with their meals, sasaki volunteered to pay for everything whilst touka making the bills sasaki asked her

"So what's the meaning behind this shop? What does *RE* stands for"

"It depends on the customer individually actually, it could be anything that starts we *re* example reincarnation or things like that"

"I see what a clever name"

"So what do you guys have in mind?"

Mutsuki immediately replied and said

"Reborn" and shirazu following after with

"Rebuild" and lastly it was sasaki turn

"For me it was… Return, and the black coffee taste so familiar, I would say sort of nostalgic feeling? I might make no sense right now but it feels….home"

"I'm glad" Touka replied

"Here's the bill"

Sasaki handing out his credit card and ask the café's opening hours and found out that the shop closed every Sunday

"Here's your resit and thank for coming, please come again"

"I surely will…return"

Their hand brushed off for a brief second and they made and eye contact again

"Sassan come on! Stop flirting with the waitress, she needs a break"

Mutsuki just laughed and sasaki just mutter

"Idiots" and walked out of the coffee shop

Sasaki thought, he might find his past if he hanging out at the shop more often and if that was how his real home feels like, it won't be a bad idea for him to return and it's a bonus for knowing the beautiful waitress, he felt as if he knows her and she's too important for him to let go…if he was wrong it is not regrettable to know her in person perhaps this is how love at the first sight feels like

"Don't worry too much touka, she promise to return" Yomo tried to convince her that kaneki will come back and visit this café again with or without his past memory

"I hope you were right yomo-san, I really hope he won't break his promise again"

*To be continued*