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Sasaki couldn't wait to visit his new favourite coffee shop after working hours that he tried to get there during lunch hour

Enter the :RE coffee shop

Sasaki sigh as he realised rush hour during lunch time is not the perfect time to come as there's so many customer and its even the worse if he thinks it's a perfect timing to get to know the goddess like waitress

He swear that he couldn't hear his own heartbeat and wanted to accused the waitress for stealing it

If he thinks that there's such word as lucky exist in his life he might believing strating from today as his spot next to the book shelves is empty

He walked there and his eyes still rooming the whole space in the coffee shop looking for that particular waitress and someone approached him

"If you're looking for touka-chan she's not here, her shift only starts at the evening"

It was the manager of the shop, somehow this guy kind of look familiar too he thinks

"Ah, is that so? I guess lucky isn't really a thing for me"

"You can leave now and come again at half past 6" said the manager

"Hahah are you kicking me out now? It's alright, I still want your amazing black coffee"

"Right away"

Sasaki couldn't help himself from grabbing the books that displayed neatly on the shelve, after one book and another he noticed that all these books are his favourite, somehow he felt strange that even though he really can't recall his previous 20years but how much time did he spent just for reading?

The moment he open the book and read the 1st paragraphs he already remember the whole plot of the story

His phones rings and it was akira

"Haise, where are you? It's almost 2pm now come back to the office we found a little information on your mission the nut cracker"

"Right on my way"

Sasaki went straight to the counter and pays his bills

"Thanks yomo-san, it's delicious as always" and left the coffee shop

Yomo just stand there dumbfounded and thought to himself

"Did he really lost his memory or not this kid?"

As sasaki walked nearer to the CCG headquarters he felt something was off

"Did I just say something strange to the manager just now?"

6.10 PM

"Should I go again to the coffee shop? Do I look so persistent?"

Even when sasaki is having an inner conflict whether he should go and visit the :RE coffee shop again or not his legs unconsciously brings him to the front door of the café

He just stood in front of the café for good 10 minutes

"Are you coming in or not?"

Sasaki look behinds him and it was the gorgeous waitress that served him yesterday

"If you're not a stalker just come in" as touka walked passed him, she purposely brushed off his shoulder

Sasaki just smile and followed her

The manager was right sasaki thought, touka-chan shift did start at half past 6

"Eh why did I called her touka-chan? As if I knew her well enough? Oh well its suits her anyway" and he chuckle to himself

"You surely are weird, laughing at yourself don't you?" and touka placing a cup of hot black coffee right in front of him

"Eh I haven't ordered anything yet"

"Try it, the manager is busy at the moment normally we don't have many customer in the evening maybe you bring us a little luck" touka smile

Sasaki sworn that he saw a little hint of blush tinted on her cheeks, and he couldn't help and stare at her and let himself get lost in her eyes

"Hey your coffee will get could"

Sasaki snapped and coughed as he sip the coffee right in front of him immediately

If the manager's black coffee taste like home this coffee is his home

"You made this?"

"Yes, do you like it?"

"No" he shacked his head

Touka's heart just fell

"I don't like it, but I LOVE it, i felt so calm sipping it what did you pour inside?"

Touka have the urge to smacked his head really hard and if yomo isn't there and there are not in her café she probably beat him violently

"Nothing much just a little bit of faith and anger"

Sasaki laughed and commenting that those two are just opposite

"You need both positive and negative traits to make it balance and neutralised it" and touka walked away to usher new customer came in to the café

Sasaki wants her no matter what it takes

*To be continued*

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